Podcast Season 5 Episode 2


Title: Boybands

In this episode: KDE 4.10 has been released and includes lots of Qt Quick enhancements. Ubuntu Phones are going to be available in October. Samsung laptops are breaking after a Linux installation and the 'Model A' Raspberry Pi is available now. Hear our discoveries, your own opinions in our Open Ballot and our brand new old section, Challenge Us!

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What's in the show:

  • Linked list of news:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Ben:
      • Mobile app compatibility is going to become a complicated mess.
      • 64GB microSD cards are worth more than twice their weight in gold.
      • The bandwidth of FedEx transporting microSD cards potentially amounts to 177 petabits per second, 1000 times more than the current capacity of the internet.
      • You can build an entire cannon out of duct tape.
      • Gaffa tape, duct tape and duck tape are all different things.
    • Efrain:
      • The inflight entertainment system on Boing's 787 'Dreamliner' is running Android.
    • Graham:
  • The return of Challenge Us!
    • Hear the exciting return of our Challenge Us section!
  • Open Ballot: Moment of the Millenium

  • Our scripts are updating Facebook again.
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Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza and Graham Morrison

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Your comments

Ubuntu GNU/Android?

So, this means we got a new GNU system that's not linux? (Yeah I know it technically is.) or am I just trolling? I'm struggling to decide, really. :)


Mageia has used mariadb since Mageia 2, which was released May 2012. Fedora was not the first.

Yay, distro rotation!

But how about Effy tries Arch, haha?

Black discs were Playstation (CD), PS2 were blue (DVD)

Wine is NOW Emulation

Ben Says:Yep, Mageia got

Ben Says:

Yep, Mageia got MariaDB first. I'm going to stop commenting on what distros get what first. There's too many to keep track of!

How about WINE-BTL (pronounced Bottle)? Wine Is Not an Emulator, But There's a Link up. Wine still won't emulate, but can link up with qemu to provide x86 emulation. (see wiki.winehq.org/ARM)


Very much a fan of wine-btl's :D


Nice challenge to kick off the new (old) feature. Can't wait to see how Andrew fares with Arch. Glad it's not me, although I'd love to run an Arch system set up by someone else with the knowledge and time.

OO comments

For some reason, translating all those Libre/OpenOffice comments reminded me of this video at youtube /watch?v=LMkJuDVJdTw

Google Translate FTW!

Re: Challenge

Ben Says:

Burgess -- You could consider trying Manjaro (manjaro.org) which is an easy to setup version of Arch. Of course, we won't be letting Andrew use it.

Arch spinoffs craze

There was a storm of Arch-based distributions recently. Chakra is a bit older, but distributions like Manjaro, Bridge Linux, Nosonja and Cinnarch are pretty recent. Seems people perceived a need to make it easier to get up & running. A lot of Arch users around these days, though.

BTW, challenge

Oh, and I challenge you all to work from BSD for a fortnight. PC-BSD, for instance, or if you are feeling bolder, OpenBSD or FreeBSD.
I find them fairly easy to work with, but my needs are very text-oriented - systems like audio are somewhat different.

re: challenge

Instead running one of the BSD's, get an install of GNU/Hurd to work. Woul


I was happy to hear the challenge is back. If it is not a duplicate of a previous challenge, how about using only KDE? Surely you guys will lose less productivity switching to KDE than you would initially lose by switching to Arch?

re: my own comment

My last comment is unfinished...meant to say that you should try out the Hurd because it woul...d be interesting to see if anyone at tux radar could get it to work properly and try it out properly. I think the Hurd is an interesting project; it's just too bad that so few people work on it.

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