Podcast Season 5 Episode 6


Title: The Sultans Played Creole

In this episode: We've got oodles of Google news, Nvidia's new Optimus driver, Dell selling Ubuntu games PCs and our own discoveries. Plus a new podcast challenge and the Open Ballot.

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What's in the show:

  • News:
      Google has forked the WebKit browser rendering engine, creating 'Blink'. Google has announced the mentoring organisations for the Google Summer of Code. The Underhanded C Contest is back. Nvidia is finally making its hybrid graphics work on Linux, thanks to its new drivers. And Dell is selling an Ubuntu version of its Alienware-branded gaming PC, but only in the US of A.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
      • Convert a folder full of mp3 files to ogg with 'fastoggenc'.
      • Any recommendations for a minimal HTML 5 audio plugin/element for use here: paldandy.com?
      • Personal Clouds could be awesome.
    • Effy:
      • Even if your laptop gets hacked, you can still use AdBlock Plus.
    • Ben:
    • Andrew:
  • Challenge Us!
    • We're going to use KDE 4.x for a week! Tune in next time sto see how we get on.
  • Open Ballot: Does Microsoft understand irony?

  • Our scripts are updating Facebook again.
  • Special offer: A subscription to Linux Format magazine is still the perfect March gift and healthier than the majority of Easter confectionary.

Presenters: Ben Everard, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Andrew Gregory and Graham Morrison

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Your comments

Tags and Thanks!

Thanks for fixing up the meta-data tags. Some of us out here really do care :-)

Also, and most importantly, a big thank you to all the team for your continuing efforts at providing us listeners with Linux related information, in an enjoyable (mostly humorous) manner.

Please keep up the good work!

html5 player

imho one of the best html5 media players is the Podlove Web Player. Also available as wordpress plugin.


(note: edited my mod to obfuscate the link more and save if from our spam-bot)

Where Do I Send Speak My Brains and Other Comments for the Show?

Hey Guys, great pod cast. How do I get my speak my brains and comments to you to be read out on the show? What is the email address?

"You can take my hardware but you'll never take my software...freedoooooom..."

BTW, I just subscirbed to 6 months of Freedom thorugh my door

You siren words finally pushed me into handing over my bank details... ultimately will I be issued with an orange rob and "asked" to hand over all my worldly wealth?

Re: Brain Speaking

We'll put a link in the notes next time. But comments/brains can be sent to: graham.morrison@futurenet.com.

Thanks for the support!

Adblock ranting

Your discussion of adblock was somewhat weird: You really have never before heard of adblock? Really? Never? It's only one of the most popular, if not the most popular addon in firefox and chrome?

And just since I like to hear myself talk:

If you think ads should not be blocked, I guess you also watch every single comercial on tv? Never change the chanel, or go get a beer, or something? Why, is it not the same thing: those tv programs are paid with the advertiser money, so you are offensive to the tv chanel if you do not watch the comercials! They rely on you to watch the comercials, they trust that you do the right thing - don't break their trust in you, don't be offensive.

But ok, maybe it is so maybe not.

We have sure come a long way: remember when there were no pop-up filters? You went to some site and pop, pop, pop, pop the advertisements started coming. I guess it was wrong to stop that kind of advertising?

And now: there are ads that are bigger than any real content on the site, that blink and scream and annoy the shit out of you! But it is wrong to stop them, you must watch them. And in fact you should always browse thru the ads on any site you go before you actually read the real content.

Nobody want's to see the stupid ads, so they rather use adblock. And those who don't simply ignore them.

And where you draw the line? Would it be ok if Facebook alowed advertisers to send email ads to users? Why not?

I like ads. NOT!!!

Talking about SYB, I have several times attempted
to speak MY brains about how the Mint system has changed
the ability to keep old systems running.
As a linux user that wants (read: Likes) to use a system that enables me to be more productive, it disturbs me greatly that when obliged to update in order to access the "recommended" software I also have to give up on solutions that actually worked - I will give you an example - and a significant one:
When I went from Mint 10 Julia which worked fine on my Acer 1700, I had to also install the new Xorg which leaves me with a basic 1024x768 graphic interface. It is not only ugly because all the fonts are wrongly interaliased, it reduces the amount of screenspace available to applications like Firefox and the like.

What the Hell happened?
Why should Updating my system reduce it's operational capacity? I know it is something to do with the X system,
and when I go onto the Mint chat channel (inbuilt as default into the Mint Xchat defaults) I get not one whit of
"Oh, you need to do this" but instead they sent me to the Xorg channel, where it's impossible to get any response at all.

I'm seriously reconsidering installing, or recommending
Mint to anybody.

I recognise where they want to go, and that I am behind (seriously behind) in terms of technology, but I'm stuck.

And if what used to work suddenly doesn't without an explanations as to why it doesnt, then I must say that the kind of advice I get on the IRC isn't helpful.


Mint is great operating system, and I appreciate that with changes in the greater world, trying to get it run on my system is probably fraught, but it shouldn't be IMPOSSIBLE.

So I'm stuck with a GUI that looks like crap.

Actually I think what I want to say is: HELP?
Please, somebody help me, because I really do want to
run linux, I want to show it to other people and
say: look at this.
But what I have at the moment is rather poor as a

So, anybody, please>
advice welcomed.

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

Android and gargoyle accounts

To run Android, or at least CyanogenMod, you do not need a gmail account.

The phone will work without it and if you want app's and value your privacy and free open source software, you can use the F-Droid repo's.

I highly recommend rooting your device and running CyanogenMod though, you get sooo much more out of your phone!

Whilst I'm a recommending...

Audaicty for editing, Ardour for recording, though I'm no expert with either, I do both edit and record audio.

I hear mention of windblow$ a lot in your podcasts and where as you seem relatively on the ball with news, you all seem like n00bs with Linux, what gives?

To hear mention of Adblock in the way you did stuns me, like someone else said, it's extremely well known and of course it runs in the Linux version of Firefox, windblow$ wasn't the first O/S out there!

Come on boys, get it together!

Re: AdBlock Plus

This was Effy's discovery - his endorsement doesn't mean the rest of us didn't know of AdBlock's existence (I'd have thought that was obvious!)

Many of us have been using it for years, and it's what led to the debate on whether it was fair on sites that rely on advertising to pay for their hosting.

As for our knowledge of Linux; we're all still learning. I'm sure we'll get there on day.

oh dear Effy's

ill give you a hug Effy.

Amelia. I agree that

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Hey now ^

Crystal's report? Go home, spam bot, you're drunk!

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