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Issue 101 (January 2008) - PCLinuxOS

Fast, reliable, powerful, good looking - get started with the next-gen distro for 2008!

On our 4GB DVD: Fedora 8, a complete cutting-edge distro with new Codec Buddy and Pulse Audio features, plus over 1,900 packages. Also: PCLinuxOS 2007, HotPicks, 140 Linux problems solved...

Convert a native Windows installation to a virtual machine

Last.fm and Linux - music social networking meets open source

Tutorials on Thunderbird mail importing, using SQL, coding in Python and high-availability clusters

Reviews: ASUS Eee PC, Linutop, Fedora 8, Firefox extensions



With a new update just around the corner, we look at this remarkable distro, finding out why many beginners and experts alike find it to be the perfect antidote to their lust for Linux. (Graham Morrison)
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An open source Digital Audio Workstation could revolutionise the recording market, which until very recently has been dominated by ruinously expensive and hideously proprietary equipment... (Daniel James)
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Last.fm and Linux

After listening to Last.fm for pretty much every working moment over recent months, Andy is scared to discover that he listened to one song 15 times in a row. If music be the food of love, play on... (Andy Channelle)
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Inverting Windows

The nifty alternative to dual-booting: we explain how to convert a natively installed Windows OS into a virtual machine. (Jack Knight)
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Interview: Guido van Rossum

The Benevolent Dictator for Life of the Python project outlines his plans for Python 3000... (Graham Morrison)
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Fedora 8 and PCLinuxOS 2007

Dual-booting DVD with two top distros. Try Codec Buddy, Pulse Audio and Compiz Fusion in Fedora 8; or try Linux straight from the disc with user-friendly PCLinuxOS. (Mike Saunders)
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QTractor, Jukebox 3D, Kvkbd, Aqualung, SDL Asylum, Vulcan, White Dune, Miro, Songbird, NoteCase, Ultimate Stunts (Mike Saunders, Graham Morrison)
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First steps with migration

Moving from Windows to Linux can be daunting, but the maturity of today's distros means that the process is easier than ever. (Andy Channelle)
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Export calendar mail and contacts

Part 1: Getting your data out of Outlook (Express) can be a blinding headache. We explain how to make this migration work. (Joe Cassels)
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SQL from the command line

Do you shy away from databases in favour of unstructured lists? No more - embrace the power of the database from the command line... (David Feeley)
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Code project: config tools

Part 2: Can't remember all those fiddly command line flags? We show you how to create GUI-like alternatives for common admin utilities. (Mike Saunders)
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Clusters: high availability

A failover capacity gives your cluster the means to survive power outages and other calamities. Here's how to maintain availability. (Chris Brown)
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ASUS Eee PC 701

An ultra-micro Linux-powered portable PC for around 200 quid? For once, we're not dreaming... (Mike Saunders)
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Gimp 2.4

Though it's easier to use and has significant new features, we wonder whether Gimp now has what it takes to attract new professional users. (Dale Strickland-Clark)
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Fedora 8

It's a bold and controversial view to hold in today's Linux World: Andy thinks Fedora 8 knocks the stuffing out of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon... (Andy Hudson)
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This must be the best-looking Linux machine ever. We plug in a USB key and try to find out where to turn the power on. (Graham Morrison)
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If 'Galaxian', 'Uridium' and 'Iridis Alpha' mean nothing at all, Graham feels very sorry for you indeed, as you've obviously led a deprived life so far. (Graham Morrison)
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Firefox extensions

Rated: AdBlock Plus, BlueOrganizer, Flock, iMacros, Greasemonkey, Mouse Gestures, StumbleUpon, Web Developer Toolbar (Richard Cobbett)
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News: Google mobile ambitions

Rumours of a low-cost iPhone rival prove laughably off the mark. Plus: Nigeria's on-off affair with Linux on the Classmate PC; Red Hat and Amazon's 'on demand' computing; BBC's Linux user stats fun; Wal-mart's sub-$200 gOS-powered Linux PC (Andy Channelle)
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Distrowatch: Upgrade times

The big 2007 Q4 release rush is over. Which Linux distribution are you using to ring in the New Year? Plus: elpicx 1.1, NimbleX, distro market share stats (Ladislav Bodnar)
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What on Earth: Gnome Online Desktop

Hate fighting with countless browser windows and tabs on your desktop? The Gnome team may have just the solution... (Mike Saunders)
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