Seasons 1 and 2 are back!


After a bit of a delay, we just wanted to let you know that seasons 1 and 2 of the podcast are back! After nervously shuffling some files around on our server, hoping not to mess up an rm command, we've now got everything fixed so the error that caused the last crash should be banished to the past.

That said, if anyone notices any other missing files around here, do drop us a line!

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Season 1 Episode 5 MIA

I have hoped to listen to Episode 5 from Season 1 for months to no avail. Will it ever be made available for us Ubuntu-lovers???

P.S. Does loving Mint count as Ubuntu-love?

I feel a need...

...for Pink Ponies (naturally). ;)


I love listening back through the series when I'm busy, it's pleasantly distracting/amusing/diverting.

Given how regularly I re-listen I should probably download them and save you some bandwidth. But then you wouldn't know I was listening, which may matter to the money people, I dunno. If you make an 'I am listening to this podcast offline button/counter' I would press it with gusto.

What I'm getting at is: Thank you!

The links work!

Thanks for fixing the problem. Listening to Episode 5 as I write this. Funny stuff!

season 4 episodes 4 and 5

...are missing from your RSS feeds, both ogg and mp3. It's not just my podcatcher - I've looked at the XML, and it starts at episode 4 for some reason.

Just thought you should know :-)

Missing/broken feed

the feed stops at season 4 episode 4. there is no 5 or 6 in there

Re: Missing/broken feed

Thanks for letting us know about the broken RSS feeds. No idea what happened, as they initially worked when we put the last podcast up, but they were definitely missing.

We've added those episodes back, so everything should be working now. Let us know if you find any other problems.

Thanks again!

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again (for Season 1 & 2)

I only recently discovered TuxRadar but absolutely love the program. I've gone back and listened to every episode of season 3 & 4 (to date).

I was starting to develop withdrawal symptoms waiting for the next podcast of this season :-). Restoring the archives of season 1 and 2 was an unexpected gift from above.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Just to also say thanks

I only started listening with the DVD archive that started with episode 6 or 7, so I missed these really early eps, as well as the Shuttleworth interview. Am glad to be able to listen to these episodes.
I was also wondering whether you were considering having other guests, or if you might put up audio of interviews, wasn't there at some stage some discussion of adding extra content such as video/audio from various conferences that you attend from time to time?

Perhaps I am just not looking in the right place - after all, I did miss that the earlier podcasts were even available for earlier seasons, so maybe I might be overlooking the other coverage.

Oh, and in case it hasn't already been mentioned by anyone else, the lemmings clone game with penguins was called "Pingus" if I recall correctly.

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

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