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Podcast Season 06 Episode 2


Title: Here's Jonni

Another in a series of irregular podcasts from the Linux Format team. Apologies for lower than usual sound quality, the air conditioning was making a racket. Hopefully we'll all, mostly, be back soon...

In this episode: A new team member arrives just in time for redundancies, Linux drones will be taking to the skies, the FCC is being a bit useless, LXQt is a lovely new lightweight desktop, XBMC 13 Gotham is finally out and it's well smart, all of Denmark is in Minecraft, GoboLinux is an interesting remix and we discuss the Open Source Novena laptop and the Jurassic Park 3D SGI file manager.

Podcast Season 6 Episode 1


Title: Piano Panic

In this episode: Linux is invading every part of your home, fridges and routers are sending spam and how your car is going to drive you home from the pub. We look at what's happening with Steam OS, the Red Hat CentOS deal and the end of support for Ubuntu 13.04. Plus we discover accessible Linux distros, the UK Police Crime Map and that hard drives are reliable!

Podcast Season 6 Episode 0 - pilot


Title: Winter is Coming

In this pilot episode: Be gentle with us in this least-festive, festive edition. We discover the abandoned Linux Format Towers, half of the new team introduces itself and we attempt to cobble together our first pilot podcast. There's news on an experimental audio-transmitted virus, yet another Canonical controversy this time involving Mint, then finally everyone's favourite gaming platform Steam enters the distro world with its very own Steam OS.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 17


Title: Like the legend of the phoenix

In this episode: The founder of Puppy Linux retires. SteamOS has been announced by Valve and CyanogenMod gets $7m in funding. Hear our eclectic discoveries, the sound of Tanner's brains and your own opinions in the Internet Famous Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 16


Title: ROT-13

In this episode: Encryption is dead, but there are lots of great games in the new Humble Indie Bundle. FreeBSD ditches GCC and Intel clashes with Ubuntu. We've got some great discoveries, we dust down the old wheel of misfortune and discuss your opinions in the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 15


Title: Bomba Kabisa

In this episode: No more Groklaw and no Ubuntu Edge. ZTE's Firefox phone sells out quickly on eBay, and the exFAT filesystem is now open source. And as usual, we also have discoveries, challenges, brains and a ballot!

Podcast Season 5 Episode 14


Title: Daft Punk

In this episode: Tor (plus a Firefox vulnerability) has been compromised. Canonical's Ubuntu Edge compaign has some way to go (but they've just added a lower priced tier). And Jean-Baptiste Quéru is leaving the Android Open Source Project. We've got some great discoveries, Ben succeeds brilliantly in our challenge, and there's an awesome Open Ballot too.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 13


Title: Edgy Ubuntu

In this episode: Canonical attempts to crowdfund its own cutting-edge smartphone and Linus Torvalds gets into an argument on the kernel mailing list. We also have some nice discoveries, a couple of great Brains submissions and the ever-awesome Open Ballot.

Quick! A year's subscriptions to Linux Format is currently insanely cheap on Google Play (£13.99 for the year).

Open Ballot: Living on the Edge


Those of you that live under rocks in remote corners of the globe may not have heard about the Ubuntu Edge, but the rest of you will probably be pretty familiar with it. The distro maker are trying to use crowdfunding to create an Ubuntu smartphone: The phone sounds impressive with a whopping 4Gb of RAM and 128Gb of storage as well as a top notch screen and CPU.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 12


Title: The Sound of Music

In this episode: Cryptocat breaks. LXDE moves to Qt. Firefox phones are now available. Lubuntu and Kubuntu aren't going to Mir. Fedora 19 is out and Samsung is sponsoring a $4m developer challenge. We've got discoveries, an Open Ballot, and a rather surreal music listening section.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 11


Title: Hong Kong Phooey

In this episode: Where in the world is Edward Snowdon? Richard Stallman is now internet famous. Adobe and Citrix open source their stuff. Canonical's Ubuntu Phone now has its own club. Eben Upton gets a Silver Medal and the Ouya games console is available now. Hear our discoveries, the sound of people's brains, and your own mindvoices in the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 10


Title: PRISM schism

In this episode: It looks like Rockwell was right - somebody was watching him (and us). There's a great new Raspberry Pi installer called NOOBS and the President of the US promises action against patent trolls. Ubuntu's 'bug one' has been fixed and the EFF objects to DRM in HTML 5. As ever, hear our discoveries and your opinions in this epic length podcast.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 9


Title: Araminta Station

In this episode: Mint 15 is here! There's a new Fedora-based respin for the Raspberry Pi. The city of Munich and the country of Australia make great progress in moving towards open source and there's a new Humble Bundle. Hear our discoveries and your own Open Ballot opinions, plus, we welcome a new member to the team.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 8


Title: Final Frontier + 1

In this episode: There's a critical vulnerability in the kernel. But relax, it's been fixed. The International Space Station is switching from Windows to Debian. But not Debian 7, which has just been released. The beginner's programming environment, Scratch 2.0, is out and the Raspberry Pi gets a super-light camera module. As always, hear our discoveries, our reports on the challenge and your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 7


Title: Kernel Saunders

In this episode: Firefox OS phones go on sale and promptly sell out. Ubuntu 13.04 has been released. There's a new alternative to Dropbox from BitTorrent, although its licencing isn't yet clear and the BeagleBone Black is slightly cheaper than a Raspberry Pi. Hear our particularly good discoveries, our report on last episode's KDE challenge and your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 6


Title: The Sultans Played Creole

In this episode: We've got oodles of Google news, Nvidia's new Optimus driver, Dell selling Ubuntu games PCs and our own discoveries. Plus a new podcast challenge and the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 5


Title: SS Nostromo

In this episode: Samsung laptops have been fixed. OpenShot launches a Kickstarter campaign. Canonical courts Chinese officials and Ubuntu gets closer to a rolling release. Hear our suprisingly good discoveries, our woeful excuse for the lack of a live episode and your own questions in the Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Your questions for Eben Upton/Raspberry Pi


As usual, we’re rushed off our feet and we don’t think we’ll have enough time to arrange a live podcast this week. We’ll try our best to make it happen next time.

