Podcast Season 4 Episode 15


Title: And then there were three

In this episode: Abandoned by Jon, Graham and Effy, three brave LXFers soldier on. We discuss CDE, Debian, XFCE, iCloud, the Ubuntu App Showdown and the Liberated Pixel Cup. We discover Linux Mint 13, dd, the Cask Corner, and Stella (the distro, not the beer). We Get upset about the British transport system and Ubuntu's package management, and happy about Rasbian's setup tool. And we get your views on whether Linux can corner the gaming market. Oh, and apologies for the audio quality: there were some gremlins in the recording software. Normal service will be resumed in a fortnight.

What's in the show:

  • Lightning News:
  • Discovery of the week:
  • Rants and Raves
      Gary and Ben rant, while Andrew raves.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      If you'd like to speak your brain in future, email graham.morrison@futurenet.com.
  • Open Ballot: Will Linux become the next gaming platform?

  • We're updating Facebook again.
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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Ben Everard and Gary Walker

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Your comments

sound levels...

they're a bit temperamental this week, aren't they?

mint to hot to handle

my Mint experience.

how come when i have try mint is always has locks up after 10 minutes.

And i still have the heating problem on HDDs with a number of labtops with mint..
while Ubuntu heating problem (power usage) seem fixed.

i dont no if any of have noticed this or just too lazy just saying anything .

maybe you all uses desktop Towers so are there any heating issues with you Power Supply's in you Towers and any heating issues with HHD i like to know! & lockups with mint.


agreed, this episode was very uncomfortable to listen to.

Awful Audio

Awful Audio

Sound muncher

Yes i agree the sound quilty on some of your podcast have been very Poor and it also seem you just cat be bothered.

will you stop dick splashing the table with the mic and stop shuffling papers.


Jeez, all some people seem to be able to do is complain! And I'm sure they're not going to feel anymore enthusiastic about doing it if the only comments they get are people putting them down...

I say thanks for the great show and keep the podcast coming, loved it as always :-)

Not 'Podcast of the Year' - but I still enjoyed it. Thx Guys!

Enjoyed the discussion of the hacks resulting from 'piecemeal authentication policies' and the pointer to the Stella review (thanks Ben).

Sure, the audio engineering was off a bit from the high quality we've come to expect but I found the episode to still be worth my time.

I don't understand the griping from those who may have had higher expectations. It's a free podcast, skip an episode if it's not worth _your_ time.

TuxRadar, still my favorite Linux podcast. Thanks guys for for putting in the work.

Sounds like one of the mics wasn't on

Once heard a student radio show where something similar happened - presenter had faded up the guest mics not his own ;)

I downloaded a high quality

I downloaded a high quality ogg format thing and wondered why it sounds so shitty, was there only one microphone? Ben was too loud and the others were just ghostly mumbles!

Sound apart

it was a good show... BTW is your RSS feed broken, neither Rythembox or Beyondpod can see the latest issue.

What Ram said

Beyondpod not seeing it.

FWIW, I have to say that the podcast is absolutely brilliant! Even if Andrew did forget to plug his mic in! I appreciate the time you guys take every fortnight to make this podcast for /our/ entertainment. I enjoy listening to the general banter and random nonsense. It helps pass the best part of an hour of my day every other week. I just wish it was released on a Monday as that's the worst day of the week to try and kill.

So this week was a one off. Try listening to all the past episodes... no complaints there!

Keep up the good work you guys. Can't wait till next episode (if RSS is sorted by then).

Linux Letdown

As a sound engineer and linux user since Red Hat 3.6!
This is the worst advertisement for linux.
The sound was awful. If you are going to advertise the usage of linux get the fundamentals right in the first place. If anybody new came along to listen to this and heard it would think "if the these cannot get it right what chance do I have"
Sound in linux has not got a good reputation. This has not done any good to that said reputation.

Podcast meta-data

I understand that getting sound quality OK can be a challenge sometimes - Previous podcasts have been OK in that area.

What is starting to annoy me though is that the way you are *not* setting the podcast media files meta-data values in any consistent way. The way it used to be set was reasonable, although a more descriptive comment tag would be useful. I have software which I use to keep track of podcasts which depends on use of such meta-data.

Anyway, after that grumble, please keep up the good work in giving us listeners interesting open source information each fortnight.

Bring back mike!

Bring back mike!

RSS works fine... in Akregator

Don't know what the problems seem to be with the RSS feed, but it worked first time using Akregator, and picked up the article as soon as it was available. Maybe I'm just a lucky KDE user!

I agree with @Rob though regarding the metadata. I used to search my downloads on Clementine for "Tuxradar", but the last few episodes didn't appear, and are now under "LXF Podcast" - a little consistency would be appreciated.

Finally, and crucially, as a regular listener, I know full well that the sound issues are normally fine. It's just one of those things that happen, but importantly, what was said and the effort you put into making the podcast for free, is always much appreciated.

Bring Back Mike

Hear Hear bring back Mike

No RSS Feed

Did you forget to add this episode to your RSS Feed?

Now will you listen to what I said?

