Podcast Season 4 Episode 24


Title: Merry Christmas!

In this episode: Samba 4 and Linux 3.7 have been released. Raspberry Pi is auctioning off new models. Humble Bundle had a THQ special without Linux support, and THQ has since filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Valve's Steam console has been confirmed and the Linux Steam client is now an open beta.The Internet remains free but UK Pirate Party forced to shut their proxy server after pressure from BPI, and the Snooper's Charter is now uncharted. All this plus our discoveries, your brains, and the internet famous Open Ballot.

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What's in the show:

  • Linked list of news:
      Samba 4 has finally been released and includes Active Directory support. And so has version 3.7 of the Linux kernel, improving ARM provision whilst dropping 386 DX support. Raspberry Pi is auctioning off 12 model As for charity. The first three are on eBay. And the Raspberry Pi app store has opened. Humble Bundle had a THQ special without Linux support, and THQ has since filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. However, the new Humble Bundle 7 does support Linux. Valve's Steam console has been confirmed, probably open source, and the Linux Steam client is now an open beta. 55 Countries (including US and UK) refused to sign WCIT (World Conference on International Telecomunications) treaty -- Internet remains free, but ITU warns of roaming charge doom. UK Pirate Party to shut proxy after pressure from BPI. And the Snoopers charter has been slammed by a cross-party committee.
  • Discovery of the week:
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Many thanks to James Eriksen, Eric Mesa, Johno, Jon Peder and Phil the Sheep. If you'd like to hear this section next year, send your ideas for the next episode to graham.morrison@futurenet.com
  • Open Ballot: The Canonical rumour mill

  • Our scripts are updating Facebook again.
  • Special offer: A subscription to Linux Format magazine is the perfect Christmas gift, and only £12.69 per quarter.

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza and Graham Morrison

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Your comments

Merry Christmas!

Nice little remix of the music there at the end! :)
Great podcast as always, and here's hoping for an even stronger year for Linux in 2013.
Merry Christmas to the crew of LXF!

Live Cast

Guys, if you need any help looking to do a live show and recording then take a look at sixgun dot org . Fab and Dan do a great show each week live via Google Hangout & Icecast and then produce an edited/final cut download a few days later for Linux Outlaws.

Two jokes (or more?) about

Two jokes (or more?) about the missing shutdown button in Gnome 3. Just wondering if the joke is that it took so long for them to add it, of if the team missed the news that they added it?

Also, the CAPTCHA is no longer usable, it took me 8-10 tries to find one I could read.

... and then I clicked "Preview comment" and had to do it all over again.


...there are no 7 cent noodles here in Austria. Fortunately, I'm popping back to the island tomorrow to stock up :-)


Thanks for your patience with the CAPTCHA. We're aware of just how impossible it can be. We've suffered a serious onslaught of spammers on TuxRadar over the last few months (tens of thousands), and it was the best we could do.

However, we've got a plan to upgrade things in the New Year, when we've all got some more time. Hopefully that will make things easier (and we'll be able to disable the CAPTCHA again for registered users).

Top year guys, and Merry Christmas!

Looking forward to the new year and the next podcast. (Loved this one, brilliant stuff!)

Thanks for the season

Thanks for the awesome season, and especially the pink poney song, one of the best! :D (I was actually thinking about it while you were talking about the old seasons)


Yeah, just echoing the thanks of others. Really good episode this one, nice end to the season.

(Also: tip for the people complaining about the captchas. With Recaptcha captchas you only actually have to get the first word right. If you can't make out the second word (which is usually the harder one) you can just type in any old bollocks and it'll work. (though by doing so you're bypassing the OCR-correcting efforts of Recaptcha, which is kinda the clever bit)).

I wish LXF were cheaper abroad...

"Sorry! Magazines on Google Play is not available in your country yet."

I got so excited, too...

I saw a copy of Linux Format in a shop here the other day. €18! Bugger me if I'm paying that...

Old chips (yummy)

On the point of the 386DX support being dropped.

My first PC was a Cyrix 486DX40, it was the biz. I would have had a 386DX (with 387 maths coprocessor) a year earlier but money was just too tight in my first year at Uni.

(PS why do I still need to do Captcha when I'm logged in?)

You have to love Christmas

Time with Family, great feasts and feats from the imaginative yet untalented, and the constant question:
"You're good with computers, can you help me with this?"
"sure, just let me look at it later," you say, struggling to
unhand the newest beautiful but messy christmas gift your cousins insisted upon bringing to fruition this year:
"He only came out of hibernicrib this week.."
It stills seems as messy as dealing with your estranged cousins demand: fix whatever it is that is wrong with my computer." almost as if it was something you had done to his computer.
"Well, you told me ... blah"
You're thinking, yes I told you that, but at the time I also said YMMV. It's NOT my fault you screwed up your computer, and actually whether you installed linux or not you would have screwed it up anyway. Go away. Talk to me after Xmas.

But no! You have to be the saviour. You have no gifts to offer but a sense of freedom you cannot convey.

"Fix my computer. That's what you're good at"

I refrain from responding:
"And farking them up that's what you're good at"

Because it is both cruel and untrue. But if you want me to
fix your computer in order to save you money, then fine. I do my best to set you up with a computer you can work with
and then you later complain that it was somehow my fault
that it isn't what you expected.

Darn it. I hate these holidays.

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

Technical editor

Is this position still open? Link given says position closed so no instructions on how to upload files required. Can you please confirm if it is still open or a lucky person has got the position?

Technical editor

Ciao Nonny Mouse! The job is still open on the internal Future recruitment site, but not the external one. Nobody knows why. If you email your covering letter and CV to recruit at futurenet dot com marked for the attention of Sharron we'll be able to get you into the system that way.

Andrew (not verified)

podcast in opus format

I would like to suggest that the podcast be made available in the Opus format. Opus is a new royalty free audio codec. Extensive audio testing (notably at audiophile website Hydrogenaudio) have revealed it to be the best lossy codec currently available. It has also been ratified as an Internet Standard by the IETF. It is also extremely versatile. Whereas Vorbis was really designed as a music codec and Speex was designed to compliment it as a speech codec, Opus is designed to be brilliant at both. Also, Opus is designed to be an internet codec and, as such, is terrific for streaming, offering robust technology to minimise any problems with buffering etc.

I think a site like Tuxradar which is very much about championing open source software should strive to set an example and, as such should, support this codec by making the podcast available in Opus.

Having a Vorbis feed is commendable but even Vorbis developer Monty has now said that, although Vorbis is not officially deprecated, he thinks he can now recommend Opus instead in nearly every situation. Also, although a stable version 1.0 has been released, Opus is still under very active development and in yet to be released v1.1 significant improvements in the encoder are promised. As it is still a new format, there remains considerable scope for tuning improvements in the encoder to make it even better.

Major browsers support the codec eg. Firefox, Google Chrome and so no plugin is needed to listen.

Also, the improved quality could allow a reduction in bandwidth.


Opus! That's what I said when my cat knocked an ogg off the table. Made a right mess when it hit the codeck.

Ah well, time to go Chopin. Bach in a minuet.

Where are you ?!?!?!?!?

Where are you guys? Been waiting and waiting.....its like I'm going through horrible withdrawal. Having to listen to old podcasts - my god I forgot how fast Paul talks! Its like he has a 128bit mouth!

Re: Where are you ?!?!?!?!?

Sorry about the delay! We had a stupid deadline to meet (today) for the next issue of the magazine, so we haven't had a chance to record anything.

But we are planning to get back into it next week! Stay tuned...

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