We’re hoping to meet up with Eben Upton and the Raspberry Pi team next week. So, for this episode’s Open Ballot question, we’d like to ask you what you’d like us to ask them. Do you want to know if they’re thinking of upgrading the hardware, for example, or when Eben’s darkest hour might have been whilst designing the Pi, or his thoughts on IT education in the UK? Let us know your questions and we’ll do our best to get some answers. We’ll also discuss our own thoughts in the podcast. Oh, and thanks for your continued patience with our terrible captcha!

Podcast Season 5 Episode 4


Title: Muphry's Law

In this episode: OpenSUSE 12.3 is out, Red Hat takes ownership of Java 6, SecureBoot is coming to FreeBSD and Ubuntu ditches Wayland for Mir. We report back on our challenge from a couple of episodes ago, come up with a new challenge, and discuss IT education in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 3


Title: Burgess Meredith

In this episode: Canonical launches Ubuntu Touch for tablets. Steam has been officially released for Linux. LG has bought WebOS for its televisions. Tizen SDK 2.0 has been released and Mozilla says there's plenty of interest in its Firefox OS. Hear our discoveries and the interim results of our challenge, plus your own opinions in our internet famous Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Are you excited by the Ubuntu tablet?


As reported by Andrew on our own Twitter account yesterday, Canonical has announced that it is bringing its famous touch interface to tablets. Nexus-bound developer previews of silky smooth transitions will be available tomorrow - at the same time as its smartphone previews, and early videos and renders look pretty convincing. We want to know whether you think Canonical is living the dream, bringing to fruition devices that the Linux community has long lusted over - or do you think it’s all too little too late in the face of Android dominance? Let us know your thoughts and we’ll mingle them with our own when we record the podcast, either on Friday or Monday morning.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 2


Title: Boybands

In this episode: KDE 4.10 has been released and includes lots of Qt Quick enhancements. Ubuntu Phones are going to be available in October. Samsung laptops are breaking after a Linux installation and the 'Model A' Raspberry Pi is available now. Hear our discoveries, your own opinions in our Open Ballot and our brand new old section, Challenge Us!

Open Ballot: Moment of the Millenium


With Linux continuing its steady rise to world domination, we thought we'd ask you what you think has been the greatest moment for Linux since the start of the millennium.

Podcast Season 5 Episode 1


Title: Megaconz

In this episode: Canonical is to launch a phone. Fedora 18 has been released. Friends of Gnome are looking for money and Valve is to make a Linux-powered games console. Hear our first discoveries of 2013 and how you'd like the podcast to improve in season 5.

Open Ballot: Podcast changes


It's (well into) the new year. Our hangovers have abated, and we're about to start work on the new series of the podcast.

As regular listeners will know, we've been following the same format for a while:

Discovery of the week,
Rants and raves,
Speak your brains,
Open ballot

We want to refresh it a bit, so we thought we'd ask you, dear listeners, what new category you'd like to hear. Perhaps an old on that you'd like reinstated, or something new that you think would fit in with the TuxRadar style. Or perhaps you think we're perfect and wouldn't change a thing.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 24


Title: Merry Christmas!

In this episode: Samba 4 and Linux 3.7 have been released. Raspberry Pi is auctioning off new models. Humble Bundle had a THQ special without Linux support, and THQ has since filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Valve's Steam console has been confirmed and the Linux Steam client is now an open beta.The Internet remains free but UK Pirate Party forced to shut their proxy server after pressure from BPI, and the Snooper's Charter is now uncharted. All this plus our discoveries, your brains, and the internet famous Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 23


Title: Papa Mau

In this episode: The UN wants to control the internets. Fedora 18 adds Mate and Cinnamon. Matthew Garrett creates a way to boot Linux from UEFI Windows 8 machines. There's lots more Apple/Samsung shenanigans and a Linux-powered autonomous boat swims almost 17000 kms to Australia. We discover things, rant about things, and listen to your opinions in the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 22


Title: Happy Thanksgiving

In this episode: Linux Mint 14 has been released. Planet KDE does awesome work. There's an OpenStreetMap map-a-thon. Australia's government is TLD-shy. Red Hat invests in MongoDB, there may be life on Mars, Apple will have to reveal how much HTC is paying it, and the UEFI saga is turning nasty. Hear our non-audio related discoveries, and your own brains and opinions in the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 21


Title: Sylvia

In this episode: HP becomes a platinum member of Linux Foundation. Microsoft sponsors LinuxCon Europe. Steam for Linux launched. FreeBSD now officially Clang-based. Android turns 5. Enlightenment 17 enters alpha. Lots of bad news for Apple. UK government redefines open standard and the ext4 bug has been patched (well ... sort of). We've also got lots of discoveries, a single rant and the open ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 20


Title: Two cows and a house

In this episode: Raspberry Pi is nearly open source. Wayland 1.0 and Ubuntu 12.10 are here. Mandriva is being reborn, again. Goophone-mini has been announced and Apple apologises to Samsung over its patent dispute. Americans can jailbreak their phones, but they can no longer unlock them. There's a problem with the ext4, and Amazon remotely wipes a customer's Kindle. Plus: hear the best ever Speak your Brains, our own discoveries and your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 19


Title: Vive la France

In this episode: More jury confusion on the Apple vs. Samsung case. Blue Systems sponsors KWin. Linux kernel 3.6 is out, and 3.7 is going to be ARM-unified. You can now shutdown Gnome 3.6 and the French adore le logiciel libre. Plus, hear our discoveries, our rants and raves, and your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: What can Linux really steal from Apple?


As the Apple vs. Samsung dispute wages on, with both sides arguing about rounded corners and rectangles; for this week's podcast, we want to know what can Linux really take from Apple?