Honestly. I always have believed that your podcast has been the very best of the available ones, especially compared to some that I have mentioned in previous posts.
You actually took on some of my suggestions regarding "positivity" which I am grateful for, can't speak for everyone else who listen, but after all, sometimes quality of conversation can be better than the quality of the recording of the conversation. I don't know why you can't request some of the "test equipment" for performance with linux - especially given it's notorious sound/hardware difficulties (why not try begging some of the test gear from "HiFi Magazine" or it's Future Publishing equivalent) - but actually what I love most about the podcast, and I have mentioned this before is that you guys really get along together fairly well, and there is a rapport that I think makes the podcast great.

I suppose it would be interesting if you could turn it into an interview style podcast, some extra work, but it does seem like you are getting thinned out, if you follow me.

I appreciate the time you spend on the podcast, but also appreciate that the magazine is the priority, at least for the time being. I am not suggesting you put less effort into one at the expense of the other, and recognise there is an economy involved.

To that end, even though I am not a subscriber, I would like to offer a small sum towards assisting you. I mean seriously a /small/ sum.
I find the amount required for a full subscription (even as generous as you have made it) still too much for my poor situation.
However, if you were to set up a method to submit small amounts as a contribution via say PayPal, I would be prepared to contribute in order to keep you guys going on.

Honestly, someone should offer to contribute for the sheer quality and simple enjoyment that we all love to listen to each fortnight.

Maybe hold a strike? No podcasts unless you people pay?
Oh dear Please don't let it come to that!!

With best regards,
and yes, a suggestion, track down Mike, get an interview, record it via Skype or linux equivalent, and import it into the podcast? I'm sure Graham Morrison ought to be able to do the required audio engineering?

But perhaps with a shrinking staff, maybe there just "isn't enough time". Where is Graham during this podcast?
I'm just d/l ing it so maybe I'm speaking out of turn.

But really, I support you all.

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

Re: as of Monday 20th, episode

I'm back from France! And I've just added this recording to the RSS feeds for both MP3 and Ogg versions, so it should be working now.

We record the podcast with our own kit (yes, the frugal world of publishing is not as plush as some readers/listeners assume).

Without my stuff being added to the mix, I think the guys found it difficult to make a decent recording.

I think it's fantastic they tried, though, despite half the team and half the equipment not being there (and they didn't have to!)

Usual quality will resume with our next podcast...

re: feed addition

Showed up in Google Reader for me just as promised by Graham above.

is one of the microphones dead?

I can't hear Andrew, and I have system volume at 200%

vlc compressor

the vlc player ĥas a compressor pluguin, which can be used to make listening more comfotable. My config:
rms: 0
attack: 10
release: 100
threshold: -30
ratio: 10:1
knee: 1
makeup: 0
Maybe someone with actual audio knowledge could find a far better configuration.
Thanks for the excellent podcast

Yeah, the audio

I was able to make it listenable by using the dynamic range compressor/expander plugin for Audacious and pushing the slider all the way to the left.

In general, a bit more polish is needed to make the podcast top-notch. It's not expensive gear, it's technique. If you can't swing individual mics, everyone needs to be the same distance away from a single mic. The mic must be isolated from the table - shock mount or just set it on foam. No shuffling papers, cups/drink bottles must use coasters (steal some from your local), and don't touch the mic. That's pretty much it.

Content wise - great stuff, this is where I get all my Linux news. Keep up the good work.

Can we fix it?

Yes we can. I listen to podcasts in the car. Episode 15 has problems as noted above. So I have just spent about 15-20 minutes with audacity fixing it enough so that I can hear all of the participants.
Just play with audacity effects such as normalize and compressor and you can get the levels so that Andrew can be heard whilst not deafening yourself with Ben's contributions.

Too quiet at times

Someone was sitting too far away from the mic, could hardly hear some parts.

As for Linux Mint, I love it and use it because Ubuntu 12.04 really screwed up after upgrading from 10.10 and it was unusable (due to bugs in Python) and then it would not boot. Linux Mint 13 (from a fresh install from one of your recent lovely DVDs in LXF) works very well so far.

Bring back mic!

Bring back mic!

No one checked it first?

Did no one check the quality of the audio before putting it out? Surely someone could have edited it in Audacity to make it listenable.

Also I have noticed a lot of typos lately in Linux Format magazine, are you guys short-staffed? Seems like a lack of attention to detail lately.

Where's Jon

Thought I heard a comment on the podcast about Jon leaving? Or has he just moved house?

Like listening to one half of a phone conversation

Waste of bandwidth to publish such poor sound quality.

sound quality

O.k. here my complete random guess theory

They had a decent audio equipment with 3 mics, but whenever one of them leave, they give a mic as a sort of farewell gift...

Mike left and we all start hearing the shuffle two mics around.
Jon left and now the simply have only one mic left!

My prediction, the next leave will be the end of the podcast!

Nah its free and usually I enjoy it. Get back on track and we are all happy ;)


Don't Bogart it man, let me have a puff too!

Come back Graham!

Everyone teases you about your audio picks but when you aren't there - its a mess! All they had to do was slide the mic.

First Paul, then Mike, and now Jon! We got a glimpse of TuxRadar without founding member Graham - we need you all back like a Beatles Reunion.

Well, not Effy.

has Jon taken the spare mic with him?

Sorry guys. Audio un-listenable.

First episode I couldn't listen to. And remember, I've listened since ep 1.


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