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We've put up three tutorials using Qt, and we think you should try them. Why? Because they use Nokia's awesome new Qt Creator tool for quick design. Because Qt is easy to learn, cross-platform, super fast and lots of fun. Because each of those tutorials is a complete, finished project that does something useful and is easily extended to fit your needs. But most of all because coding is fun and everyone should give it a try at least once!

Rather than make you dig through Google to find our Qt tutorials, we figured we'd list them here for easy access. And if you have any suggestions for more Qt project tutorials, drop us a comment below and we'll see what can be arranged.

  • Create a media player Looking for a tutorial about Qt and Phonon? You've found it: this teaches you how to build a simple media player with less than half an hour's work.
  • Create an ffmpeg front-end Learn how to execute command-line programs through Qt by building a front-end for ffmpeg that makes it easy to encode videos for the iPhone, the PSP or the GP2X.
  • Create an RSS reader Get your news delivered straight to your desktop with this tutorial on Qt, XML and RSS - it really couldn't be much easier.

If you've whizzed through all those and want more programming projects to tackle, make sure you check out our coding project archive - it's full of tutorials for Python, C++, C# and more, all for free!

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Poor editing

...all free. NOT all for free. Bad grammar.

Aside from that, thanks for the tutorials. I look forward to trying them.

"Because Qt is easy to

"Because Qt is easy to learn, cross-platform, super fast and lots of fun."

But...it's ugly...horribly so.


all this negativity over free software -- dudes: it's _free_. if you dont like it go cry a river.

qt is a hell of a lot free-value for many. and has many faces (kde, windows native, osx, grapicsview-based interfaces, and probably more), calling all of them ugly is plain short sight.

These are great, are there

These are great, are there any more coming.

Like to see...

some database examples built with Qt creator 2
such as a database for DVD, CD, Magazine articles ect.

Nice Page!

Just starting to learn programming, i liked youre site.

Thanks for the tutorials i will try them

Thanks for the tutorials

Thanks for the tutorials from Russia!

Audio,Video,text Multicast chat

i looking for above example in qt C++.the code should be serverless peer to peer.sould be able to record voice and replicate between peers in connection.this is for desktop.busy,accept,divert,call later,private one to one voice,video,text chat.one to many voice,video,text chat and voice,video,text multicast.

thanks :)

i am new to linux as well as programming. actually wanted to start up with programing a lot earlier, but couldn't find a good place to start and this seems jut the "one". thanks a lot for the tuts :)

Awesome Site

Am a PHP Developer but as of recent i have more interest in learning c++ and a frontend toolkit Qt solves that issue for me as soon as i round up PHP skills and advanced i'd be gradually learning from here.awesome site and clean layout.

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