Podcast Season 4 Episode 17


Title: World Exclusive

In this episode: OpenSUSE 12.2 has been released, the Raspberry Pi is now made on the UK, Michael Meeks dives into the on-going Linux desktop discussions and Alan Turing is immortalised with his own Monopoly set. Discover our discoveries and hear why our 'open ballot' is the second hit in a Google search for 'open ballot'.

What's in the show:

  • Lightning News:
      After some delay, OpenSUSE 12.2 has finally been released. There's an attack against HTTPS called 'CRIME'. Raspberry Pi version 2 is out, and it's being made in Wales. Apache now ignores 'Do Not Track' in Internet Explorer 10. Michael Meeks offers some less flame-bait-y reasons why Linux is struggling on the desktop. It's been a bad couple of weeks for hackers, with the UDID leak appearing not to be from the FBI and the GoDaddy outage not resulting from a DOS attack. But it's been a good week for dead geeks; Alan Turing gets his own Monopoly set and Nikola Tesla gets a museum.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Andrew:
      • The streets of Rome are indeed littered with Roman rubble.
    • Ben:
      • You can apparently install swap space on more than one drive for RAID-like swap performance.
      • The uber-secure Qubes distro makes taking screenshots a challenge.
    • Graham:
      • rosettacode.org is the Rosetta Stone of programming languages.
      • Create an easy VPN for web browsing: (1) type ssh -D 1080 user@domain (2) then configure a SOCKS proxy server within your favourite browser using as the IP address and 1080 as the port.
  • Rants and Raves
      Ben rants and Andrew raves.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      We know you were all too busy watching the launch of the iPhone 5 to send your thoughts for this episode. After you've got your pre-orders in, send your ideas to graham.morrison@futurenet.com.
  • Open Ballot: Too many geeks spoil the OS?

  • We're updating Facebook again.
  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save lots

Presenters:Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory and Graham Morrison

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Your comments

world exclusive comment

Really good podcast. Thanks!


You mentioned episode 16 about the identi.ca account. Can I place my vote firmly in the yes campaign, please make the account more active. Even if it is just by linking it to the Twitter account, Tuxradar is a fantastic podcast and I would like to re-dent releases and get them at the time they come out rather than just finding out about them during my weekly updating the podcasts on my phone.

Although identi.ca is a small community, especially when compared to Twitter, it is still very active and as the majority are Linux users then I personally feel that it is well worth your support.

Keep up the good work,

stream in lieu of file

My podcatcher seems to have downloaded a link to a stream, instead of an actual audio file. Dunno if that was a problem with the feed.

I only noticed because the stream seems to have some lag, so I came here to get the actual file.

Open Ballot? What open ballot?

Am I the only one who can only see the open ballot via the link posted after the podcast came out?

Yes! No!

Thank you very much chaps, as entertaining as always and never fails to make me laugh! Where was Effy this week?

Great podcast and magazine

I like your podcast. Thank you for doing such a great job. Hurst, TX

Great podcast as always but...

I'm a bit disappointed you didn't read out my "speak your brains" praising the work of the Linux desktop developers.
Even if it wasn't good enough to read, a mention would have been good ;o(


Sorry for not reading your Speak Your Brains. It wasn't an editorial decision, just me being rubbish. I forgot to check before setting everything up and couldn't remember receiving any. I'll definitely read it out next time.


Thanks for fixing up metadata

I mentioned problems a few podcasts ago with the metadata in the podcast files. I'm writing now to thank you for fixing up this issue. Keep up the great work...



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