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Issue 102 (February 2008) - Resurrect your old PC

Just 700MHz and 128MB RAM gives you a file-sharing, web-proxying, media-serving super box!

On our 4GB DVD: Mandriva 2008 Free, the easy route to Linux with 2,000 new packages. Plus VectorLinux, 30 interviews and more

Help Windows addicts quit the habit with our comprehensive guide

Tutorials on RSS feeds, synchronising data, manipulating photos, Python coding and load balancing


Resurrect your old PC

Nostalgic for your old beige boxes? Don't let them gather dust! Proprietary OSes force users to upgrade hardware much sooner than necessary: we highlight some great ways to make your pensioned-off PCs earn their keep. (Neil Bothwick)
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Help Windows addicts quit

Support friends and loved ones who are in the grip of proprietary OS addiction. Joe leads the therapy session... (Joe Cassels)
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Ardour: Rock harder!

In a new series, we explain how to use Ardour to record a band. And if you're not in a band, how to make a record anyway... (Daniel James)
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Trusting PHP

In some development circles, PHP's security comes in for some criticism. We dispel many of the myths... (Frank Pohlmann)
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Mandriva 2008 Free

Complete desktop distro - simple installer, 3D desktop effects and powerful configuration tools. Plus: VectorLinux, Damn Small Linux, 30 interviews (PDFs), Flash Player 9, 150 Linux problems fixed, and more... (Mike Saunders)
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GCstar, Genius, Osmo, Indywikia, Gbrainy, Comisat, Tasty Menu, Minirok, Brasero, Kile (Graham Morrison)
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First steps with RSS

Change the way you consume blogs, news sources and loads of other stuff with the best technology you've never heard of... (Andy Channelle)
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Unison: set up a socket server

Here are some nifty techniques to synchronise data between Windows and Linux PCs, to ease your transition between operating systems. (Joe Cassels)
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Photography: The Linux Studio

There's more than one way to get your photos into your computer - Dale shows us how. (Dale Strickland-Clark)
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Code Project: Flash cards

Improve your programming skills and learn a foreign language with the help of Mike and your very own flash card testing tool... (Mike Saunders)
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Linux Virtual Server

Building load-balancing clusters with LVS is as good at keeping out the cold as chopping logs on a winter's day... (Chris Brown)
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X3: Reunion

With a motto that reads "Trade Fight Build Think", Graham thought this review would be just another day in the office... (Graham Morrison)
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Connecting two machines to the same screen has always been somewhat problematic with Linux. Here's a solution. (Graham Morrison)
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Autopano Pro 1.4

Nick often finds himself with his back against the wall, but this time it's because he's trying to shoot a multi-picture panorama. (Nick Veitch)
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Tux Droid

Looking forward to the day when robots rule the world? Mike is, especially if they look like cuddly penguins... (Mike Saunders)
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iRex iLiad electronic ink tablet

Can a Linux eBook be a real page-turner? We investigate. (Leo Maxwell)
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Online word processors

Is it possible to give up the OOo habit and migrate your work online? Rated: Google Docs, Buzzword, ZohoWriter, ThinkFree, ajaxWrite (Andy Channelle)
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News: The sub-prime battle

The old prediction (year of Linux on the desktop) comes around again, but this time we're right! ASUS Eee, Kindle and more. Plus: Korea unites over Linux; Linspire Click N Run everywhere; Ted Ts'o joins Linux Foundation; Macedonia leads Linux adoption; Re (Andy Channelle)
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Distrowatch: Desktop Solaris

Project Indiana - a UNIX with hardware detection, a package manager and GNU Bash. Plus: gOS 1.0, Vixta.org, 2008 distro release calendar (Ladislav Bodnar)
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What on Earth: Classmate PC

Why would children in countries that barely have the infrastructure to feed and clothe their populations benefit from a low-cost, open source laptop? (Mike Saunders)
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