Podcast Season 4 Episode 12


Title: Higgs Boson

In this episode: The Higgs Boson has been discovered-ish. An extra nano second has wreaked havoc on Linux servers. Diablo III runs on Wine. Ubuntu drops Grub 2 over secure boot worries, and your comments from the last podcast are internet famous. Hear our better-than-average discoveries and your own opinions, in their original format, in our Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

  • Lightning News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
    • Efrain:
    • Jon:
      • KTechLab doesn't work very well with large circuits.
    • Andrew:
      • His Mint installation is broken.
      • Never use a map of Europe on the back of a Euro to win points in a pub quiz.
        (the pub quiz was in aid of Julian House)
  • Rants and Raves
      Effy rants and Effy raves.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Many thanks for sending us your thoughts. You are all awesome! If you want this section to continue, email graham.morrison@futurenet.com.
  • Open Ballot: Is Linux Marxist or capitalist?

  • We're updating Facebook again.
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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts

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Your comments

Re: Linux Insider

I don't understand why Linux Insider is so popular. I had it RSS'd for about two months, before realising that it includes hardly any original content, and takes the remainder from three other bloggers (seems to be a few more these days): hairyfeet - a slashdot blogger who barely ever uses linux; "Barbara Hudson, a blogger on Slashdot who goes by "Tom" on the site" - in fairness, she often had interesting opinions; and Martin Espinoza of Hyperlogos. The only redeeming quality is that it led me to Hyperlogos, which occasionally posts interesting articles. TuxRadar / Linux Format is superior to Linux Insider by orders of magnitude.


What has happened to Ben?????????


What's the big deal? Linux Insider is giving Linux Format more visibility. If even a small percentage of the LI readers enjoy the topics you'll have an increase in Linux Format readers. How is Linux Format adversely effected?

andrew laptop problem

looks like your disk is full,
try making some space and see if you can login.


What have I just listened to? I'm confused?!?

great link haakin

what a terrific achievement the lhc is - that is one mammoth project!

this whole uefi thing is annoying. not sure though what people expect fedora or ubuntu to do about it - I don't think either have the leverage to change ms's plans. I've no doubt the real purpose of it is for ms to gain more control over the hardware, be it for drm or sales. but then again, over the years, these threats to computing freedom have surfaced on a regular basis, and I'm sure another work-around will be found.

hopefully it won't be anything more than annoying.

Pretty Tired

The Linux Format guys put together a great magazine. I'd hardly finished reading one issue, for the first time about three months ago, when I started buying other copies at the nearest good bookstore, then I just had to subscribe because the magazine is excellent.

Then I tried the podcast. This week's is only my second, but OMG when's it going to end? I read the magazine and listen to the podcast because I want to learn more about Linux. As interesting as I found the discussion about ents, the rest is a real bore and is hardly related to Linux at all! I hate to say it, but the podcast does seem to need some focus. The most excitement seems to come at the halfway reminder, and that's just sad.

Hi Darry1966, I'm still

Hi Darry1966,

I'm still here! I missed the last podcast because I was in hospital getting the plaster cast taken off my arm, and I missed this one because of some holiday. But I'll be back in the future.

Hey was with me

Hey was with me, wave-boarding off the coast of Cape Verde this time. :)

do you want to touch me there, there

Going back to last episode-- Graham referred to TouchOSC in passing. Did some looking into it and wished there was handy guide to using it in Linux applications. Could you provide some guidance?
(Insert another obscure Joan Jett reference here, here)

Linux as Religion

After listening to your discussion of the political implications of Linux, I was reminded of a similar discussion I had back in the old Usenet days on one of the Unix discussion boards. I don't have the actual posts any more, but I remember the gist of it being that, given the passion that people had for the paritcular dialect of Unix they worked with (let alone the text editor they used; I am a vi guy in the spirit of full disclosure) was quite indistinguishable from the zeal of the committed religous person we were mapping the various editions and versions of Unix onto flavours of Christianity.

The taxonomy was something like:

Unix, System III and earlier: Pre-Vatican II Catholicism
Berkely Unix: Lutheranism
Unix, SVR4: Post-Vatican II Catholicsm

The various proprietary Unixes fit nicely in as various Protestant denominations.

At the time (this would have been around 1994 or so), we decided that Linux was rather like Unitarianism, but as Unix has receeded the mapping of Linux as a whole onto Anglicanism seems rather appropriate, given that Linus (from what I've heard) basically followed the SVR4 SVID guidelines in crafting the earliest kernels, and that makes the proliferation of distros the heirs to the mantle of *nix Protestantism.

