Podcast Season 5 Episode 9


Title: Araminta Station

In this episode: Mint 15 is here! There's a new Fedora-based respin for the Raspberry Pi. The city of Munich and the country of Australia make great progress in moving towards open source and there's a new Humble Bundle. Hear our discoveries and your own Open Ballot opinions, plus, we welcome a new member to the team.

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What's in the show:

  • News:
      Mint 15 'Olivia' has been released! Many congrats to the team. There's a new distribution for the Raspberry Pi. This one is called 'Pidora' and it's a remix of Fedora. Football Manager 2014 is coming to Linux, thanks to Steam. There's a new Humble Bundle and it includes Dear Esther, Capsized, Awesomenauts, Thomas Was Alone, Little Inferno, and if you pay more than the average, Hotline Miami and Proteus. Munich has finished its transition to Linux. Australia's government switches to ODF.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
    • Ben:
      • You can run a 5v Arduino at 3.3v (by under-clocking it) so it can easily connect to many things, including the 3.3v Raspberry Pi.
    • Andrew:
  • Speak Your Brains:
    • Many thanks to Corbin for sending in his brains. Email graham.morrison@futurenet.com. with your own suggestions/questions.
  • Challenge Us:
    • Yes, we almost accomplished something with this challenge. Hear from Chris Thornett about his experiences using Linux.
  • Open Ballot: Do you ever see yourself switching back to Windows or Mac OS X

  • Join the conversation in our IRC channel: #linuxformat on freenode.net.
  • Our scripts are apparently updating Facebook again.

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Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Chris Thornett.

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Your comments

dirty windows users


Also, re: Football Manager 2013

Finally, a decent office application for linux!


Thanks! And I remembered afterwards that I *have* actually played and, in fact, reviewed Football Manager many, many years ago. I don't play it anymore but I can understand the appeal as you soon start egging on your players and giving them their personality traits.

Boot Issue

I hosed my Windows boot after moving a partition also. Actually thought my motherboard to a dump because I couldn't boot from the DVD drive or my Yumi multi-boot Linux USB key either. Was about to dismantle my PC to reuse the case with a new motherboard and then I thought to try another USB key with MacPup on it that I had made for my netbook but not tried yet. Booted right up and I found Grub4dos in the applications and installed it. Rebooted to the hard drive and Grub4dos came up displaying all my systems and Windows booted right up no problem when selected. If Chris is still having problems this might be worth a try.
BTY - regarding MacPup. This should be renamed ScaldedDogOS cuz it flat runs! Fantastic for a netbook.

Yes, I'm a Redneck

It occurs to me that "runs like a scalded dog" might not be a common expression in Great Britain.

Loyal distrohopper

Hi, there awesome Tuxedos,

Great magazine and great podcast! Intelligent, informative and fun. I have been hopping linux dsitros since 2000 starting with Redhat and SUSE Boxes and then the awesome Mandrake Linux. I have been mainly running Linux Mint lately, but have also tried out Fedore and SUSE to get a gfeel for the latest Gnome and KDE releases. Now I am on Debian Wheezy since it became stable and I really love it. It makes me feel geeky and smart. Through my amployment as a network technician I am forced to use Windows, but a dualboot my work laptops with Linux of course. For private purposes Linux is my fefinite choice and I really can not see how I would run pirated versions of Windows with EULA´s I have never read. I want to keep high ethic standards in my life.

Keep it up, guys!

You want me to sort out your computer - but I don't do Windows

Many times, people ask me to sort out their Windows computer because it is running slow and/or full of viruses etc. Recently I got a Windows 7 machine that emitted a loud tone all the way through boot.
So faced with this question I ask them what they use their computer for - do they play any games or need high end video editing? - though sometimes that might be a silly question if it is a cheap, single core laptop. If the answer to these questions is 'no' then I put Linux on their machine. The latest was for a 15 year old. It seemed his sole interests were music, possibly videos, and Facebook. I couldn't leave him with stock Ubuntu because I think it is harder to use than GNOME 3.4, so I rebooted into that and installed 'Docky. Also I got rid of the overlay scrollbars and the 'common' menu. I think he'll just use the apps I've put onto Docky - like Clementine for music. It is really easy for him to use and it's slick.
I did notice he had 'Angry Birds' on his phone so I showed him how to get apps from the Chrome Store.
In summary, I think that the vast majority of people don't need Windows.I won't touch Windows because I think that is a waste of time. If their computer has problems then it is going to get like that again - put them onto Linux and they'll be happy bunnies. Most of my friends use Ubuntu, as do I but with GNOME 3.4 + extensions.


My Local authority provides eMagazines from it's Libraries. This is really great but there isn't a Linux Magazine amongst them. So I've requested one, asking particularly for 'Linux Format' as a preference. However, I was told by someone at my local LUG that you guys don't like Zinio and that was confirmed on the Podcast. I can't say that I am a massive fan either, especially as there is no longer support for Adobe Air and I had to jump through a few hoops to get it installed on Ubuntu. It is what my library uses so I'm stuck with it. I've looked at subscribing to e'Linux Format' but, as with ebooks the publishers are greedy - the price is not so much different to paper copies. With ePublications: no printing machinery and plant, no warehousing and transportation, no material costs - so how can they justify such a high price?

PC Boot times

From the telegraph:

"Civil servants are wasting three days a year waiting for their computers to boot up, one of the Government's most senior officials has claimed."

Egosoft and X3 spacesim games

Yeah X3 games (Reunion, Terran Conflict, Albion Prelude) are on steam:) We're currently in "public beta testing", which means they're available to anyone who bought them, but we're not guaranteeing a perfect product yet;p

Though I dare say it's working fairly well at this point. If anyone's interested there are threads on our forum (tech_support/linux_beta_support) where you can follow the development or ask if it works for anyone else on a specific distro or graphics card (though the TC/AP one requires registering the steam-key so email me or ask in the Reunion one).

interesting news

Openshot recently announced they will switching to Qt.

They had a big funding drive on Kickstarter or whatever it is called, which was successful so now they say they will be able to work on Openshot fulltime and accelerate development, including implementing a new library that has been written from scratch.

The Lead dev Jon has said to expect all sorts of improvements by Christmas.

This is great news... I think most would admit that Video editing has been an area where Linux has struggled in the past.

Also, I'm glad they have decided to switch to Qt. I think with Mint and Ubuntu developing their own interfaces the Gnome project is becoming too fragmented and KDE is the best bet going forwards, so I favour Qt apps personally.

Ubuntu TV

As far as discoveries are concerned, I want to discover where I can buy an Ubuntu TV.


Selling linux to friends

By selling, I mean selling the idea of using Linux. I have been using Ubuntu since 2008 and not looked back. I got my girlfriend to use Linux by buying her a laptop with Ubuntu preinstalled, although she now uses Linux Minut. We never have viruses, spyware or crapware anymore since giving up Windows. But her mother continues with a Windows PC which has become unusable due to a massive load of viruses and crapware she has somehow accumulated.
So, what we need is a guide to how to really convince a Windows user to switch to Linux, not just the no-viruses selling point, but a checklist of what to say and do to get them switched over. I do not think her Windows PC will last much longer and so far she has resisted wanting anything other than Windows.

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