Is it the design aesthetic, or its uncompromising attention to detail? Or how about its dictatorial approach to development? Or the narrowness of its hardware provision? Or would you like to transplant some of that famous Cupertino idolatry into the free software ecosystem, or simply shroud each Ubuntu release within Steve Jobs' Reality Distortion Field.

Let us know your opinions, and we'll read them out in the podcast we're planning to record tomorrow (Wednesday).

Podcast Season 4 Episode 18


Title: Happy Birthday GNU

In this episode: Ubuntu embeds Amazon search results into its local search. There's a massive Android vulnerability. Cinnamon 1.6 is out and Nvidia is going to open up its Tegra GPU documentation. Hear our discoveries and listen to the internet famous, Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Should searches within Ubuntu return results from Amazon?


Just in time for next month’s release, Ubuntu is adding Amazon search results to the Home Lens of its Dash. Mark Shuttleworth, in his blog, has staunchly defended this decision, saying, “It makes perfect sense to integrate Amazon search results in the Dash, because the Home Lens of the Dash should let you find *anything* anywhere.”

But others disagree, with many suggesting this is just another move to monetize the distribution whilst raising some serious concerns about privacy. So, for this week’s podcast, we’re asking whether or not you think it is a good idea. And if not, what better alternatives exist for financing a distribution. All comments gratefully received, well, except for those from Anonymous Penguins.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 17


Title: World Exclusive

In this episode: OpenSUSE 12.2 has been released, the Raspberry Pi is now made on the UK, Michael Meeks dives into the on-going Linux desktop discussions and Alan Turing is immortalised with his own Monopoly set. Discover our discoveries and hear why our 'open ballot' is the second hit in a Google search for 'open ballot'.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 16


Title: Patent orgy

In this episode: Apple vs. Samsung woes. Mageia is getting very popular. Twitter joins the Linux Foundation and Miguel de Icaza thinks OS X killed the Linux desktop. Share in the wonder of our discoveries, hear Andrew and Graham rant and rave and feel part of the team in Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 15


Title: And then there were three

In this episode: Abandoned by Jon, Graham and Effy, three brave LXFers soldier on. We discuss CDE, Debian, XFCE, iCloud, the Ubuntu App Showdown and the Liberated Pixel Cup. We discover Linux Mint 13, dd, the Cask Corner, and Stella (the distro, not the beer). We Get upset about the British transport system and Ubuntu's package management, and happy about Rasbian's setup tool. And we get your views on whether Linux can corner the gaming market. Oh, and apologies for the audio quality: there were some gremlins in the recording software. Normal service will be resumed in a fortnight.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 14


Title: Silver lining

In this episode: There's a problem with Nvidia's proprietary graphics drivers and it looks like Nokia might sell its interest in the Qt toolkit. There's another Linux audio framework on the horizon and we meet Linus Torvalds. Share in our discoveries, listen to fellow listeners' brains and hear your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: What does Gnome have to do to win back users and developers?


A few months back, we asked whether or not KDE had become a third class citizen on desktop Linux, but maybe we got the question wrong.

A recent post on Planet Gnome revealed to the world that not all is well in the land of gnomes. Gnome and GTK, according to the post, are understaffed, with some key developers having left the project, Gnome has no real goals left, and perhaps most importantly, Gnome is losing mind and market share: distributions like Mint and Ubuntu are dropping Gnome and many important applications aren't planning to port to GTK 3.

While the discussion in the comments reveals that not all of the author's arguments stand up to criticism, there's truth in much of what is said. We want you to tell us, and the developers of Gnome, what do they need to do in order to win back users and developers?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and we'll read out the best in our internet famous open ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 13

Title: Uncle Effy

In this episode: Steam'd Penguins. New hope for MeeGo. Buy loads of Raspberry Pis. Redphone is now open source. Project Sputnik has entered beta. Ouya open source console breaks Kickstarter records. Hear our on topic discoveries, your own opinions in the Open Ballot and some ranting and raving.

Open Ballot: What's your ideal distribution look like?


Package managers, desktops, installers, multimedia codecs, proprietary driver support, start up and shutdown, and release models. All these things, and many more, separate the different distributions from one another. In this week's open ballot, we want to know if you were king for a day, what combination of components would you pluck out of which distributions to recombine into your perfect operating system?

Tell us what you think in the comments, and as ever, we'll discuss a selection in this week's podcast.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 12


Title: Higgs Boson

In this episode: The Higgs Boson has been discovered-ish. An extra nano second has wreaked havoc on Linux servers. Diablo III runs on Wine. Ubuntu drops Grub 2 over secure boot worries, and your comments from the last podcast are internet famous. Hear our better-than-average discoveries and your own opinions, in their original format, in our Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Is Linux Marxist or capitalist?


Following on from our last podcast's unexpectedly political comments section, in which argument's were put forward from both ends of the political spectrum, we want to know if it's politics that motivates you to use Linux.

Are you inspired by Linus' claims that it's selfishness that motivates development, and probably encourages most users too - free software is free, after all; or is it the community ethic, the idea of everyone working together to create something better, that attracts you to free software?

Let us know in the comments section, and we'll read out a selection on this week's internet famous (no, really) open ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 11


Title: Shineness

In this episode: Linus doesn't like Nvidia. The Unity 4 games engine is coming to Linux. There's an Ubuntu app developer contest and Microsoft unveils surface computers and Windows phone 8. Hear our discoveries then your own opinions in the Speak your Brains section. And our Open Ballot is now the 4th result in Google when you search for 'open ballot'.

Podcast Delays


Bad news all, we're having to delay the podcast for 24 hours.

While normal service will hopefully be resumed tomorrow, in the meantime you might want to check out our archive. If you fancy peeking in to what now seems like an alternate reality, check out season 1, episode 1 where we heard how Torvalds had switched to Gnome, or check out season 2, episode 5 to discover how quickly we seemed to fail at You Dare Us. There's lots of fun to be had.

