Podcast Season 4 Episode 20


Title: Two cows and a house

In this episode: Raspberry Pi is nearly open source. Wayland 1.0 and Ubuntu 12.10 are here. Mandriva is being reborn, again. Goophone-mini has been announced and Apple apologises to Samsung over its patent dispute. Americans can jailbreak their phones, but they can no longer unlock them. There's a problem with the ext4, and Amazon remotely wipes a customer's Kindle. Plus: hear the best ever Speak your Brains, our own discoveries and your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

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What's in the show:

  • Lightning News:
      Raspberry Pi is now (almost) fully open source. In the cryptic language being used, all the code that runs on the ARM core is open (BSD). X's potential replacement, Wayland 1.0, has been released. Ubuntu 12.10 is now available. Mandriva is being reborn again as OpenMandriva. The $99 Goophone-mini could be a Linux-based alternative to a new Apple product. And Apple has kinda sorta apologised to Samsung over its patent dispute, although it failed to mention verdicts in South Korea, Japan and the Netherlands where Samsung was found not to copy Apple. Americans can now jailbreak phones, but they can no longer unlock them, nor jailbreak tablets, thanks to the DMCA. There's a potential problem with the ext4 filesystem, and Amazon remotely wipe someone's Kindle of its library with neither warning nor explanation.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Efrain:
      • Manage your various ebook files and devices with Calibre.
    • Ben:
      • The Marks & Spencer's store that sells the most Chicken Tikka Masala is the store on the Champs-Élysées, Paris.
      • Expand the I/O on your Arduino Nano with the an I2C port expander.
    • Andrew:
    • Graham:
      • There's an awesome synth being developed for the Raspberry Pi, called Piana.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Many thanks to all 4 contributors to this section: James Eriksen for his blog post - 'No thanks, I got Linux', Richard Clinker on mission statements and OpenSUSE (here's the strategy page). Paul Gideon Dann on our language bias and how we should give more coverage to Ruby. And finally, Joshua Beck on package management. Thanks! Send your ideas for the next episode to graham.morrison@futurenet.com
  • Open Ballot: How can we capitalise on the release of Windows 8?

  • Our scripts are updating Facebook again.
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Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza and Graham Morrison

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Your comments

not all about ubuntu.

skipping the ubuntu part of the podcast. just tired of hearing and reading all about ubuntu.

forget windows 8

The Hurd will rise again!

Slackware 14

Hey guys will there be anything regarding the new slackware 14 release in the mag etc??????

KDE Plasma Netbook...

As chance would have it, after I'd spoke my brains I decided to have a good look at the whole Plasma Netbook thing. I quite like it, so my openSUSE netbook is currently running with KDE in netbook mode. I also installed Razor QT as an option should I want a desktop that looks like a proper desktop at any time... Choice is great!

Calibre and Ebooks with DRM

Calibre is indeed a very useful tool for working with ebooks. I particularly like the ease of converting between formats even though mobi & epub documents can end up with slightly different formatting applied - thus final appearance a little different.

The one caveat on this conversion is that this *only* works on non-DRM ebooks. If there is DRM applied then you would have to break this before converting. One can achieve this by using various plugins which can be found online. My experience with getting rid of DRM using Calibre is that it currently this works under Windows, but not yet under Linux.

The Hurd will rise again!

The Hurd will rise again!

Robert Griffin III, Russell Wilson can shift a sport in the snap

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