Podcast Season 5 Episode 17


Title: Like the legend of the phoenix

In this episode: The founder of Puppy Linux retires. SteamOS has been announced by Valve and CyanogenMod gets $7m in funding. Hear our eclectic discoveries, the sound of Tanner's brains and your own opinions in the Internet Famous Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

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Presenters: Ben Everard, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Andrew Gregory, Mike Saunders and Graham Morrison.

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Your comments

Gnome did not just *dump*

Gnome did not just *dump* version 3 on the world, it was heavily discussed for well over a year, with many mockups of the interface, and then with functional alphas.

Yes, they've made a few serious mistakes along the way, and it's taken a while to solve them. But their process for design is solid, if a little slow. For example, the new tool/title bar design has been work in progress for ages now.

I just wish for once journalists would remember this, instead of being so fucking negative every time Gnome is being discussed.

Is your job to report bad news only?

Apparently your job isn't to

Apparently your job isn't to report the bad news only :(

Sorry to see you all go, wish you luck. Maybe get in touch with the Linux Outlaws podcast :)

Gnome did not just *dump*

Gnome 3 reminds me of the KDE4.0 release. Users complained and complained about KDE4, just like they've done about Gnome3.

The difference is, KDE4 was only missing features because they weren't ready yet - not because developers needed to be argued into adding them. That is the reason users are so combative about the Gnome 3 release.

Users shouldn't need to justify their workflow in order to regain functionality that was easily attainable in the previous version. It's true of Windows 8 and it's true of Gnome 3. Gnome 3 could have been seen as a brilliant desktop, if it had been named anything other than Gnome.

Damn... sorry to see the guys go. :(

Challenge challenge

Forget about the challenges and just keep on making a great magazine and podcast. This message made using touch typing which is my challenge to myself. I've spent about 20 minutes typing this.


Jumping the gun as usual my previous comment now makes no sense.

Good luck to all the crew who made Linux Format the great magazine it was. Graham has done a great job since taking over as editor. I really loved the magazine (enough to get a subscription) and now I will be getting a blank sheeted booklet through my door at least till Future go belly up.

I guess people don't want to read things on paper anymore. Bloody kids!

Enjoy your new jobs at GCHQ and the NSA.

A quick update....

Thanks for all the fantastic messages of support. I just wanted to clarify that we weren't made redundant, we all decided to quit.

I can't say any more for the reasons I mentioned in the podcast.


The theme song

I've been listening you for a few years, and I'd like know who sing the theme song of podcast, Congratulations for great job.

@ Ricardo

Brad Sucks - click the link at the bottom of the notes.

Hooray Mikes back...

...but this is his last TuxRadar podcast.
This is the last TuxRadar Podcast.
The Win Prizes ad in Linux Format shows a complete lack of class and/or desperation. It is a shame to see the magazines talent leaving but Future can always hire some consultants to sort its problems out.

In search of utopia

Yikes! What are we going to do now? Where are you all going?!? Did a phoenix swoop into the LXF office on a magic carpet and grant you three wishes ;)

Thanks for all the hours of enlightening entertainment you've given us over the years. I'll keep an eye on Linux Lifestyle in the hope that new life will arise from the ashes in a blaze of fire!

The theme song

Thanks @Ram for your response

I think Ive been there.......

......the bean-counters move in with daft schemes and all of a sudden it's not enjoyable anymore.

Best of luck in the Future-free future, and thanks for everything.

Place names

There is a place called Hell, Michigan. See, wikipedia article Hell,_Michigan.

Steam OS

Just found this on the Steam OS website:

`Not running Linux yet?

Ubuntu is our favorite version of Linux. Interested in giving it a whirl? You can install and run Ubuntu from a Live CD or USB stick, or install it to run alongside Windows.

Grab an Ubuntu installer from Canonical and see what it’s all about.

I guess they like Ubuntu.

PS: Am I the only person who sometimes has trouble reading CAPTCHA? Makes me feel like a bot!

basic podcast

why should a real linux user want to listen to fabs frap gate!. No thank you.

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