Open Ballot: Is the command line a crusty old relic?


We've slowly been posting our series of LPI tutorials to level up our readers (if you haven't seen them and want to catch up, we've created a handy index). The most recent part covered advanced command line techniques and opened with the following comment:

"...the command line isn’t a crusty, old-fashioned way to interact with a computer, made obsolete by GUIs, but rather a fantastically flexible and powerful way to perform tasks..."

In response, MSP suggested that there were a few errors in the post and said they could be corrected with the following snippet:

"...the command line is a crusty, old-fashioned way to interact with a computer, made obsolete by GUIs, but a small hardcore of people who refuse to move on still use it..."

For this week's open ballot, we want to know, who do you agree with: us (well, Mike!) or MSP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and we'll discuss them in this week's podcast.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 10


Title: Everybody loves Linus

In this episode: Two of the biggest distributions of the year have been released - Fedora 17 and Mint 13. Red Hat finds a solution to the UEFI problem with Windows 8 certified hardware, and both Steam and Carmageddon Reincarnation are coming to Linux. We've got more discoveries, a great Speak Your Brains section and one of the best Open Ballots for weeks.

Open Ballot: What does Torvalds know about interface design?


Just in time for this week's open ballot, Linus Torvalds has made his opinions about Gnome 3 known once again. Just in case you missed it, you can read what he had to say here.

The thing is, this is not the first time Linus has made a big deal about changes to one desktop or another. But what does Linus know about interface design, and should the community worry about what he thinks on this topic?

Podcast Season 4 Episode 9


Title: Minted

In this episode: Linux Mint 13 has been released. Chrome becomes the number one web browser (kinda). Google beats Oracle. Mandriva now belongs to you. KDE has announced a new Partner Network and there's going to be a new rival to the Raspberry Pi. Share in our discoveries, speak your brains and hear your opinions in our Open Ballot, a section which has very little to do with ballots these days.

Open Ballot: Does Mozilla think desktop Linux is dead?


According to Internet News, Mozilla isn't including Linux in the platforms that will get initial support for their new web applications features. The reason given by some Mozilla developers: they need to focus on the platforms which provide the bulk of their users, which are Windows and Mac OS X.

The question is, if even Mozilla no longer see it as worth their while to support desktop Linux as a first class platform, is it finally time we give up on the dream of desktop Linux succeeding? Tell us what you think in the comments, and we'll discuss the responses in our infamous open ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 8


Title: Odysseus Returns

In this episode: Electronic Arts and Canonical make an important announcement. Microsoft won't allow Firefox on Windows RT. Ubuntu will ship on 5% of PCs worldwide next year and Linux Format magazine gets into the news. As ever, share our discoveries, hear our rants and raves and listen to your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Should Apache abandon OpenOffice?


In 2010, Libre Office, a new fork of OpenOffice was created. The main goal was to return control of the premiere free office suite to the community and creating new processes that would reinvigorate its development. By all accounts, it succeeded. Developers are getting behind the project, as are companies, and it seems that there's something of a feature gap opening up between the two projects.

This would be a straight forward good news story if it wasn't for the fact that the Apache Foundation took on development of OpenOffice and have continued to develop and support it.

Is competition good, or is the split effort just silly and a waste of resources? Given that Libre Office now has so much momentum, should the projects be merged and all efforts focussed on creating one amazing free office suite?

Let us know what you think in the comments and we'll read out a selection in this week's podcast!

Podcast Season 4 Episode 7


Title: UCubed

If you're in the UK this Saturday, why not head over to Manchester for the fantastic UCubed open source unconference. There are only 40 tickets left!

In this episode: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has been released. Steam might be coming to Linux again. Google Drive should be on Linux, but isn't. And Linus wins the Millenium Technology Prize. Hear our compressed discoveries and your own opinions in both the Open Ballot and Speak Your Brains sections.

Open Ballot: GNU/Linux or Linux?


That dreaded question came up again recently in the magazine. Jason Irwin wrote to us protesting that we had used 'Linux' as opposed to 'GNU/Linux' in our beginners guide; Andrew replied with a robust defense of our usage. The issue was picked up on in the Linux Format forums, and now there's a poll running. Perfect timing, we thought, for our fortnightly open ballot. So, readers, let us know your thoughts in the comments, and do take the time to vote in the poll!

Seasons 1 and 2 are back!


After a bit of a delay, we just wanted to let you know that seasons 1 and 2 of the podcast are back! After nervously shuffling some files around on our server, hoping not to mess up an rm command, we've now got everything fixed so the error that caused the last crash should be banished to the past.

That said, if anyone notices any other missing files around here, do drop us a line!

Podcast Season 4 Episode 6


Title: Skeleton Crew

In this episode: Kubuntu has a new sponsor. Many OS X users are suffering from a trojan called Flashback. The awesome Raspberry Pi has passed CE testing. Microsoft is now a significant contributor to the Linux kernel. There's a major update to MythTV, Android has been merged with the Linux kernel 3.3 and the UK government wants unprecedented access to your online life. As ever, share our discoveries and hear your own opinions in the fabulous Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 5


Title: Penguin Jazz Cafe

In this episode: Even more Raspberry Pi delay. Munich saves the euro by switching to Linux. Vivaldi has sold out, Gnome 3.4 has been released and Microsoft releases lots of ASP stuff under the Apache 2.0 licence. Share our discoveries, hear us rant and rave and study your own opinions in the internet famous, Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Do you care about software freedom, or is it just because it's free?


It's time for another open ballot! This week, we want to know, why do you use free software? Is it because you think the values espoused by the four software freedoms are important in and of themselves, because you think its technically superior to the proprietary alternatives, or just because it's free? We're open to other possibilities too, so let us know what you think in the comments.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 4


Title: Perpetual Bond

In this episode: The Arch distribution is ten years old! Ubuntu adoption has overtaken RHEL, according to Mark Shuttleworth. Raspberry Pi faces further delays and nVidia joins the Linux Foundation. Hear our discoveries - including a new addition - and hear your own views in our famous Speak Your Brains and Open Ballot sections.

