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Fear not! Our podcast will be back!

Many apologies for the delay. The truth is that time has been incredibly tight over the last few weeks (mainly because we're short of a Mike). But we've just put issue 155 to bed, and we've got a new member of the team starting shortly. So, we're planning to record our first podcast of 2012 in the first week of February, and we'll stick to the usual schedule.

Thanks for your patience, and let us know if there's anything you'd like us to change or add.

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Thanks for the heads up =)

Been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new podcast guys, thanks for the heads up!!

Cool! Looking forward

Nice to see that you're going for it again, this year! :-)
Is the new member also joining in the podcast?

Re: Cool! Looking forward

He's under no obligation, of course. But we hope so!

Thank goodness

I was checking this website every day and almost gave up until this post came out.

Yes! No!

Cool, I'm looking forward to it! Been checking Tuxradar anxiously every day for news. :)

2012 doesn't start properly until the first LXF podcast

Start of February suits me - mainly because I've still got two of last year's podcasts to enjoy.

"mainly because we're short of a Mike" - kind of difficult to do a podcast without a mike, people can't hear you. :P Although if someone wants to do a silent video podcast with subtitles then that might be interesting.

Thanks for the heads up

Have been watching since the first. Was getting worried. Looking forward to February

jolly good show

roll on February. Hope the next one's not in a pub, listening makes me thirsty !

News at last

Yes but naughty of you not to have let us know sooner!
We've been eagerly awaiting news at to what's going on.
Thanks for letting us know :) Looking forward to February.

Another PubCast

I have to say, listening to last year's podcast set in a pub, you-all seemed to do what's expected in a podcast, and have a bit of off-the-clock fun as well.

So, feel free to go out to a park, Mission Burrito, local bar or pub, anywhere you feel comfortable, set up a mic or two and have at it. If I want dull and sterile, there's always a manual for that.

Looking forward to the new year...

Cant Wait!

As Usual, i am looking forward to the next podcast with baited breath and i have been checking back to this site most days. Can't wait to meet the new guy, and I can't wait to see what he brings to the table.

Also, could you guys make a post with all your personal blogs/microblogs and otherwise interesting ways to hear from you guys. Maybe you could throw in some of your favourite (lesser known) linux sites & sources too?

Will be good to hear from you.

Razor QT Desktop

Hi have you guys heard of the new Razor Qt Desktop?????


Cheers guys. Look forward to it!

Anxiously Awaiting

I'm looking forward to the next one too. It seems like AGES. Driving across LA with only Distrowatch, SourceTrunk and National Public Radio just isn't cutting it.

2 Content Items


I just stumbled upon your podcast a week before the new year... I've since listened to the past 12 episodes and subscribed to LXF :) Keep up the grand work. Thanks!

In one of your upcoming casts would you 1. all give a brief bio on how you came to Linux and Open Source personally (it's always interesting hearing how and why folks ended up where they are), and 2. discuss your thoughts on resent google privacy news (combining all services/products)?


Will not be the same without

Will not be the same without Mike.

So farewell Linux format and the podcast.

Have fun

@Anonymous ex subscriber

Don't leave too quickly - Mike is writing more for the magazine now than he was before!

Look forward to his articles on assembly programming, running open source projects and adventures in Minecraft, to name a few!

Thank goodness for that.

I was starting to get RSI from clicking refresh on gpodder so often.
Welcome back and here's to a great 2012 for the podcast and mag.

High Guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that I have installed Linux Mint 10 (Julia) on my otherwise unusable partition on the laptop (Acer Aspire 1700 - it weighs a ton, so it's laughable to call it a laptop... :) ) but it works fine so far - early days of course, I'm bound to stuff something up sooner or later, but for the moment I'm happy.
I spent ages trying to decide which distro to replace the Mandriva that was quite good, but had got destroyed over time, and anyway, since it looked likely that they were going down the tubes, I thought I'd try something else. Being a Red Hat sort of familiarity, I was shying away from Ubuntu/Debian based distros, and had run just about every live disk that I had, thanks to your magazine!
I really liked the "shiny" of enlightenment, and it recalled the days of RH 6.2 when I could actually run each window manager concurrently (well - each pseudouser could have their own preference, and I had Gnome, WM, FVWM, KDE 2 (?) and e, and even some others.... i think.
But I decided on Mint for one reason. Tried the live disk that came with LUD mag (sorry it wasn't LXF) and when I tried to get the broadband mobile device to work, it worked!!

That sold me. I installed, updated during the install, grabbed the extra media bits just for the sake of doing so, and now I am very happy. Really, really happy. I'm a tad manic as you may be able to tell.

Also I wanted to mention that I discovered the "MintCast" podcast. It's from an american viewpoint, and it is not bad, actually. I wanted to go right back to the early podcasts, and recommend listening to episodes 1-3 just to get the feel and some interesting discussions. I then grabbed episodes 84, 96, 97 and am listening to 98, and 99.
They have a "live" podcast episode 100, haven't caught up with it yet, but I think they kind of give a similar discussion to you guys, but being an Aussie, I find their sense of Irony (or is it satire?) very dry. Oddly, by comparison, I reckon you blokes have more fun, I love the laughter and interplay you have, it always felt like you are really chummy but respect each others viewpoints.

And since this is linux, the undertone by it's nature has to be political/community driven as well.

Anyway, enough from me for the time being. Wonder what others think about comparing the Mintcast with Tuxradar?

Best regards,
Michael K.
Oh, and say hello to Mike if you could, hope he is doing well, look forward to his contributions.

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

One more thing

Sorry, if I've breached on a copyrite there, but had to add one more thing!
It /will/ be just as good without Mike, just different. Personally, I appreciated how much he added to the podcast, so don't mistake my comment, I just want to say that things inevitably change, and change can be good.

My One More Thing though also asks a question - despite the seriousness of the threat that the SOPA and related sorts of stuff demonstrates, I ask everybody:
Will it change your behaviour, for instance will it stop you from downloading or obtaining media/songs/films? Or will it prevent you from making or creating new materials based on others' work?

I don't fully understand the legislation, but I suspect that it won't change behaviour, only change how it is perceived under regulation.

Since I don't actually download much music or films (that /may/ change now I have broadband ;) I'm not sure it will affect me personally, but I believe in peoples freedom and the freedom of sharing information and the ability to enable creativity (for example sampling) and I don't know the deeper concerns that people may have.

Anyway, I'm just curious what other people have to say, and if anyone can point me to specific web links that go into more detail about the consequences, please post.
Michael K (Mihaly)

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

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