Stream It!


Issue 204, November 2015 - on sale now

Stream It!

An entertained home is a happy home, with the digital dream a real one, most homes have turned into a digital entertainment heaven. My home’s daily routine often revolves around keeping the tiny humans entertained streaming music, video and photos from a home Linux server (plus online services) around the home to a variety of devices. From the traditional TV with a Raspberry Pi media centre to Android tablets and Chromebooks, or through the Pi-powered projector for cinema-style fun.

As software improves we like to take advantage of new features. For a while we’ve been putting up with the closed-source Plex, but finally Emby has appeared and we’re basing our new home media heaven on this fully open source solution. So from a base Ubuntu server, you’ll be able to dish out transcoded video, music and photos around your home with the option of recorded TV without the hassle of MythTV. It’s a slick solution and one I’m sure you’ll love when you read about it

On the DVD: Ubuntu 15.04, Kubuntu, Kodi, Emby.


Linux Format 202 - Coding Academy


Issue 202, September 2015 - on sale now

Open Source Learning

You get an education! You get an education! You get an education! It’s not something Oprah Winfrey would give away, as I guess to some a free car would seem more valuable, but how much is an education worth? I’d suggest on a purely practical level a huge amount, and we all know it’s something that’s truly invaluable. It’s one part of FOSS that we almost take for granted, but by providing the tools and documentation it’s assumed that people can and do educate themselves in everything they need to know.

So what happens when you take those tools and documentation and give them to education professionals? In 2015 the UK is going to find out, as it’s the first year when the new computing curriculum kicks in. This is the curriculum where the Raspberry Pi Foundation has been teaching and supplying educational materials based around the Pi.

So for this issue that coincides with pupils around the country heading back to school, we’re supplying our own guide to help you and your children get a head start with coding in Python, using the Pi at school, choosing the best languages for the jobs you want to do and taking a first step into developing web applications.

As cool as coding is, some people just want to use computers. We’re looking into how you can transform your Nexus device into an Ubuntu Touch phone, and if that’s not your thing how about choosing a new Chromebook from our Roundup of the best 2015 Chromebooks. With guides to creating Linux snapshots, network troubleshooting, the amazing TierOne quick and easy VPN and a look at the CrunchBang replacement BunsenLabs, it’s a great issue because FOSS is great.

On the DVD: Uber Student 4.1, wattOS R9, 16 Linux training videos.


Linux Format - 194 Next-gen Linux


Issue 194, February 2015 - on sale now

Next-gen Linux!

Next-gen GNU/Linux, what does that even mean? The FOSS world is so unlike the proprietary world. In that closed universe, new releases are considered so important that secrecy becomes paramount. So the next-gen release of Windows becomes so crucial. With FOSS and Linux development everything is laid bare. Sensible folk stick with the stable release but the brave-hearted can jump into an unstable, development branch and compile where angels fear to tread. This issue we’re looking at those ‘next-gen’ developments, the key technologies that have been in development for the last few years and will become mainstream through 2015. If you’re even brave enough we’ll show you how you can jump onboard with your own build of Ubuntu or Arch and try them live. Neil “Grey Beard” Bothwick is your guide.

But what about today? There’s more than enough going on in the ‘now-gen’ of Linux to keep most people busy until the end of time. As usual there’s a packed issue of Linux Format awaiting you over the page. I’d recommend you take a long look at our Roundup this month on Linux desktop environments, a new desktop is the simplest way of giving your distro a fresh feel or revitalising your work flow. Besides that we have tutorials looking at creating your own web-based email system, the clever old Dtrace diagnostic system and a tale of intrusion and how you can track down naughty hackers on your system.

There’s a bit of a bumper helping for the programmers out there. We look at how you can take advantage of the Raspberry Pi’s GPU and 3D capabilities; how to run Python on embedded systems; how to use Java to create physics and getting started with the programming language, Erlang. On top of all that we’ve the usual reviews, news analysis, users groups, interviews and so much more!

On the DVD: Fedora 21, Manjaro, 4M Linux, ALT Linux, GIMP ebook.


Linux Format 191 - Hack the Pi!


Issue 191, December 2014 - on sale now

Hack the Pi!

We’re exploring how you can hack Linux on the Pi to ever greater levels with fun projects, advanced Linux services and essential skills. We hope you’ve brought your Pi with you. Not that we want to obsess on the Pi too much, even if it’s a great device that’s changing the world, a big part of that success is its Linux smarts.

We’re finishing our Nginx series, (which also happens to all work with the Raspberry Pi) but we’re also going deep into Cython to accelerate everyday Python, exploring how to use Git for your own projects and look at how you can get started developing PHP. We’re also trying to stay musical with a roundup of excellent players and even pro-level production.

On the DVD: Raspbian, KaliLinux 1.0.9, PiMusicBox, RetroPie, Jasper.


Linux Format 190 - Best Distro 2014


Issue 190, November 2014 - on sale now

Best Distro 2014

We're picking our best Linux distributions for 2014. It's always an odd task and this year we've decided to take the chance to actually delve into the genus behind those best distros. We're exploring why the major families in the GNU/Linux world sprang up and how they've evolved over the years.

