Podcast Season 4 Episode 13

Title: Uncle Effy

In this episode: Steam'd Penguins. New hope for MeeGo. Buy loads of Raspberry Pis. Redphone is now open source. Project Sputnik has entered beta. Ouya open source console breaks Kickstarter records. Hear our on topic discoveries, your own opinions in the Open Ballot and some ranting and raving.

What's in the show:

  • Lightning News:
    • Steam'd Penguins - Valve's new Linux blog.
    • Jolla is a new Finnish company that's brought MeeGo back from the dead.
    • Raspberry Pis can now be ordered in bulk, after production was ramped up to 4000 units every day.
    • Redphone is now open source, letting you make encrypted calls on your Android device with more confidence.
    • Dell's Sputnik Linux developer laptop has entered beta. You can complete this form to apply for a discounted model.
    • Ouya, an open hardware games console based on Android, has broken Kickstarter records, raising over $5 million.
  • Discovery of the Week:
    • Ben:
      • Ben has two arms again!
      • Tails has a camouflage mode.
      • It's Nelson Mandela's birthday - happy birthday!
    • Jon:
      • autossh makes keeping an SSH connections alive easy.
    • Gary:
    • Effy:
  • Rants and Raves:
    • Jon rants and Ben raves (and they're both about Linux!)
  • Speak your brains:
      Thanks for your wonderfully positive brains. If you want this section to continue, send them to graham.morrison@futurenet.com.
  • Open Ballot: What features would your ideal distribution have?
  • We're updating Facebook again
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Presenters: Gary Walker, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Ben Everard and Jonathan Roberts

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Your comments

hello world


is mozilla finished?

The recent announcement that development of the email client Thunderbird is to cease makes me question whether Mozilla has much of a future.

Development of Sunbird, the calendar app, ceased sometime ago.

Also, Google Chrome has overtaken Firefox in popularity and, although I still use Firefox myself, I can see Chrome going from strength to strength but cannot, unfortunately, say the same about firefox with any confidence.

Mozilla seem to be concentrating upon this "Boot To Gecko" mobile phone OS which, sadly, I can only see being a massive flop. Although I have been a fan of Mozilla for many years, I really struggle to see how "Boot To Gecko" will be able to compete with Android.

The Firefox web store, also, to me smacks of desperation... a carbon copy of the Chrome web store.

It is as if Mozilla have ran out of ideas... the rapid release strategy with it's mad numbering system is also copied from Chrome and has not, on the whole, been popular with users I believe.

Where does Mozilla go from here? Are it's best days behind it? Also, what email client will now supplant Thunderbird as most popular on Linux? Is the new KMail too buggy?

Awesome work!

Loved the podcast - nice to see the discoveries on topic for once! Missed the Ent Wives though.


This is by far the weirdest podcast I have heard come from you guys. :(

This time...

More on topic, but could do with more practice with the podcast editing software! lol

Raspberry Pi ordering

Can I please ask, where are people ordering Raspberry Pi from and getting it within a week? I registered for one through RS Components and was able to purchase one on 2nd July. I'm still waiting and on their website the expected dispatch time is 17 weeks!

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