Podcast Season 4 Episode 23


Title: Papa Mau

In this episode: The UN wants to control the internets. Fedora 18 adds Mate and Cinnamon. Matthew Garrett creates a way to boot Linux from UEFI Windows 8 machines. There's lots more Apple/Samsung shenanigans and a Linux-powered autonomous boat swims almost 17000 kms to Australia. We discover things, rant about things, and listen to your opinions in the Open Ballot.

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What's in the show:

  • Lightning News:
      The UN is trying to get its grubby mitts on the internet. That's going to go well. Fedora 18 beta adds MATE and Cinnamon. A signed UEFI Shim bootloader has been released by ex-Red Hat employee, Matthew Garrett - Linux should now boot on Windows 8 certified machines. Dropbox joins the band of UK tax-dodging-multinational corporations by moving to Ireland, despite its largest userbase outside America being in the UK. The PengPod, a dual-boot Linux/Android tablet, has been successfully crowdfunded ($120/185 for 7/10 inch versions). Qt-based Linux phones almost ready ... again. This time in the form of Jolla's Sailfish platform. Android apps should work unmodified and an Android logo sneaks into their presentation, though they clams it's built on Meego and MerProject. Papa Mau, a Linux-powered swimming boat reaches Australia from San Francisco. At 16668 km, it's the longest journey by autonomous vehicle. Dell and Canonical's ultrabook has landed, in the form of project Sputnik. Available now for around $1450 USD. Curiosity hasn't definitely not found aliens. Europe v Facebook v IDPC (not Facebook) start the most confusingly titled legal battle of all time. Apple and Samsung to go back into court: (1) Apple didn't know about the foreman's previous court case, but still insists Samsung should have. (2) Apple withdrew one of its patents, and (3), Apple's HTC agreement has just been released.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Andrew:
    • Efrain:
      • Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro for Android tablets is a great option for professional artists and illustrators.
      • And Bell's palsy isn't so great...
    • Ben:
      • A men's toilet in Germany teaches you about the command-line while you do your thing.
      • Majnaro Linux is the best of Arch without the long install.
    • Graham:
      • Use a J-PAC module to connect JAMMA-type controls, in an arcade game cabinet, to your Linux box running MAME.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      We're not sure whether we'll cary on with this section next year. If you'd like to hear this section again, send your ideas for the next episode to graham.morrison@futurenet.com
  • Rants and Raves:
      Effy in good airport experience shock.
  • Open Ballot: What has been your best distro in 2012?

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Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza and Graham Morrison.

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Your comments

untitled #2

Every now and then I re-listen to all the tuxradar podcasts from the start. Every time I listen to season 1 (as I am currently) I intend (then forget) to comment on Andrew's changing accent. Today is the day I remembered :|

In the first episode Andrew starts off quite posh-sounding, still with a hint of the exotic north in there, but very radio 4. As the episodes proceed his accent gradually drifts north-west until, in the most recent episodes, he ends up sounding like a proper scally and I am somewhat afraid that he wants my mobile phone/wallet.

This is not a complaint, I enjoy all the shades on Andrew's accent spectrum as well as the intelligent and witty things he says with it. Just something I've been meaning to mention for ages.

I am somewhat afraid that he wants my mobile phone/wallet.


I love the podcasts! They're great entertainment. Just try to stay on topic a bit more ;)

PS The CAPTCHA used here is 5h1t

Speak Your Brains

I sent in a speak your brains in time for this episode. Haven't heard it yet, but if you did feature it, it isn't in the show notes. q:o(

Re: Speak Your Brains

Hey Eric! I'm sorry! I did get your email, and I should have read it out (I definitely will next time). My inbox has no organisation, so things get lost too easily behind the deluge of press release spam I seem to get. Today, I created a new folder for 'Brains' submissions, so this won't happen again.

Sorry again!


RE "Fedora 18 adds Mate and Cinnamon"

Good Journalists check their information.

Both mate and Cinnamon were in previous versions of Fedora, 16 and 17 in imo, not sure about 15. To say that 18 adds Mate and Cinnamon is simply bad reporting simply copying the misinformation that other lousy news outlets spew out.

I do support using Cinnamon on Fedora, however I also expect your next article to report Ford prepares to release 2014 car with steering wheel.


The news was good this time round.

Suspect Open Ballot was skewed because serious users won't be bothered. Just like saying "the server installation of Ubuntu is .... good ... etc".... ever installed Debian as server? which happens to be similar to Ubuntu or maybe its the other way around?

Bespoke brain

I sent a 'Speak your brain' a while back, too.
I expected when you said you had not received anything that you meant anything _of substance_ and tagged it #NotMuchOfABrain.

Speak your brains

What's the problem with having the possibility of SYB on the show, even if you don't happen to have any brains for an episode or two every now and again?
It's easy to skip over it if no brains have been sent, but it's difficult to fit in "user content" if the section isn't there to begin with, right?

speaking brains

I'm not sure how representative my opinion is but I really don't enjoy speak your brains. If I wanted to hear what random people think about linuxy matters there are one billion forums and amateur podcasts and blogs and so on I could check out.

It would be ok if it sparked debate amongst the podcasters, as open ballot does, but it doesn't tend to.

I appreciate that you're trying to be sort of open and democratic, reflecting the nature of linux stuff in general. But I listen to tuxradar to hear educated experts talking about this stuff with wit, intelligence and knowledge, not for the plodding banality of the filthy unwashed masses (yes I realised I was being elitist so I dived right in).

Technical Editor

Are you still looking for a Technical Editor? The Future page lists the vacancy as closed in November.

Technical Editor

Thanks for pointing that out. No, the vacancy is still open; I'll fill in the necessary forms in triplicate to get that reopened on the recruitment website.


Actually, I sent my brains

They were bounced from the email address.
probably deservedly so. Now I have my brains sent into the oblivion of mail servers...

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

You don't mentioned the best Option for Stellarium

First: Great Episode with great transitions between news!


I LOVE Stellarium. I use it the view the stars from different places. I love the view the sky like my relatives from Europa! No, not the continent, but the MOON!


You look to the sky like the mars rover did!

Try it: stellarium.org/wiki/index.php/Configuration#Setting_Your_Location

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