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Announcing the TuxRadar Distro Picker!
To celebrate the cover feature on the latest Linux Format, we've built a web app that helps you find out which Linux distro is right for you. Just enter details of what you're looking for, and it will pick your perfect distro match.

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Are you feeling lucky?

How about a Google-style "I'm feeling lucky" button so you can have distro roulette!


It picked OpenSUSE for me, which is what I used to use before they reduced the support period to 18 months for each relese.
However, these days my main desktop OS is a sort of customised Xubuntu.


I set KDE to 99 and all other desktops to 1, and it picked PureOS? :p

However the second suggestion, Debian, is what I actually use. Nice work! It must have taken a lot of work.

Where's the sense in that?

"Gentoo loses out to Arch because of its lengthy install time and unfamiliar concepts like USE flags."

That's liek saying Debian loses out to Fedora because of the unfamiliar package commands like apt-get. If it is different it will be unfamiliar to start with, that's why we have things like documentation (and magazines :)).

Praising a feature, configurability, then complaining that you have to learn to use that feature, seems odd.

For the record, I find pacman about as unintuitive as it gets...


nelz: For the record, I find pacman about as unintuitive as it gets...

Just why should a yellow circle with a mouth move around eating dots and being afraid of ghosts?

Sort of correct

It picked Qubes for me as perfect match which seems odd, but may be I should just take a hint and try it?
That said, eight of the first 10 are spot on and I have used or am using them at one point or another, they certainly reflect my prefence for configurability and stabilty, i.e Gentoo, Slackware, Crux, CentOS, Debian. Nice work.


Suggested Arch first then something I'd never heard of before which is aimed at beginners apparently, then Debian. I actually use Slackware -current. So vaguely accurate 2/3 of the time.

No free software distros?

No Trisquel or Parabola. Shame on you for not listing Fully Free.

Arch more geek fun?

Not sure if I agree with Arch being "More geek fun than any other distro." I'd say that title belongs to Gentoo or Slackware. Both of those distros need just as much or even more manual intervention and customization if you want to tinker, plus they don't use systemd (which trivializes the init system in comparison to a straight SysV).

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