Podcast Season 4 Episode 1


Title: Freaky Friday

In this episode: We turn our news section into a lightening news section and briefly discuss Ubuntu, Red Hat, Plasma Active, Tizen, GKH, Samsung and Firefox. Hear our discoveries from the last couple of months, our rants and raves and your own awesome opinions in our internet famous Open Ballot.

Update: Here's Greg Kroah-Hartman's piece on patching the kernel.

What's in the show:

Presenters: Ben Everard, Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts

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Your comments

Title Music

i want a change of title music ,

get effy to play a tambourine, the rest of the team can whistle & clap...

The new office

New offices? We need photos!

@Penguin Tracker


New Office

Not just photos, we need a guided video tour!

No Aqi

Please don't let Jonathan read the news. Aqi is "like" Not good for a News reader. Sorry but its quite distracting?

P.S. I love grammar fascists. They make the Internet such a wonderful place to be.
Maybe if Google Et Al didn't Income Shift we'd have all had gone to better schools and stuff.

Pushing Twitter messages to G+

Dear Tuxradar team,

would it be possible that you push your tweets to Google+?
I'd appreciate it very much :)

welcome back. I missed you

welcome back. I missed you guys. Continue the good work. APPLE is far more evil than Microsoft.

Title music

isnt this the same music on Bit-Tech?

Re:Title music

I'm not sure when Bit-Tech started to use the Brad Sucks music, but it seems to be after TuxRadar. TuxRadar has used it for as long as I can remember.

and happy new year to you guys too!

Just listened to your podcast - it made 1/3rd of the journey from oxford to manchester go by in a much more amusing fashion!

I remember banging on to you guys about how awesome maemo and meego was (I use an N900) - I think you, of all people, would be the most likely to appreciate it. It's sad it was killed off for non-technical reasons.

Brad sucks must stay!!!

PS, I'm really looking forward to linux mint being really good. That way I will have a desktop I can recommend to new people. At the moment, I'm not actually suggesting anyone switch. 10.04 is just too old (I use it, but with separate repos for libreoffice and firefox). 11.04 is annoying and buggy. fedora is no good for someone who actually wants to use their laptop for playing dvds/mp3s etc. and I've never really gotten linux mint. But cinnamon looks promising.

PPS - firefox 10 IS good news - I think firefox is really excellent. It's fast, and I currently prefer using it over google chrome. It seems to be more reliable with loading webpages, and I also like the chunky gtk2 tabs and buttons.


Awesome podcast guys, but I still miss Mike though

For what it's worth

Noticed recently in a random papershop in sydney:
Linux Format Magazine with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu live installs... Thanks, very much, was juxt a tad too late, I've set up Mint but great anyway, Live distros still rule!

Is that really the latest magazine? We aren't just held back for any reason are we? - Are we?

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

Linux Driver Tutorial!

Don't forget to put up Greg Kroah-Hartman's Linux Driver tutorial! Is there a link for that?

Epson drivers

I recently bought an Epson all-in-one and also found the drivers online, just like Effy, although I did search for them first before buying the printer. The drivers are pretty good and installation was easy, no worse than in Windows.

PS, who registered the name Anonymous Penguin ?

+1 to Effy playing the

+1 to Effy playing the tambourine whilst the others whistle and clap. Pleeeeeeeeeeease.

Oh, and carry on letting Jonathan read the news. It's not AQI it's just a Cornish accent? Love a "grammar nazi" post with grammatical errors though? Haha?

Dell printers too

Both of my dell laser printers came with a CD which also included linux drivers. Annoyingly the printer doesn't work without the official drivers! They are easily installed though.

Making a nuisance of yourself.

There were a couple of comments about writing to your MEP/contacting Michael Gove on a couple of issues. How many people actually do stuff like that?

I do! I've written to my MEP recently about ACTA and Windows mandating that ARM device boot loaders leave the manufacturer locked with no option to unlock.

Canonical being Evil

I think it is worth noting that Red Hat/Fedora have successfully built a single product whilst heavily investing in the upstream and now they are a 1B$ Open Source company.

Why is it that Canonical can't do the same; and they are still not making money (as far as I know).

Great podcast guys.

I reckon you should do the "lightning news" section every podcast, most listeners know and understand what's happening in the news and it's a quick way of getting your opinions about news items. I miss Mike already though, maybe you should do a link-up with him?

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