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Some people have gained the impression that Linux might not be fun. How did that happen? So this issue we’re putting the fun back into Lin(f)u(n)x! We’re not sure that’s going to catch on…

This issue we’re going to look at Plex. While no longer open source, it’s always treated Linux as a first-class citizen and delivers a super-slick media streaming experience across networks, devices and all media. You can use it for free and if you get on with it there are membership levels that unlock extra features and app access. It’s certainly a system that works for Plex.

Jonni’s been having fun sorting out an all-singing media server alongside more specific services, such as a low-power audio server running on a Raspberry Pi for podcast and music streaming.

If you’re already set for media servers then why not try out one of our other many projects this issue? We broadcast our desktops with OBS, discover the pro-level photography tools you can edit RAW photos with, relive our ZX Spectrum days and discover which is the “best” power distro (then you can write in and tell us why we’re wrong!).

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Issue 269, November - on sale now

Ultimate Media Centre

We put Linux at the heart of your home entertainment with a streaming box that can transcode your films, shuffle your music collection and store your photos. Run it from your Ubuntu box, spin up a Docker instance, run it from OpenMediaVault and add an AirSonic music service.

Plus we relive our ZX Spectrum days, broadcast our desktops with OBS, edit RAW photos with ease, plot Covid infections with viral visuals and test out power distros!