We’re also celebrating 10 years of Ubuntu, looking at alternatives to the Raspberry Pi and coding in GIMP. We look at OwnCloud 7, start with Docker v1.0 and continue to advance our Nginx server.

On the 9GB DVD: Mageia 4.1, OpenSUSE 13.1, Trisquel 6.0, CentOS 7.0, Korora 20, Linux Mint Debian Edition, Salix 14.0.


Linux Format 188 - Speed up Linux


Issue 188, September 2014 - on sale now

Speed up Linux

Give your distro a speed boost with our ultimate guide to speeding up Linux. We show you how to start smarter with Systemd, optimise your file system, improve app performance and a lot more.

We also investigate the state of 4K support on Linux - is our favourite operating system ready for the hot new technology?

We also look at how open source and open platforms will be shaping the future of education in the UK, and delve deep into Arch Linux.

As usual we also have top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.

On the DVD: CentOS 7 - the enterprise server OS for all, Arch Linux, Rescatux 0.32 plus HotPicks, tutorial code and more.


Linux Format 187 - Escape Windows


Issue 187, Summer 2014 - on sale now

Escape Windows

This month we show you how to escape Windows for good with a foolproof guide to installing Linux. Enjoy the power and freedom of the world/'s greatest operating system, with a safe and secure back up guide. We/'ll also show you how to dual-boot to keep all your existing files and programs.

Also this issue we/'ll show you how to master WINE to emulate Windows games and programs in Linux

Discover how to run and install your own virtual private server and use a Raspberry Pi to build and host a wiki server.

As usual we also have top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.

On the DVD: Linux starter kit: all the distros and tools you need to make the switch! Includes Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Mint 17 and SystemRescueCD, plus HotPicks, tutorial code and more.


Linux Format 186 - Fix Ubuntu


Issue 186, August 2014 - on sale now

Fix Ubuntu

This month we show you how to hack and tweak one of the most popular distros in the world. Make Unity work your way, dump the Amazon lens and much more!

Also this issue we have an in-depth guide to system monitoring, explore the secret world of Linux repositories and how to build a cannon in Minecraft running on a Raspberry Pi!

As usual we also have top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.

On the DVD: Low resource distro special! Includes Crunchbang 11, Elive 2.2.2 beta, Manjaro Openbox 0.8.9 and Puppy Slacko 5.7, plus HotPicks, tutorial code and more.


Linux Format 185 - Build a Linux PC


Issue 185, July 2014 - on sale now

Build a Linux PC

Want a brand new desktop, media centre, gaming machine or server? Build it yourself! You'll save money and have complete control over what components go into the PC. We show you what you need to consider, and what software, distros and tools you need to build your very own Linux PC.

We show you how to install Linux on a Chromebook.

We have a complete guide on hacking Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi.

Speaking of the tiny Pi, we also show you how to design and build a Raspberry Pi case using Python, FreeCAD and a 3D printer.

As usual we also have top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.

On the DVD: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit with a choice of four desktops, MX14, HotPicks, tutorial code and more.


Linux Format 184 - Build your desktop


Issue 184, June 2014 - on sale now

Build your desktop

Build your desktop - we look at the best desktop environments and how to tweak them to perfection, no matter what your choice of distro.

Microsoft has dropped support for Windows XP - if you or anyone you know is still using the operating system, then let us help you migrate to Linux - it is incredibly easy!

We investigate how Linux, Raspberry Pi and open source software in general is being used in education.

All this, plus an in depth look at Firefox OS, 3D printing and much more!

As usual we also have top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.

On the DVD: Mint 16 Mega Mix - the latest version of Linux Mint with a choice of 10 best desktops, SystemRescueCD, HotPicks, tutorial code and more.


Linux Format 179 is on sale


Issue 179, January - on sale now

The perfect Linux Install

Start the new year with a freshly installed Linux, configured just the way you want it!

We also look to the future of gaming on Linux and round up the best open source video editors around.

We talk to John Graham-Cumming, the open source developer and writer who successfully sent a petition to the UK government to apologise for the conviction against Alan Turing.

We also visit the OggCamp unconference and explain Tor, plus much more!

We've also got top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.

On the DVD: Ubuntu 13.10 - including 14 alternative desktop GUIs, OpenBSD 5.4. Plus hotpicks, code books and more.


Linux Format 178 is on sale


Issue 178, Christmas - on sale now

Fund your dreams

Got a great idea that needs to be turned into reality? You don't need a profit-minded VC to invest in your ideas. We show you how to raise money from people passionate about your project.

We also talk to Robert 'R0ml' Lefkowitz, the fascinating 'old skool' hacker.

Also in this issue we delve inside the Qt graphical toolkit, visit PyCon 2013 and show you how to create your own custom desktop.

We've also got top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format.

On the DVD: Elementary OS Luna, Hotpicks, Pinguy OS 13.04 64-bit plus codebooks and more!