(Granted, though, I worked for AT&T doing Unix support for 4 years, and I was raised a good Catholic, so my biases certainly are reflected here).

too lax

Things are getting a bit lax on the podcast, almost like the whole thing is a joke.
pub quiz?
Effy ranting/contributing on non-linux nonsense and general uselessness
Entwives? ENTWIVES?!? Are you kidding me? WTF?
Talking on taxation?
The once good sense of humor has been replaced with silliness.
I know you work hard on the magazine, but things are getting a bit lax on the podcast.

Andrew laptop problem

are you able to login via CTRL-ALT-F1? If so, then perhaps lightdm/mdm config is munged? If not, perhaps it'll show some meaningful message?

Andrew laptop problem

@costakis, @worcspaul

Thanks for your help chaps. The disk definitely isn't full, as it's a fresh installation (the problems only started when I went to 64-bit), and I can download and install stuff as the root user.
I can log in as a normal user using Ctrl+Alt+F1, it's only using the GUI that I'm forced to run as root, so the display manager sounds like a good place to look. Fortunately I'm going to be spending a lot of time on planes, trains and buses soon on the way to OSCON, so I'll get stuck into it then. Or I could just ask Linus to take a look at it for me…

Don't Vote Yourselves Out Next Time

Bear with me a second. Whew! I don't know why but I am breathless! Maybe it's because I actually wasted some 7 hours of my life listening to the crappy podcasts put together shoddily by some who shall for the sake of decency remain nameless. I have very little to add, and I mean that! but By all the Ghods, who in their right mind chose that as the exemplar linux padcast?
Thy name is heathen!
No introductory presentation, the music leads us into halfway at the start, and it ends with some drongo tailing off almost speaking to himself into what sounds like a telephone - before the thing begins! again. Pretty far out, and thats ok, maybe our gun-totin' linux brethren other side of the Atlantic "get things done" that way, but sheesh.
Or perhaps I just managed to catch them on a bad day?
Look, I don't wish to pour crap on them, because every little linux podcast may have their own rubbish bits, but actually, I really have to say that that was the crappiest podcast I've ever listened to.
Why in Heaven you ever voted them as "Best Podcast Ever" strikes me as either seriously wicked British Humour or punishment for those who never listen to anything else.

It was "sadly pathetic" in comparison.

Please tell me I was picking up the "wrong" podcast?

Mintcast sucks as well. Well, it's better than the other one, but they just talk, and they talk, and they go on, and they say "Let me tell you something" and "I just wanna say this" and boy does it ever bore me to tears.

They are up to 120 or so "episodes". and it's like they're in some sort of competition. or something.

Wait. They couldn't possibly be in competition with you, could they? Maybe that's why they keep stealing your stuff?

Oh, I've said too much now.

Wait, come on. We're all friends here! Really. We need these americans anyway to look after all our wonderful olympic sites. Oh, sorry, I forgot, they were already!

now I am being cheeky.

Cmon Aussie!

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

big news

some important linux related news which you may not be aware of...

a new open source audio codec called 'opus' has become officially approved as a web standard by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

opus is been developed not only by xiph (who gave us the excellent Vorbis codec) but also by Skype. Since Microsoft own Skype I would expect this codec to be supported natively on Windows in the near future.

In listening tests at Hydrogenaudio, including MP3 Vorbis and AAC, Opus came first.

There is a lot of room for the quality to improve further still, since being a very new codec, it has not yet had the benefit of years of tuning the encoder, as it's competitors have.

It is very versatile... being not only a terrific music codec, but also a top drawer speech codec at very low bitrates.

It is also very low delay which makes it suitable for telephony, video conferencing, jamming over the internet, live streaming etc.

A positive, encouraging comment

Let's face it, gents, this episode was pretty off topic. Effy's bold opinions about Mexican politics, Marxism, Ents and pub quizzes, Linux was not 100% of the conversation topic. This is fine with me. Straight technology is pretty dry, if you're totally information and no politics, opinions and fun, you wouldn't make a very good podcast. Linux is highly political, in my opinion, and the Open Source community can be fairly anti-authoriarian. I appreciate everything that view of the FOSS community you give.
I'm also apalled that we the community gave you no Speak Your Brains material (despite my never having submitted one).

What's Blizzard?

Just as Blizzard people are going "What's Linux?", I'm wondering what's Blizzard!

We want mike and cereals!

For replacing speak your brains, if there aren't any brains, you could bring back Mike or Paul and his wheel of fortune as guests for a show.
And Maybe the odd creative challenge

1 billion dollars, a thousand people.........

Pink ponies, naturally

i dint read fully but

i dint read fully but overall it seems good. thanks

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