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Issue 104 (April 2008) - Gnome vs KDE

Which desktop is best for you? With KDE 4 here at last, we put the heavyweights head-to-head!

Get your Windows software working on Linux - use LXF's Wine secrets

Jazz up your Arduino hardware projects with sound effects

On our 4GB DVD: a complete Linux starter kit with Ubuntu 7.10 and 92 PDF pages of newcomer-friendly tutorials. Plus: KDE 4 Live, FreeBSD 6.3, and 50 other programs...

Tutorials on photo management, audio editing, distro updates and LDAP servers


Gnome vs KDE

KDE 4 is here - should the competition be worried? We stack it up against Gnome, comparing desktop features, core programs and internet apps. (Graham Morrison)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.

LXF's Wine secrets

Tasty beverage, useful in cooking and a great way to run Windows applications on Linux - we explain all you need to know about Wine. (Joe Cassels)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.

Linux in America

From a classroom in Finland to global domination, Linux is making it big everywhere. We uncover the next step in the push for global domination - how Linux is invading America. (John Brandon)
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Arduino hardware hacking

Part 2 - The game we built last month was silent, so now we'll start generating audio with an Arduino board and a speaker. (Graham Morrison)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.

Interview: Robin Rowe

The CinePaint lead developer describes Hollywood's 3D animation and visual effects houses as an upside-down world, where Linux rules the roost and other platforms just don't cut it. (Daniel James)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.


Linux starter kit, KDE 4 Live, FreeBSD 6.3

New to Linux? Our 92-page PDF guide and Ubuntu 7.10 distro will get you going painlessly. Plus: try KDE 4 this second with our Live distro, and FreeBSD 6.3 for some hardcore Unix action. (Mike Saunders)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.


FlightGear, KGuitar, Ubuntu Tweak, Debian GNU/Hurd, Crimson Fields, MuseScore, Sylbi, Task Coach, ESpeak (Richard Smedley)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.


Picasa: Organise your photos

PArt 1 - Sharing your photos with friends and family is a piece of cake. Our newbie maestro and amateur snapper is here to help. (Andy Channelle)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.

Photography: The Linux studio

Part 3 - Image manipulation doesn't begin and end with Adobe Photoshop. We show you the Linux alternatives to fix your photos. (Dale Strickland-Clark)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.

Ardour: Equalise sound levels

PArt 3 - Our audio guru covers mixing your track, mixer automation, and effects processing with LADSPA plugins. (Daniel James)
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Rsync: Creating a local mirror

Fed up with downloading the same updates several times for different computers? We show you how to create a local mirror for your network. (Andy Hudson)
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LDAP: Support Dovecot logins

We can't let people use our mail server without authenticating the users - that would be madness! Let's keep things ship-shape with LDAP. (Chris Brown)
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Toribash 3.1

Beating up strangers is now socially acceptable, so we tense our limbs, relax our necks, and leap headlong into the weird world of turn-based combat. (Alex Cox)
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Excito Bubba

Graham is disappointed to find that these embedded Linux storage devices aren't available in bubble gum pink. (Graham Morrison)
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Cross-platform open source desktop publishing is no longer merely one of Nick's funny dreams - creativity, fly and be free! (Nick Veitch)
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Zend Studio for Eclipse

With PHP6 inching only fractionally closer to release, Zend is looking for other ways to stir developer interest... (Paul Hudson)
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Business Accountz

Do small business owners need Windows to run decent accounting software? Not if this easy-to-use offering is anything to go by... (Alex Singleton)
Available as a PDF to subscribers.

Audio codecs

We look at the options for long-term storage of your music collection. On test: AAC, FLAC, MP3, Vorbis. (Daniel James)
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News: Nokia comes knocking

Nokia buys Qt and sets up competition for Google's Android. Plus: Ubuntu Cola; Canonical offers Parallels Workstation; Citrix XenApp Server; Monotype announces iType; World of Goo (Andy Channelle)
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Distrowatch: Micro distro

Linpus Linux 9.4 Lite - ultra mobile PCs get a minuscule new distro with mountains of functionality. Plus: SimplyMepis 7.0, DesktopBSD 1.6, KDE 4 package availability (Ladislav Bodnar)
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What on Earth: RPM 5

Just when you thought package management was one of the most boring aspects of Linux, things just got a lot more exciting. (Paul Hudson)
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