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Today, Canonical have released Raring Ringtail, the latest version of their Ubuntu Linux distribution. Here at Tuxradar, we like Ubuntu, but we don't like the way they send all your desktop searches to Amazon. We want to be able to use our computers without Jeff Bezos seeing all our data. So, we've created Privacy Enhanced Ubuntu. It's exactly the same as Raring Ringtail, but doesn't return Amazon results for searches in the default lens. There's still an Amazon shopping lens there if you want to use it (click on the shopping bag icon in the dash).

Download the torrent here

If you already have Ubuntu installed, you can set your desktop up like this by running:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:markjtully/ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install unity-lens-shopping-alternate sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

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I like it. However, in the last pod cast there was someone who disagreed with blocking adverts from websites, as it is a source of income for the website owner. Is this not effectively what "Privacy Enhanced Ubuntu" is doing, but to a prominent linux company who we should be supporting?

I like the sound of that!

I've long since switched to Linux Mint KDE edition, but I'll give this a whirl in VirtualBox, thanks lads!

To the poster who does not

To the poster who does not know the difference between not seeing ads displayed in their browser, and their local search data being sent to several "prominent companies" - I blame you not, for you know not what you do :)

Now, can the makers of the "privacy Ubuntu" tell us what they did to enhance it in that department? Does it warrant installing a whole new version, or can it be done in an existing Ubuntu install?

Full feeds

Dear wonderful Tuxradar overlords,

Could you please provide a full RSS feed instead of the version we have now that forces me to click through to your site to read 3 extra sentences?

Peace, hugs and lots of kisses.


I see

@Penguin. Thanks for pointing out why it is different, it wasn't what side I was coming from, but a side I hadn't given thought about. However, I keep getting adverts for things I have searched for, so I assume data is being sent to somewhere, is it? The point I was making, albeit not very well, was, it is a source of income that we are blocking from someone offering something for free.
A point on the podcast was made in regards to the website offering us the chance to view the website for free. The website owner is making money from ads they place on it and felt it not in the sport of viewing the site for free if we blocked them, therefore curtailing possible income.

No Seeds

The torrent seems to not have seeds as it has been sitting for over an hour and has downloaded 0 bytes.

Privacy enhanced Ubuntu?

My version of Privacy enhance Ubuntu also has replaced Unity with KDE.

I call it "Mint KDE".

do tux radar understand iorny?

Why on this page made to improve ones privacy why is there Visual Sciences, Google Analytics and Comscore Beacon all tracking me.

I can see this removes the

I can see this removes the shopping lens, but does this add something in its place?

Ubuntu itself tracks your online activity

Seriously, the Ubuntu OS logs all of your online activity.

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