Podcast Season 4 Episode 4


Title: Perpetual Bond

In this episode: The Arch distribution is ten years old! Ubuntu adoption has overtaken RHEL, according to Mark Shuttleworth. Raspberry Pi faces further delays and nVidia joins the Linux Foundation. Hear our discoveries - including a new addition - and hear your own views in our famous Speak Your Brains and Open Ballot sections.

What's in the show:

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison, Jonathan Roberts and Gary Walker

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7 Minutes in

What's not to like about Raspberry Pi? broadcom chips

Why did Nvidia join the Linux Foundation? *this is just my opinion* Nvidia joined the Linux Foundation to promote the usage of Tegra on portable devices and NOT to improve the drivers for Nvidia graphics cards.

As for there being no

As for there being no overwhelming argument for privacy, it's easier to look the other way and see how wrong the alternative is. It will always be harder to justify ones own opinion then to denounce the opposite. The real problem doesn't really occur until you cant see more wrong in the opposing ideal then your own.

I have a fever and have been up for 48 hours now so sorry if it doesn't make any sens.


the above is a interview above is pointless. dont go there!.

the right to be silent

silence is blessed. There's to much noise in the world already.

Thank you Efrain

Collusion is fantastic and their development map seems pretty cool too. I have spent far too long looking at the chart and the goo-like dragability of nodes is good fun too!


I'm currently reading Cory Doctorow's 'Little Brother'. It's billed as a teenager/young adult's book but it's well worth a read none the less! The whole 'if you've got nothing to hide...' thing is pretty much the main theme.

Great Speech

Graham you are great. A great speech ever on Ubuntu in your podcast. Thumbs up.

Some Replies

Jon speaking:

@Linuxrich: Little Brother really is a good book. I'd also recommend Down and out in the magic kingdom, and Scroogled is a fun, privacy orientated short story. Also, I listened to him reading another of his stories in a podcast, Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town - it was weird but fun. Less keen on some of his recent stuff, however, like Makers.

@Spangwiches: Yes, I kind of have looked that up, actually. Not in any academic way, but I've been reading Alistair Cooke's America. It's a good book, and the impression I got re: the revolution is that, following war with the French, the English needed money to fund a standing army in the Americas. Americans didn't want to pay the tax, one thing led to another (including a few incidents where soldiers seemed to open fire) and there was a war. I'm sure it's more nuanced than that, and I read it pretty quickly, so not sure how accurately I'm remembering things.

Will have to dive in to it in a bit more detail, and actually take notes so I remember what I read!

100 Year bonds

The comments about the 100 year bonds were mostly correct but Jonathan missed a small point. The reason why 100 year bonds feel like they disappear is due to the fact that inflation erodes their value. Most fiat (paper currencies not backed by a commodity such as gold) have declined in value over the past 100 years. Roughly speaking, many developed market currencies have decline about 80-90% over the past century. So over time, the bond payments (and repayment) get easier to make, assuming inflation remains more typical than deflation of course. And finally, it makes sense to borrow as long term as possible most of the time because the relationship between interest rates and time is not linear. Hope that makes sense.

Jared Spice, CFA

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