Did we forget? Linux Format 177 is on Sale - Mobile mashup


This month we turn our attention to open source mobile platforms. If you want to avoid the Google integration of Android, there's CyanogenMod, whilst Firefox OS and Sailfish can breathe new life into your aging handset.
Elsewhere we talk to Google's Director of Open Source, Chris DiBona, and quiz him on open source's impact on Google.
If you're after a glimpse of what the future holds, Les Pounder looks at the new initiative that's teaching the next generation of coders, whilst Graham gets his hands on the Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition – Dell's new Ubuntu-powered Ultrabook.
We've also got top-notch coding tutorials, the latest reviews and more, only in Linux Format!
On the DVD: LXLE, OS/4 OpenLinux and Grml. Plus hotpicks, code books and more.

Linux Format is hiring

Join the Linux Format team and get paid to fiddle with Linux, Open Source software and generally prod zeros and ones all day. Ooh, let's not forget there's coffee, lots and lots of free coffee. We're looking to hire a Technical Expert to help write in-depth features, tutorials, reviews and keep TuxRadar crammed with interesting news, updates and interviews.

If you think you're up to the challenge find out more and apply through the Future Publishing YourFutureJob site now!

Karen Sandler: full interview


Karen Sandler: full interview

Andrew Gregory and Graham Morrison talk to Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation, and hear some rather more compelling arguments for software freedom than clever acronyms and numbering systems that start at 0 rather than 1.

A cyborg gnome conjures up images of a garden ornament wielding a phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range rather than a tiny fishing rod, so we were looking forward to meeting Karen Sandler, executive director of the Gnome Foundation and a self-professed cyborg lawyer. What followed was a journey through Gnome 3, security flaws in medical implants and why people shouldn’t be jerks on the internet.

Linux Format 176 On Sale Today - Build your own distro


Making stuff is fun. Putting bits together, taking them apart again to see how it works, putting them back together in a slightly different way: it's incredibly satisfying. This is why we decided to devote eight pages to building your own distro. Three different methods, infinite possibilities. The only limit is the number of rainy days you'll have to do it all (let's face it: we have plenty of rainy days to play with). Also in the issue: hear from the Gnome Foundation's executive director, and come away buzzing with fresh enthusiasm for free software. If you're into buzzwords – or deploying web apps to the cloud easily – you'll appreciate Mr Nick Veitch's tutorial on Juju Charms. And if you like talking to other human beings you'll want to know all about the Ubuntu for Phones OS, which looks to us like a real winner. or at least, it will be, if Canonical can get it to market before Sailfish. All this, plus coding, reviews and more, only in Linux Format!
On the DVD: Rosa Linux, Perppermint, Sonar and FourM. Plus hotpicks, code books and more.

Linux Format 175 On Sale Today - Next Generation Sysadmin


The world of the system administrator is changing. You can spin up new virtual machines and create RAID arrays with just a couple of commands, pull the strings of multiple server systems with Puppet, use NoSQL to boost your earnings potential and much, much more. And when you`ve done all that you can peek into the world of Arch Linux, find out what it takes to organise your own OSCON/OggCamp-like conference, and get the inside track on how open source is being put to good use at Jolla, the successor to the Meego mobile operating system. All this, plus reviews, tutorials, Answers, HotPicks and more await in your latest Linux Format!

On the DVD: Fedora 19, Tails, and Knoppix. Plus tutorial code, answers, hotpicks and the latest TuxRadar podcasts.

General ignorance


Lo, it was decreed that there should be a woman on the £10 note, and the search for a suitable woman began. And so it was that, from the Venn diagram of people who are awesome and people who are women, there was plucked Jane Austen.

Dear Edward Snowden

We thought you might be getting a little bored while you're stuck in the airport, so we sent you some reading material. We don't know if you like Linux, but given your technical background, we hope it'll be of interest. It's just a tiny indication of our gratitude.

Thank you for your services to mankind, and hopefully you'll be able to travel freely soon.

All the best,

The Linux Format team

Linux Format 174 On Sale Today - Upgrade your desktop


We asked in the latest TuxRadar podcast for the reasons that you change distro. The most frequent one was the choice of desktop. But you don't have to ditch your whole distro in order to get a new user interface: you can follow our Technical Editor Ben's advice and find the desktop that's right for you, so you end up bossing your Linux machine around rather than it controlling you

Elsewhere in the magazine we've more desktoppery, as we follow Linux Torvalds' advice and tweak Gnome with a tool called Gnome-Tweak-Tool, and the Unity/KDE 4/Gnome 3 debate rumbles on in the letters pages. Back in the world of Real Work, we manage multiple machines with Puppet, get a better filesystem with btrfs and learn how to buy Aeroflot tickets to Caracas without anyone finding out, with our roundup of the finest anonymising distros known to man.

All that, plus reviews (Snow Linux. Noobs, the Mirabox, er, Prison Architect), news and other essential free software information, delivered on 100% recycled electrons or 100% chlorine-free paper.

On the DVD: Mint Mega Mix (64-bit), Bodhi, Siduction, Snowlinux, Gnome Tweak Tool, Hotpicks, books, and more.

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