Open Ballot: Is privacy only for those with something to hide?


Many Linux distributions, including Fedora and Ubuntu (on the alternative installation, at any rate), provide an installation option to encrypt your hard disk. This kind of full disk encryption has become so good and widely available that at least one academic paper has argued that it "can significantly hamper digital investigations, potentially preventing access to all digital evidence in a case." We all want the police to be able to do their jobs effectively, and since powerful encryption is causing them problems, why should this kind of technology continue to be available to anybody? If you've got nothing to hide, why should you care about encrypting your data?

Podcast Season 4 Episode 3


Title: The Guild of Linux Podcasters

In this episode: Raspberry Pi is out, and sold out. Mozilla kicks Boot to Gecko into game. OpenSUSE annoys Linus Torvalds and Canonical has announced a smartphone/PC mashup. Learn about Cheetahs, secret smartphones and your own opinions in our infamous Open Ballot.

Open Ballot: Ubuntu, the next Apple?


Canonical obviously has grand dreams for Ubuntu's future. It all started with Bug #1 in 2004, when Mark Shuttleworth declared Microsoft's majority market share on new desktop PCs to be a bug that Ubuntu was designed to fix. Then, in 2008, Shuttleworth declared that he wanted Ubuntu to not just match, but to blow past Apple by providing a more beautiful and user friendly desktop. More recently, Ubuntu has been undergoing a redesign with the goal of allowing it to compete with the likes of Apple and Google on mobile phones, tablets and televisions. So, while in 2004 it was Microsoft that Canonical was wanting to usurp, in 2012 it looks like Apple is the company in their sights.

The question is, does Canonical have the capacity to succeed in this goal? Can Ubuntu be the next Apple, and be the success that Canonical clearly wants it to be.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 2


Title: Lilley's Pear and Apple Cider

In this episode: XBMC Eden is nearly out. There's a new Gnome applications design guide. Raspberry Pi has announced a manufacturing date. Canonical announce the Ubuntu Enterprise Remix and ends support for Kubuntu. Linux Foundation says Linux jobs are on the up and LibreOffice 3.5 is out. Also, hear the sound of our discoveries, a listener's submission for 'Speak your Brains' and the rumble of a battle in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 4 Episode 1


Title: Freaky Friday

In this episode: We turn our news section into a lightening news section and briefly discuss Ubuntu, Red Hat, Plasma Active, Tizen, GKH, Samsung and Firefox. Hear our discoveries from the last couple of months, our rants and raves and your own awesome opinions in our internet famous Open Ballot.

Update: Here's Greg Kroah-Hartman's piece on patching the kernel.

TuxRadar Podcast 2012


Fear not! Our podcast will be back!

Many apologies for the delay. The truth is that time has been incredibly tight over the last few weeks (mainly because we're short of a Mike). But we've just put issue 155 to bed, and we've got a new member of the team starting shortly. So, we're planning to record our first podcast of 2012 in the first week of February, and we'll stick to the usual schedule.

Thanks for your patience, and let us know if there's anything you'd like us to change or add.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 24


Title: Live from the WestGate Pub

In this episode: HP gives WebOS to the world, and Chrome is more secure than Firefox (according to Google). We discover an 80s games magazine, a Linux games client, a museum in Mexico and Mint's upgrade policy. Hear your views in our Open Ballot , plus, Mike joins us and Effy makes another video!

Open Ballot: Winners and Losers of 2011


Another year is drawing to a close, and tomorrow we'll be recording our final podcast of 2011.

It's been a quite a year in the world of Linux: Gnome 3 was released, so was Unity; KDE 4, by all accounts, is now very good; Firefox has switched to a 6 week(!) release cycle, and at the same time seen its market share squeezed; Android has come to dominate the smartphone market, while WebOS is on life support; we've seen the start of a huge patent battle; and Ubuntu is no longer top of the distro watch rankings ... and that's just the things I could remember off the top of my head!

Podcast Season 3 Episode 23


Title: Extra Strong Mint

In this episode: Linux Mint 12 has been released and it includes an innovative new take on Gnome Shell. Also, lots of smartphones could be running a rootkit-like piece of software and we discover things, read your views and discuss whether a Computer Science degree is worth the investment.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 22


Title: Live from Mission Burrito

In this episode: Fedora 16 has been released, Ubuntu may not include Banshee next time, and Mint may have found a way to upgrade to Gnome 3.2. Hear our discoveries and your opinions, and enjoy the lunchtime ambiance of an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Plus, a bonus video!.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 21


Title: Vienna Calling

In this episode: Mark Shuttleworth wants Ubuntu to be everywhere within the next couple of years, and we cover Nokia's developers' conference from last week. Listen to our awesome discoveries, share our joy and mirth in the new section and hear your own opinions in the wonderful Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 20


Title: Whisky Galore

In this episode: Ubuntu 11.10 has been released and includes lots of innovation and fixes. LibreOffice is coming to both a web browser and Android device near you, and co-founder of UNIX, Dennis Ritchie, has died. Share in the joy of our discoveries, hear us rant and rave, and listen to your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 19


Title: Best Laid Schemes

In this episode: Canonical launches an app developer portal and there's a new mobile Linux initiative. We create a whole new section of the podcast, discover lots of things and discuss whether secure booting will hinder Linux adoption.

Podcast: rescheduled


Quick Update: We're planning to record our new podcast early next week, which means we'll probably switch to a Tuesday release schedule rather than Thursdays.

