Podcast Season 4 Episode 9


Title: Minted

In this episode: Linux Mint 13 has been released. Chrome becomes the number one web browser (kinda). Google beats Oracle. Mandriva now belongs to you. KDE has announced a new Partner Network and there's going to be a new rival to the Raspberry Pi. Share in our discoveries, speak your brains and hear your opinions in our Open Ballot, a section which has very little to do with ballots these days.

What's in the show:

  • Lightning News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
      • sdiff, on the command-line, is a version of diff that shows both files side-by-side
      • Vee One Prototype - a quad DCO synth - written by Rui Nuno Capela
    • Jon:
      • Org, an Emacs mode for notes.
    • Ben:
    • Andrew:
      • The 64-bit version of Mint works with a webcam!
      • ...and the DS-160 non-immigrant visa application form, used to detect terrorists and enter the United States of America
  • Rants and Raves
      Well done to Andrew and Andrew for sharing their rants and raves with us.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Many thanks to Ruben Gonzalez for sending us his thoughts. Get yours read out (or played) next episode by sending an email to graham.morrison@futurenet.com.
  • Open Ballot: Does Mozilla think desktop Linux is dead?

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Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts

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Your comments

For Jon

Should you feel the need, in vim try


(the output can even have syntax highlighting)

Space, the missing frontier

For a moment there, reading the blurb, I wondered what a $49,800MHz could be. Probably either very fast, or very expensive.


And it didn't look any clearer with the space! So, a quick edit from the beer garden. Thanks!

For Jon^2

and also, to get rid of clicking Escape all the time, add this to your .vimrc

imap jj <Esc>

now all you have to do is press 'j' twice :)


Why sdiff when vimdiff does the same and lets you edit the files while comparing them.

And as for mashing <Esc> why not just press C-c once?


The comments on Firefox were disheartening.

This talk of Mozilla going corporate and going after the money causing a swtich to Chrome? Run by Google?

It's maddening how Google has become the “web” and everyone just jumps in bed with them. Here is all my Data, my Docs, my search, my photos, my email, my friends etc. etc. I trust you. Oh and give me your web browser too.

Google is my overlord.

BTW - to make browsing in Firefox a "centimeter higher". right click remove menu bar, right click remove bookmark toolbar. you can even move your bookmark toolbar to the same level of tabs.


diff -y does the same trick...

just listening to the podcast...

...and just thought I'd say I TOTALLY agree with your rant (and rave).

firefox, chrome and ubuntu

I'm also very impressed with 12.04 - I felt despair during 11.04 and 11.10, and I'm really impressed they've turned it round.

I 'fixed' a Windows Vista laptop that had 'broken'. A friend was going to trash the laptop because the wi-fi had broken and it had gotten too slow. I had a very brief attempt looking around the vista boot - and was shocked at the number of pop-ups that came up after booting to desktop. In total it took nearly 8 minutes for all the crap to load up, 12.04 took 1.05 to get to fully functional desktop.

But I think I'm going to go for google chrome (actually chromium in repos) as the default browser. I agree stability is excellent, and playing flash videos is better - so why not? I personally use firefox because I like the big tabs, and I think it's nearly as fast nowadays...

Genocide etc.

In recent years, there have been a number of cases where people accused of involvement in the Holocaust have had their US citizenship revoked and been deported because they had lied on their applications.

So if you turn out to be a member of Shining Path or the Lord's Resistance Army they don't have to take you to court to get rid of you.


Last time I tried chromium, I found it great fun to use but completely useless as a web browser. Plus it took me ages to get past the boss on level 4.

My Windows 7 / Linux Rant

I’m a Windows developer and I find Linux equally frustrating to use (as the Linux laptop user found with Windows 7 on your pod cast). That saying I love the idea of Linux and opensource etc.

My first taste of Linux was Ubuntu, and it’s software centre is assume (I liked your article in this months Linux Format Mag – I have a subscription to it by the way). As a Windows user I was jealous and longed for such a thing in Windows land (ok I will get it in Win8).

However… the first time I used openSUSE I could not work out where to find my software, which repos to use, why there are so many different versions of Mono (as an example), and which one to use. Let alone where to find additional software etc. I’m not brave enough yet to try Arch yet. How do I know which packages to install, let alone what they all do and if I need them?

That said my laptop at home has been running Linux for the past 18 months :-)

32 v 64

In your last discussion Andrew noted that he installed a 64 bit over a 23 bit system , He did not rave about increased speed or any thing else bright and shiny, Could it be time compare 32 against 64 and try to determine what might be lost and would be gained in making the change to 64.

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