Podcast Season 4 Episode 7


Title: UCubed

If you're in the UK this Saturday, why not head over to Manchester for the fantastic UCubed open source unconference. There are only 40 tickets left!

In this episode: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has been released. Steam might be coming to Linux again. Google Drive should be on Linux, but isn't. And Linus wins the Millenium Technology Prize. Hear our compressed discoveries and your own opinions in both the Open Ballot and Speak Your Brains sections.

What's in the show:

  • Lightning News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
    • Jon:
      • Discover everything about your laptop's memory with dmidecode.
    • Andrew:
    • Ben:
      • Ben gets a reply from his MP in reference to the UK's new snooping legislation. The 2010 Annual Report of the Interception of Communications Commissioner is here.
  • Rants and Raves
      Sorry - we ran out of time for this today!
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Many thanks to Rob Pearman for his thoughts. To get similar levels of adoration in our next episode, email graham.morrison@futurenet.com.
  • Open Ballot: Open Ballot: GNU/Linux or Linux?

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Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts

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Your comments

Water, water everywhere!

Here I am, in the conservatory trying to listen to the podcast with the rain pounding onto the roof!

Raining in Montreal as well...

It's been raining here in Montreal all week and with the arrival of the podcast, the suns returns. Great show guys. Missed the Rants & Raves section. Hopefully, it will be back next time.

Podcast error? Is it possible?

The discovery of the week from Jon was about the command;

$ dmidecode --memory

but trying it only returns;

dmidecode: unrecognized option '--memory'

and the full dmidecode output is so long it's almost un-usable by humans. For hardware info I would suggest the more useful command;

$ lshw

Trust this assists.

My memory failed me!

Oops, the correct command is:

sudo dmidecode --type=memory

1010 campaign

Got a link to the 1010 thing that was mentioned?

Uh oh!

Working nights is pushing me over the edge! I could have SWORN I listened to the podcast last night and someone said something about the 1010 campaign and LUGs... LOL.

Kids, if you want to hallucinate, don't do dangerous and expensive drugs! Just miss a bit of sleep! :-D

still in shock

that Jon was singing the praises of ubuntu and unity! But really glad to hear that canonical are taking onboard the criticism of the 11.xx editions. I'm sure it was nothing to do with me being vocal about the annoying pop-out dock - but really glad that they fixed this. I think good defaults are very important - it shows that someone has thought it through already, rather than just putting it out and leaving it to the user to make it work for them.

1 thing I do like about unity's approach is that it works on everyone's computer - my 8.5yr old thinkpad simply gives up on gnome-shell, but I'm pleased that the qt unity mode does work (I think).

Still - I've yet to see any of the new shells do 'places' as well as gnome2. I tend to work in a very file-centric way, and hate having to go via the application - this is usually because when I work I have a folder full of different file formats, and that is usually my starting point.

PS can we have a proper pub-meet. At a time when we can actually make it.

another thing...

just upgraded to 12.04 - and I quite like it!

For me it already surpasses gnome-shell by having a folder icon that can be easily right-clicked to give access to the main folders. I doubt it will add favourite folders like Gnome2 does, but this is a huge step in the right direction.

Still, dragging files to the workspace switcher doesn't do anything.

There's been a lot of work on the keyboard shortcuts, which is appreciated.


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