Also, for those wondering what Paul Hudson has been doing over the last few months, he's been helping to develop the new Tap! App - and you can find evidence of his work (and even a video with him talking!) here:

Podcast Season 3 Episode 18


Title: Maybe Baby

In this episode: Ubuntu should move to a monthly release, according to Scott Remnant. Bruce Perens has come up with a new scheme for copyright ownership and Linux Format turns 150. Hear how successful we are at discovering things, building mesh networks and thinking up excuses.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 17


Title: And Then There Were Three

In this episode: Against all odds, Mandriva 2011 has been released while HP looks set to drop WebOS and its TouchPad tablet. We discover things, provide an update on our wireless mesh project and listen to your opinions in the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 16


Title: Linux Surprise

In this episode: Google spends $12.5 billion acquiring Motorola's smart phone division. Linus switches from Gnome to Xfce and KDE 5 development is about to start. We discover things, draw our own boxes, and listen to your views in the open ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 15


Title: Batting for freedom

In this episode: KDE 4.7 has been released and it's awesome. Microsoft and SUSE reaffirm their their patent vows and Chrome is now the most popular browser in the UK. We discover some cool things, write our own Linux jingles and discuss what Linux might look like in ten years.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 14


Title: Live from Andrew's House

In this episode: Apple asserts its patents against HTC. CentOS 6 has been released while GNU Hurd might be ready for the next Debian. Listen to our discoveries and your opinions, and share our joy in finally managing to complete a You Dare Us challenge.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 13


Title: Wizard of OS

In this episode: Sabayon 6 has been released, Google launches a new social network and Red Hat is doing well. Share in our discoveries, hear our ideas for a 'You Dare Us' replacement and you tackle Firefox version numbers in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 12


Title: Air Lacquer

In this episode: Chrome might replace Firefox in future versions of Ubuntu. Fedora 16 will make Btrfs the default filesystem. Firefox 5 has been released and Adobe is dropping Linux desktop support for Air. Share our cool discoveries from the last two weeks, hear how we fared installing Linux whilst blindfolded and we discuss your opinions in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 11


Title: Come back Mike!

In this episode: Mageia 1.0 has been released while ASUS promises three new netbooks running Linux. Meanwhile, back in California, Oracle tries to give to the Apache Foundation and you can hear some of our best discoveries, our worst challenge results, and your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 10


Title: Lovelock and load

In this episode: Fedora 15 has arrived and the next release of the kernel may be called 3.0. We discover some interesting things, comment on the awesome IRC session we all joined, come up with an adopt-a-project plan and ask, should Gnome become Linux-only?

Podcast Season 3 Episode 9


Title: Final Frontier

In this episode: David Braben creates a low-cost Linux machine. Matt Zimmerman leaves Canonical while Mark Shuttleworth wants 200 million Ubuntu users within 4 years. Discover our discoveries, hear the latest conversion stories from TuxRadar and join us on IRC.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 8


Title: Nutty Narwhal

In this episode: Ubuntu 11.04 is almost here, while Oracle drops and there was a third humble indie bundle. Discover our discoveries, hear how we fared with Gnome Shell and the results of our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 7


Title: Better late than never

In this episode: Gnome 3.0 has been released while Nokia takes back its Symbian operating system. Red Hat is approaching $1b in revenue and Groklaw is calling it a day. Share in our discoveries, hear our responses to your emails and letters and join us in welcoming a new member to the team.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 6


Title: A message from our sponsors

In this episode: Canonical and Gnome may benefit from some relationship counselling. GTK+ 3.2 will enable you to run Gnome apps through a web browser. The Debian Derivatives Exchange (DEX) project has launched and Firefox 4 is here. Share our discoveries, listen to our marketing slogans and hear your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 5


Title: Stallman wasn't stalling

In this episode: Gnome drops both the maximise and minimise buttons. Mark Shuttleworth admits mistakes were made over the Banshee debacle and Nokia sells most of Qt. Discover our discoveries and challenge results, and hear your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 4


Title: Qt, or not Qt?

In this episode: Microsoft and Nokia form an alliance and the GPLv3 might not be welcome on Windows Phone. Canonical gets controversial with Banshee while openSUSE and Fedora users might have to wait for Unity. Hear our discoveries, our limited success with the challenge, and your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 3


Title: Flying Pigs

In this episode: We try to bury the news, which includes the release of Debian 6.0 and KDE 4.6, along with some Android rumours. Hear how we faired with our challenge to contribute to an open source project, and share our discoveries from the last two weeks.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 2


Title: Quincena

In this episode: Ubuntu is going to bundle Qt libraries with its base install. Google will no longer bundle H.264 with Chrome and Firefox 4 will only have limited hardware acceleration. Share our discoveries, try XFCE, and listen to your own conversion stories in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 3 Episode 1


Title: Overtaking Manoeuvres

In this episode: Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer in Europe while Android overtakes iPhone in the US, and TransGaming transforms Cedega into the GameTree Developer Program. Discover our new section and hear your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 24


Title: Happy Christmas!

In this episode: We take a look back at our favourite news stories, discoveries, dares and ballots from the previous 23 episodes and ask you to choose your biggest Linux-related events from 2010.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 23


Title: Join us!

In this episode: The KDE team rebrands KOffice into the Calligra Suite. OpenSUSE unveils a rolling release version of its distribution and Google's Chrome OS has been delayed until next year. This time, we remember our discoveries, and ask whether next year might really be the year of Linux on the desktop. Also, would you like to be part of the team?

Podcast Season 2 Episode 22


Title: Hudzilla Returns (for one episode only)

In this episode: Attachmate Corporation pays $2.2 billion for Novell. A Linux kernel patch dramatically improves desktop performance, while Fedora considers a move to Wayland. We ask whether a lack of blockbuster games is holding Linux back, and hear us completely forget discovery of the fortnight.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 21


Title: The one without Paul

In this episode: Ubuntu may ditch the X Window system for Wayland, Fedora 14 has been released and Nokia takes Symbian back from the Symbian Foundation. Share our fortnight's discoveries and hear whether we think Qt and KDE should merge APIs.

(we recorded this episode yesterday, before we knew about Paul's announcement).

