Podcast Season 4 Episode 16


Title: Patent orgy

In this episode: Apple vs. Samsung woes. Mageia is getting very popular. Twitter joins the Linux Foundation and Miguel de Icaza thinks OS X killed the Linux desktop. Share in the wonder of our discoveries, hear Andrew and Graham rant and rave and feel part of the team in Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

Presenters:Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza and Graham Morrison

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Nobody responded in Podcast 15 comments. Did Jon leave the magazine for good?

Root to success

Effy - Having rooted my Galaxy S 2 ages ago when ICS was taking an age to get pushed to my phone, I would recommend it. While you're at it, have a look at CyanogenMod and see if there is a version for your phone. It takes out all the guff that manufacturers lay on top of Android and frees up your phones memory for other awesomeness.

Great stuff as always, and that includes the last episode.


It was mentioned in episode 14 (look at the comments). Jon said he'd got another job.


I totally missed that for some reason. I suspect I got distracted at work while listening to the podcast!


Great podcast as always guys!
Shouting at my newsagents for not having a copy of your most recent issue. Gonna have to order it online!

Re: RSS broken

Thanks for the positive comments!

And thanks for the link to the RSS validator. I've just spent some time fixing the various problems, so the RSS should be functional again now. Not sure how so many errors crept in!



Newbs, thanks for you comment.
Yesterday I had a look (in video) at the latest version of CyanogenMod and a there is a version for my phone, it looks like that will be the route I am going to take as soon as my contract finishes!

Muchas gracias again!



Thanks for the mag and podcast, guys. The audio was tad weak with one or two. I had to stop the washing-up to listen!


The contempt for Identi.ca is palpable and very sad from a group of folks who understand FOSS, and should at least be treating it as an equal citizen. I'd have thought you'd have more respect for fellow FOSS folks. Don't bother making a special case by making people ask for it, then deigning to do it, only do it if you want to show some respect for fellow FOSS folks. Other than that it's a hollow gesture. No point in only doing it once in a blue moon, we'd rather you stay honest and just ignore us.

Apart from that, great show as always.

Oh, and you're CAPTCHA is a nightmare.



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