Podcast Season 5 Episode 7


Title: Kernel Saunders

In this episode: Firefox OS phones go on sale and promptly sell out. Ubuntu 13.04 has been released. There's a new alternative to Dropbox from BitTorrent, although its licencing isn't yet clear and the BeagleBone Black is slightly cheaper than a Raspberry Pi. Hear our particularly good discoveries, our report on last episode's KDE challenge and your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

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What's in the show:

  • News:
      Geeksphone starts selling smartphones with Firefox OS pre-installed and promptly sells out. Sony has also released a Firefox OS ROM for its Xperia E phone. Ubuntu 13.04 has been released and it looks lovely, but you can no longer buy DVDs for non-LTS releases from Canonical. BitTorrent has launched 'sync', a Dropbox-alike tool that's peer-to-peer rather than through a central server. There's a new low-cost Linux computer, the BeagleBone Black, and its UK price is slightly cheaper than the Raspberry Pi. The UK's Deputy Sheriff, Nick Click, as vetoed the Snooper's Charter. And finally, Fuduntu will be no more.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Ben:
      • RetroArch is awesome for aggregating various emulators into a single frontend.
    • Effy:
      • Playing with networks and a NAS is pretty good fun.
      • The Zombie FPS 'Into the Dead' for Android.
    • Andrew:
      • Terminator is a terminal emulator that lets you split the main window.
    • Mike:
      • The Atari Jaguar PSU works with both a Spectrum 48k and Sega Megadrive.
    • Graham:
      • DefleMask combines music tracker with retro-gaming chiptune sound generation.
      • Generate glitch-like music, automatically, with the awesome effect Glitch 2
      • IRC still rocks, and WeeChat is a great client. Join is us on Freenode, channel #LinuxFormat.
  • Challenge Us!
    • We have actually managed to use KDE 4.x for a week! Hear how we get on and what we choose to challenge ourselves with for next time.
  • Open Ballot: Would you pay for Linux?

  • Our scripts are updating Facebook again.
  • Special offer: A subscription to Linux Format magazine is still the perfect March gift and healthier than the majority of Easter confectionary.

Presenters: Ben Everard, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Your comments


What? Have I downloaded an old episode or something?

Raring Ringtail?

'Raring Ringtail'... Really? Pah!

'Red Raw Ringpiece' more like.

Take it to Sweden; they'll love you for it.

Much love,

Penguin Fiddler

Great episode

I discovered your podcast from itunes and I love it!
congrats from Brazil.


Like a blast from the past! MIKE!

pun not pune

Fuduntu use "punny" rather than "puny" forming an adjective from "pun".


Linux users AMAZE me. You complain about Ubuntu having an Amazon search, yet you all use Google services. Google has been evil for quite a while now. Cannonical is just trying (and succeeding at) making the best operating system on the planet...


I'm only 40 seconds in, and

I'm only 40 seconds in, and let me just say how much I am enjoying this podcast!

Return of the Mike?

Please, please say this isn't a one-off, and Mike is in fact back.

Return of the Mike?

Please, please say this isn't a one-off, and Mike is in fact back.

Oh woah! Mike is back?!

I only just logged on to download the podcast, so yes, I haven't heard it yet. But if it is true that Mike saunders is back, I really can't wait to hear it. Whatever you guys did to the podcast, it can't help but be /improved/ by the presence, consideration and thoughtful contributions of one of the most well regarded commentator ever to appear on Tuxradar.

Ok, ok, maybe that's a tad overexhuberant.

Well, I'm just looking forward to hearing what he has to say, talk about his travels, and hopefully promise to return some sense to the tuxradar podcast that relates more to linux and not just personality driven half funny anecdotes.

Why can't we have both Mike and that other guy who used to talk about philosophy. Huh? Why can't we have that?!!

And yes, I am still waiting for my firat encounter with a raspberry pi. But am expecting at some stage to be faced with a custard pie. Bring it on!

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

Glad to be back

Been catching up on my backlog of LXF podcasts since the beginning of the year, nice to see that you're managing to keep the quality up.

Re: Robert the Bruce - consensus is that the Gibson film doesn't exactly paint him too badly, and that he WAS in his early career ... a bit of an opportunist.

Re: paying for distros discussion - interesting. What about doing the Red Hat model, so newbies can pay £24 (£2/month) and get their distribution with a year's support - but if you don't need support then it's still free? Likewise, I'd be content to see Canonical charge for LTS releases - £20-30 would be reasonable to me (using 12.04LTS at the moment), but keep the "bleeding edge" non-LTS'ers free. Note that in both cases the distro is free, you're paying for support.


☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike☆Mike Mike☆Mike☆

for balance

♥ Graham ♥


I can't believe Mike is back, this episode really blew my mind. Is he gonna be here for more episodes or is this a once off?

Also great job on finding a nice HTML5 web player! Looks good and works well!

raspberry pi challenge

In the tradition of tuxradar challenges, would like to see the LXF team attempt, for at least one full week, to do all of their computing on a raspberry pi and then report back on how they got on.

Would be interesting to see to what extent Raspberry Pi could feasibly be used as a desktop replacement.

Obviously you could do email... Thunderbird may not run well (?) on the pi, but mutt obviously would and, I suspect, so would Claws.

I understand that Gimp will run on the pi, but is it too slow to be usable?

Would be interesting to see whether, by searching out lightweight alternatives, the pi could perform the most common tasks desired by a user to an acceptable standard. Which software would be lightweight enough? Would switching from the default LXDE to Fluxbox, for instance, make an appreciable difference in performance?

In short could someone swap their powerful AMD or Intel tower for a raspberry pi and still get by - sacrificing the bells and whistles (some would say bloat), but still retaining the key functionality? Is multitasking feasible? Could I, for instance, listen to music whilst writing a document and doing instant message chat or irc and running backups using cron?

What lightweight tools (including command line tools, as these would tend to be more lightweight I would imagine) would be recommended to accomplish this?

Re: me

Sorry guys, I just popped in to LXF Towers and they were recording a podcast! But maybe I'll be over there again in a couple of months :-) Thanks for all the support!

Yet more balance


Why would Fuduntu describe

Why would Fuduntu describe their distro as puny? Makes no sense. Now "punny..." Fuduntu, geddit?

Also, is Graham in an iron-lung?

Love TuxRadar :) and WB Mike

I Heart Tux Radar and would not complain at all if you did another pub episode and made it nice and looong :)

Thanks guys you rock.

(President of the Tux Radar Appreciation Society)

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