Podcast Season 2 Episode 20


Title: Longer than expected

In this episode: The London Stock Exchange is super fast, thanks to Linux, while Android celebrates its 100,000th app submission. We discover things and talk about tiling window managers, while our listeners talk about Ubuntu's Unity.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 19


Title: Welcome to the Jungle

In this episode: Ubuntu 10.10 has been released, and Microsoft attacks with a video. Discover our all-new challenge for the next episode, and we judge the level of anticipation for Panasonic's Jungle.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 18


Title: Asbestos Gloves

In this episode: Both Mandriva and have been forked, while Microsoft sues Motorola for bits of Android. Try the results of our text adventure challenge and hear your own comments in our Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 17


Title: 88 Miles Per Hour

In this episode: We each predict a news story that may or may not have happened over the last seven days. Play the final results of our 'build a game' challenge, and we ask, is it finally time to do away with the command-line?

Podcast Season 2 Episode 16


Title: Mike May Vary

In this episode: Sony was legally allowed to remove the 'Other OS' feature from the Playstation 3, according to Australian lawmakers. Glibc is now really free and KSplice gets into Fedora. We report back from the mid-point of our games development challenge, and ask, what's your favourite Linux improvement?

Podcast Season 2 Episode 15


Title: Gnaborretni

In this episode: Ubuntu 10.10 is going to add gesture support and 11.04 is going to be called the Natty Narwhal. Debian 6.0 has been feature frozen while Oracle sets its sights on Google. Discover how we fared with our Nethack challenge and how we filled the Open Ballot section without an Open Ballot.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 14


Title: KDelay

In this episode: Gnome 3.0 has been delayed while the Gnome team releases its first census results. KDE 4.5 should be here, and Mark Shuttleworth dislikes tribalism. Discover our new 'You Dare Us' challenge, and we reveal our discoveries from the last two weeks. Finally, hear us discuss one of the most compelling Open Ballots in living memory.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 13


Title: Live from OSCON.

In this episode: A SCO representative finally reveals some of the Linux code SCO had a problem with and OpenSUSE 11.3 is here. Listen to the results of our new challenge, and we ask whether the likes of Red Hat, Novell and Canonical contribute enough back to the community.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 12


Title: The shortest episode, ever.

In this episode: The first Mozilla 4 beta is here while Nokia is moving rapidly forward with MeeGo for mobiles. We report back on our You Dare Us challenge and hear Paul tackle Python.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 11


Title: The one without Andrew, mostly.

In this episode: Google releases its own command-line tool, Ubuntu drops F-Spot, and has anyone seen Mandriva? Listen to the results of our haiku challenge, and we ask, do you use open source software for freedom or function?

Podcast Season 2 Episode 10


Title: Japanese giant flying squirrel

In this episode: Fedora 13 is out. Google drops the Windows option for new staff and yet Windows is still doing well as a server. Discover how we fared with a minority distribution and we tout our ideas on how Linux devices can beat Apple's iPad.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 9


Title: Google Gaggle

In this episode: We discuses the three big Linux-related announcements from Google. We present our amazing discoveries from the last fortnight and ask whether anyone is excited by the HP Slate.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 8


Title: Humble Bumble

In this episode: Mandriva is up for sale while Android phones are outselling iPhones in the USA. Judge our TuxRadar content challenge and we ask, should distros license codecs?

Podcast Season 2 Episode 7


Title: Passive Electioneering

In this episode: Lucid Lynx, Ubuntu 10.04, is nearly here. And Valve might be porting Steam to Linux. Discover how we coped with two weeks of Z shell and what we think is the biggest threat to Linux.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 6


Title: Pink Ponies, naturally

In this episode: The Android-based WePad takes on the mighty Apple iPad while Nokia and Intel launch MeeGo. Hear the results of our music-making challenge and ask yourselves, is Linux sexy?

Podcast Season 2 Episode 5


Title: April Fools

In this episode: Ubuntu switches to base 10, Novell fights a takeover bid while Sony removes Linux support from its older Playstation 3 consoles. We reveal how little we've used Emacs and ask whether Wikipedia should use open codecs.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 4


Title: Penguins Are Doing Time

In this episode: Gnome's Guadec and KDE's Akademy are getting back together in 2011, and they're looking for a venue, while Canonical unveils a major rebranding for Ubuntu 10.04. We reveal which presenter had the most SUSE Studio downloads and report back on our time spent with Ubuntu 4.10.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 3


Title: SUSE SUSE Studio

In this episode: Version 2.6.33 of the Linux kernel is here and it includes a new 3D accelerated Nvidia graphics driver. Canonical's online music store will only provide MP3 files, and Apple sues Android partner, HTC. We report back on our experiences with SUSE Studio and answer our critics in the Closed Ballot.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 2


Title: Badger Dog

In this episode: Nokia and Intel combine Maemo with Moblin to create MeeGo. 3.2 is here, and it's fast. We report back on our experiences of avoiding the command line and ask whether we'll ever use KDE 4.4.

Podcast Season 2 Episode 1


Title: Oleophobia

In this episode: Three quarters of the Linux kernel code is written by developers being paid to do so and Facebook transforms PHP performance. We promise to give up the command line for two weeks and ask whether Ubuntu is wrong to switch the default search engine in Firefox from Google to Yahoo. Plus, we introduce two new sections.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 25


Title: Dreaming Androids

In this episode: Google releases the Nexus One and Mark Shuttleworth has announced he's going to relinquish control of Canonical. Freescale unveils a Linux touch tablet and we ask whether 2010 could really, honestly, be the year of Linux on the desktop.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 24


Title: Linux Mint

In this episode: The Gnome community considers dropping GNU, while a Gnome screensaver is found to contain malware. We trawl through our favourite TuxRadar comments of the year and ask whether it's good to sue for GPL violations.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 23


Title: Chromium Carousal

In this episode: The Linux version of Google's Chrome browser is now officially in beta and Linux netbook share appears to be growing. Nokia releases Qt 4.6 and we ask whether Linux documentation could be improved and is Google's Chrome operating system a good thing?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 22


