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Issue 106 (June 2008) - The Eee has landed

Discover why the Asus Eee PC will make 2008 the year of Linux on the desktop

Save money and help the planet with green computing

Are you a geek or a greenhorn? Try our Linux quiz

On our 4GB DVD: Foresight Linux 2.0, a cutting-edge distro with the brand new Gnome release. Plus: OpenOffice.org 2.4 and PC-BSD 1.5

Tutorials on Google Earth, streaming music, Gimp 2.4, VPN networks, Arduino hacking and thin clients


The Eee has landed

Good things come in small packages, and you don't get much smaller than the Asus Eee PC. We explore this Linux-powered mini marvel... (Mike Saunders)
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Green computing

Want to save cash while doing your bit for the world? Going green does all that and more - we show you what Linux can do to make a difference... (Paul Hudson)
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The Linux underworld

It's not just the bad guys who want to hack your computer. We uncover some of the ways you can make your system more secure using tools from the dark side. (John Brandon)
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Command line phrasebook

For those not fluent in the lingo, using the command line can feel like visiting a foreign country - here's a phrasebook for those who want to explore safely. (Joe Cassels)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.

The Linux pub quiz

So you think you know Linux? Prove it: test yourself with our quiz. The brainteasers range from the ridiculous to the downright obscure... (Chris Brown)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.

Interview: Kris Kennaway

Theoretical physicist, bridge-builder and FreeBSD coder - Kris is trying to build a BSD desktop army, and we want to find out why. (Mike Saunders, Paul Hudson)
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Foresight Linux 2.0

Cutting-edge, unique distro with Gnome 2.22. Plus: PC-BSD 1.5, OpenOffice.org 2.4, AbiWord 2.6, Inkscape 0.46, Feather and Puppy Linux... (Mike Saunders)
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Alexandria, Mpg123, Youtube-dl, Tunguska, SuperTuxKart, Adonthell, Surfraw, Tomboy, Dstat, Ctioga (Richard Smedley)
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Use digital maps

Summer holidays will soon be looming and you want to make the most of your two weeks off work. Explore Google Maps and Google Earth... (Andy Channelle)
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Dynebolic: easy audio streaming

We show you how to set up an internet radio station with a Free Software distro made for the job. (Daniel James)
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Gimp: new features in 2.4

Open source graphics are back by popular demand - here's a new tutorial series on Gimp. (Michael J Hammel)
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VPN: remote networking

Looking for a remote access system that will give you total control over who gets access to what? We walk you through Secure VPN Gateway. (Richard Smedley, Tom Russell, David Gempton)
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Arduino: make a drum kit

Like Leo Fender, Robert Moog and Leon Theremin, Graham has taken the complicated and made it look easy - with an Arduino-powered drum machine. (Graham Morrison)
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LTSP: thin clients made easy

Do you want to run modern software on old hardware? Of course you do! We show you how, with the Linux Terminal Server Project. (Neil Bothwick)
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Nagios 3.0

Maintaining a network of machines has just got faster, if not easier. We check out the latest open source system monitor. (Nick Veitch)
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Nokia N810

Graham wonders whether the Finnish snow camouflages white elephants. (Graham Morrison)
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UndoDB 2.2

Graham finds this the perfect tool for finding exactly how his own convoluted and obfuscated code works... (Graham Morrison)
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gOS Rocket beta

Does the world need yet another Ubuntu spin-off? Mike prepares his boosters and takes off with gOS Rocket... (Mike Saunders)
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Runes of Avalon 2

There are many games that force you to match shapes and colours, but Graham has finally found one worth paying for. (Graham Morrison)
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MythTV 0.21

Telly addict Graham has wasted half of his life configuring MythTV and the other half watching repeats of Jerry Springer, Jeremy Kyle, Trisha, Montel... (Graham Morrison)
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Linux DVB devices

On test: TechnoTrend C2300 premium, TechnoTrend TT-1500, Hauppauge WinTV-Nova-S, Elgato EyeTV, TwinHan AzureWave, TechnoTrend TV Stick (Nick Veitch)
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News: Red hat in the black

To the tune of $500 million. The distro vendor continues strong growth despite a downturn in the US economy. Plus: Adobe joins Linux Foundation, Asus releases Eee PC SDK, Linux kernel development report, Rigs of Rods released, ISO accepts MS OOXML (Andy Channelle)
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Distrowatch: Joys of spring

Mandriva Linux 2008.1 brings PulseAudio, support for the Asus Eee PC and a plethora of new applications. Plus: Scientific Linux 5.1, Knoppix 5.3, Eee PC distros (Ladislav Bodnar)
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What on Earth: Android

The not-at-all paranoid Graham puts Google's Linux-based mobile phone platform through his personal Voight-Kampff machine. (Graham Morrison)
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