Podcast Season 5 Episode 5


Title: SS Nostromo

In this episode: Samsung laptops have been fixed. OpenShot launches a Kickstarter campaign. Canonical courts Chinese officials and Ubuntu gets closer to a rolling release. Hear our suprisingly good discoveries, our woeful excuse for the lack of a live episode and your own questions in the Open Ballot.

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What's in the show:

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory and Graham Morrison

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Your comments

Copyright vs Community

Ben says:

Before anyone else points it out -- yep I made a mistake. The RMS talk was Copyright vs Community. You can watch it online at audio-video.gnu.org/video/stallman_reykjavik_2012_720p.webm or listen to it at audio-video.gnu.org/audio/rms-tudelft-2011-02-21.ogg

Revel in the freedom!

Meta-data issues yet again!!

In this podcast file there are errors in some of the mp3 file meta-data tags.

With this podcast (Season 5 Episode 5) the main tags are:
TALB: Podcast Series 5
TYER: 2012
TCOMM: Licensed under CC-BY-SA. Intro music by Brad Sucks, from his CC album Out Of It
TIT2: Episode 1
TXXX: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts
TPE1: TuxRadar

Hopefully this sort of problem can be corrected in future podcast (mp3) files.

Some tags in the previous podcast (mp3) file had errors as well. I haven't checked recent ogg files because the method I'm using to handle tags can't decode that format.

Genuine thanks

I've been listening for a couple of years now but haven't given you any feedback.

I was listening to this episode in the car today while I was stuck in traffic and I found myself genuinely laughing out loud several times. You really brightened up an otherwise monotonous chore of a journey. Even though countless other people must have told you how good your show is, hopefully you will appreciate one more.

Keep up the excellent work, chaps.


Hey Guys,
Can you edit the tags on your audio files please? My Sansa player uses these to identify the audio files. As it is this episode tuxradar_s05e05.ogg as Episode 1!!!

Try using EasyTag on all your podcast files and see.

Confused Barkingside.

Am downloading the podcast now, but...

Felt I had to add to a comment, because if you are actually reading them, then I may need either to apologise or to reinforce my level of high dudgeon.
What spurs this particular outrage is an article in the latest Linux User and Developer magazine that berates the poor suport of gnome3 for "outworkers". The article describes a potentially disastrous situation in which corporate monsters define the support provided for regular users who choose to step outside the "plan" that they have as far as future development. It is a wake up call, and I suggest every reader of these pages, every listener of Tuxradar podcast should read.

The essence revolves around how support is or is no longer provided for central aspects of linux such as the desktop environment or the integration of alternative components will or will no longer be supported, and how it appears that certain companies are now determining the way that a specific aspect of your desktop will behave.

It reeks of the kind of smell that should scare most linus users. The thing is, it won't reek for those who are at the beginning of their discovery of freedom.

Basically the issue really is this: certain organisations are now establishing a status of "we will decide" and are acting in a way that reduces the availability of options by way of closing down the very freedom that was built into the concept of having a free and open source operating system in the first place.

I know some will see my take on this as a concern regarding a level of openness that may lead to chaos, they would be correct. If the corporations that are now taking over the free and open source linux system are doing what they are in fact doing, we should be concerned.
You should be concerned. We all believed in the kind of freedom that was meant not to be incorporated, and now it seems that it is about to be, or may already have been, and if we let it happen without remarking or acting deliberately against it, we are also participating in the overtake of freedom by corporations that have our interest at the very last of a list, topped by "making money"

I thought I would despair when Mandriva went bust, but when I last tried to install mageia, It wanted to overwrite my entire hard drive. And I want my hard drive, mostly.

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

Re: Tags

Sorry for the mess up with the tags within the audio files.

These should be fixed now.


Okay can I be the first to express how utterly gobsmacked that Andrew had never discovered Bluefish editor, it's been a staple of my editing suite for err, I can't even think when.

Raspberry Pi Questions - Futher thoughts whilst listening

One thing we seem to be forgetting on the upgrades

Powered via USB, am I correct. Therefore limited amount of power.

Faster CPU = More power
More Memory = More power

So 5v at .7A = 3.5w not a great deal to be playing round with for superfast 3D gaming

which episode number?

when I play it back on my Android phone, it says it is Episode 1. Also when using this site sometimes it randomly swtiches to a site called bradsucks dot net.

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