Title: The Sound of Fail

In this episode: Google releases the source code to its new operating system, Chrome OS. The Fedora 12 distribution makes its way onto the mirrors and The Gimp is too powerful and too complex for Ubuntu 10.04. We present the results of our two-week Bing research project and ask whether we'd switch to Bing if it was the only place to find News Corp. coverage.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 21


Title: Mammoth Mammoth

In this episode: Firefox turns 5, Microsoft allegedly borrows some GPL code and the Fat Elf is no more. We talk about what our perfect Linux distribution would look like and ask whether everyone should be compelled to contribute to free software projects.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 20


Title: Manky Monkey

In this episode: Ubuntu 9.10 has been released! To celebrate, we talk about what's new and what's old, review a version of Ubuntu each, discuss what we love and loathe and set our minds on the future with Lucid Lynx. Koala Ho!

Podcast Season 1 Episode 19


Title: A Hero's Welcome

In this episode: Linux is reported to be safer for online banking and international stock exchanges than Microsoft Windows, we reveal our personal geek heroes and our Open Ballot asks whether we should embrace Microsoft's open source work.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 18


Title: Linux Convicts

In this episode: We talk about the recent Linux conferences we've attended, the final versions of both Moblin 2.0 and Gnome 2.28 and discuss whether Linux is bloated. Our Open Ballot asks 'Are distro release cycles too short?' and Andrew finds a surprisingly practical 'Discovery of the Fortnight'.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 17


Title: Escape from Targ

In this episode: The first Linux botnet has been detected, version 2.6.31 of the Linux kernel has been released and the Haiku project announces the availability of Alpha 1 of its BeOS-like operating system. We discuss Novell's expensive foray into iPhone development, with its MonoTouch SDK, and we ask whether we should focus on other Unixes alongside Linux.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 16


Title: The Shrieking Sister

In this episode: Nokia announces a new Linux handset, Sony drops Linux support from its new Playstation 3 console and Google creates a 64-bit version of its Chrome browser. Listen to the results of our two weeks with text-mode challenge and we ask whether we should be more zealous when promoting Linux and open source.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 15


Title: PodKastigation

In this episode: There was a hole in the kernel for eight years. Dell announces that its Linux netbook returns are a non-issue and we look at Ubuntu One. We report on our two weeks with the KDE desktop and our open ballot asks whether open source licences should be viral.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 14


Title: Tron with Ponies

In this episode: SUSE Studio is out; Debian adopts timed releases, should we be giving coverage to companies who don't support Linux and should geeks prefer Free internet services over free internet services?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 13


Title: Lion Eggs for Matt

In this episode: Google announces its own Chrome OS operating system and the Moblin project gets X Windows running with user privileges. We talk about how we got into Linux and discuss whether we think Google is becoming Microsoft.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 12


Title: Mike's Song

In this episode: Mono is finally safe to use while the HTML 5 specification is causing trouble. Canonical's Design and User Experience team launch the One Hundred Paper Cuts project for their next distro release and do version numbers really matter?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 11


Title: The Battle of Thorne Waste

In this episode: Android isn't as good as Windows CE on smartbooks. Debian bundles Mono. Crossover 8 is released while Opera 10 and Firefox 3.5 are nearly here. Is sound a disaster on Linux? And should geeks boycott closed platforms like the XBox 360, Playstation 3 and iPhone?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 10


Title: Episode X

In this episode: Unix is 40 years old, Google releases an alpha Linux version of its Chrome browser and ARM-powered laptops are spotted at Computex. Is Linux a difficult development platform and should we thin the licensing herd?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 9


Title: Catafalque

In this episode: Our favourite TuxRadar comments so far, how can we help convert people from Windows and a special feature on netbooks.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 8


Title: Wolves in the Moonlight

In this episode: 3.1 is out and we take a guess at just how many lines of source code it has, Glibc has been forked, a ZDNet report whose name we can't pronounce takes a potshot at Moonlight, and our Open Ballot asks whether we need a standard package manager.

Podcast Season 1 Episode 7


Title: Setting Sun

In this episode: Ubuntu 9.04 is here and Renai LeMay says it's as slick as Mac OS X. We also get to play with the GP2X Wiz portable games console and ponder on the announcement that Oracle is going to buy Sun Microsystems. Our open ballot asks whether we should dump

Podcast Season 1 Episode 6


Title: Monologue

In this episode: Gtk+ developers announce plans for version 3. Microsoft proclaims 96% domination of the netbook market and both Mono 2.4 and MonoDevelop 2.0 are released. Is the new Linux Spotify library a good thing and should netbook manufacturers standardise on a single distribution?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 5

Title: Space Shuttle

Guest presenter: Mark Shuttleworth

In this episode: We celebrate the release of Gnome 2.26 and talk about the Chromium browser. Could the Linux community have done more to capitalise on the weak take-up of Windows Vista, and how can we prepare ourselves for Windows 7? And is it a good thing to have two competing desktop environments?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 4

Title: GScrot's Previous Icon

In this episode: Jim Zemlin wants a united front for netbooks, Codeweavers starts on DirectX 10 for Linux, has Firefox been exploited, can we help people who are new to Linux, and should proprietary software be easy to install?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 3

Title: Irradiated Sausage

In this episode: Debian 5 and Xfce 4.6 are released, Microsoft sues TomTom, are the Creative Commons licences working, are there too many Linux distributions and did Mike really play Captain 'S' - the remake?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 2

Title: Was that Mike or Tony Blair?

In this episode: Moonlight 1.0 is released, how will the recession affect Linux, is Ubuntu a 'good thing' and just what exactly is Slime Forest Adventure?

Podcast Season 1 Episode 1


Title: Jesus Jelly

In this episode: Torvalds switches to Gnome, should we encourage people to run free software on a non-free OS, and is Mono a force for good or one big anti-Microsoft troll?

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