Podcast Season 3 Episode 7


Title: Better late than never

In this episode: Gnome 3.0 has been released while Nokia takes back its Symbian operating system. Red Hat is approaching $1b in revenue and Groklaw is calling it a day. Share in our discoveries, hear our responses to your emails and letters and join us in welcoming a new member to the team.

What's in the show:

  • News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
      • The Humax HDR Freesat digital TV receiver can be modified to enable telnet, Samba and UPNP media streaming.
    • Mike:
    • Effy:
      • Ubuntu has the option to install Mexican Spanish, but it's missing a Spanish dictionary.
      • Most of the salsa dancing classes in Bath and Bristol charge £5 per hour.
    • Andrew:
      • KDE works quite well on the ultimate Linux box.
      • We're living in a golden age of computery stuff.
      • The Avon and Somerset police are actually quite good.
    • Jonathan:
  • You Dare Us:
      Hear our feedback after using Firefox 4 for the last couple of weeks.
  • NEW! Speak Your Brains:
      We respond to your emails and letters. If you'd like to ask us a question or have your opinions noted for the next podcast, email mike.saunders@futurenet.com with subject line "Speak Your Brains"
  • Open Ballot: is Android's success good for Linux?

  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to 40%

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison, Jonathan Roberts and Mike Saunders.

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Your comments

Thanks guys!

Thanks for the longest podcast ever guys... work rather dull at the moment, so this afternoon it is headphones on and time for TuxRadar Podcast to help the work go along quicker.

Thnx for podcast

To gregoriosw, I so agree.

Still spoft you did'nt read my "speak you're brains" contribusion, but it's fin, understand that it opens the flood gates.


"Das not 1980s, Mike - move on." You win for life Effy! xD


Welcome, Jon! I'm an Arch user too (KDE, though). I wonder how many (if any) listeners are Arch fans?

Thankyou and welcome Jon!

I have to admit that my heart sank a bit when I'd heard you'd appointed Jon as your new writer as I had dreams of throwing in my day job as a doctor and applying for the post. Unfortunately, due to all the on-calls, exams and other stuff I'm doing, I didn't have time to install and review fedora :(

Did manage to have a go with GNOME 3 the other day, though - and I'm undecided. It was GNOME2's App/Places/System menus that really sold me on Linux and was a breath of fresh air from WinXP at the time. I'm sorry to see them go. On the other hand, I'm quite excited about what it could become...

After listening to the podcast, I will try firefox 4 and see if it outs chrome. You know that you can right click on the title bar in chrome and select 'Use system title bar and borders'. I'm using this in ubuntu 10.04, and have themed it to match.

Psion/EPOC phone? Was there one? I use my Psion 5MX as my alarm clock.

Totally agree about bug-reporting being so difficult. I tried to report a bug in ubuntu that didn't even allow me to get past the boot stage in 9.10. I'm pretty computer-savvy, but it took me a good week to find out how to report a bug without using apport (which obviously couldn't run).

If we're going to start putting 'powered by linux' on devices, then we're going to need a logo. Effy? I think the next stage to get greater desktop adoption of linux is to persuade large software companies, such as adobe, to port their stuff over. Unfortunately the main one we need is MS office, which MS will never port to Linux. In that case, we'll have to lobby the EU to open up Office file standards, so that libreoffice can have full compatibility.


Humax Foxsat HDR (Freeview+) modification

Graham any chance of linking to the mod that you mention in the above podcast. Googled and found posts on digitalspy and avforums, but would be good to follow a tutorial/walk through? Maybe an idea for the magazine or too specific?

Gnome shell

I've been using the gnome-shell preview since it was included in Fedora 14, and I love it. I absolutely hated Gnome 2.X, I found it was a mix of all the worst things from Windows and Mac, plus a bunch of other messy crap that got dumped in, so when I was on Linux, I hopped between XFCE, Enlightenment 16 and 17, and Fluxbox, then I got a Mac.

Coming back to Linux after a few years on OSX, I love the way Gnome 3 gets out of my way, is incredibly keyboard friendly, and reduces clutter. Gnome 3 now matches and exceeds the workflow I had in OSX using Quicksilver.

To launch apps, I hit the "super" key, type a few characters of the app I'm looking for, hit enter, and I'm done. No grabbing the rodent necessary.

Similarly, I can hit super to pull up an "expose-like" display of all my running apps, and alt-tab through them. Gnome-shell handles alt-tab through subwindows perfectly.

My only complaints are, that gnome-shell requires hardware acceleration, so I can't run it in my KVM sessions yet, and handling virtual desktops is a little cumbersome at this point. I'd like to be able to pin apps to desktops, and there's an extension to do that, but I haven't tested it yet.

I object to the haters looking to get back panels and the other wasteful cruft inspired by Windows 95. Finally, after years of feeling like Windows 95's lunatic cousin, Gnome feels like I'm using what Mac folks will be getting five years down the line. Cheers to the Gnome folks for making a really bold, really positive move.

GO JON!!!!!!

Hello, fellow Arch Linux user! (also KDE like "Paul Gideon Dann"). It's a great distro, good choice.

Nice to see there ARE actually other people who use it. Much better than Gentoo IMHO, Gentoo kept breaking on me (probably because I don't know how to use such a powerful tool properly....). It's also nice to see a mention of the Begginer's guides, the whole Wiki is awesome, rivalling those of MUCH bigger distros.

La tarifa de las clases de salsa


Es fácil explicar la tarifa alta de las clases de salsa en Inglaterra:-

La traducción inglesa de salsa es "sauce"
El adjetivo es "saucy"
Por lo tanto, el precio barato de cinco libras de una hora de "saucy dancing" es una ganga......

A quick explanation for English speakers:-

£5.00 per hour for "saucy dancing" seems like a bargain.......

surrogate mum

"____ is so easy a penguin can use it


Arch is cool, but I'm getting tired of the "Arch is l337" mnetality. If it's "l337," it's not because it's difficult to install -- it isn't! Using Arch is practically as simple as using Ubuntu, only with Arch you have to install Gnome (or whatever else) with a command. Big deal!

Not a complaint or a criticism, but rather a plea for people to check out what Arch requires before acting like only Gods can use it!

Another one for Arch

Hey Jon,

Another Arch user here. I have recently done a fresh install, and only because I wanted to try a fresh Gnome3 desktop only.

I am usually an avid Xfce user, and still love the light desktop.

So it was with caution that I wiped my hard disk and re-installed. So now I am running raw Gnome 3.

It's a challenge to the way I am used to working, but I am getting used to it, and so far it is not bad.

Once the little quirks (bugs?) get ironed out and more configurability is added, I think it will be a very decent alternative.

Not sure if it will permanently replace my love of Xfce though.



Pretty good content, worth the wait. The new mags PDFs are up now too... so I guess it's a nice easy Easter break? Enjoy!

Yet another Arch

I too am an Arch user (admittedly a recent convert). Ubuntu/OpenSUSE tend to appear when I take screenshots for tutorials as it tends to be quicker and easier to run Live/in a VM/on a spare system, but Arch generally seems to have vastly improved in the past year or so. I particularly like the zen nature of being able to customise your system to your exact specification :)

Yay Arch!

Chalk up another Arch user here. I first installed it on my desktop machine four years ago (almost to the day). It's since made its way onto a netbook and, thanks to the PlugApps folks, an ARM-based mini-server. It'd take a lot for me to use anything else these days, quite honestly.

First of all

... I would like to welcome Jonathan to the LXF Team! :)

I also switched back from Chrome to Firefox... mainly because the password remembering feature in Chrome broke and I don't know half of all my passwords these days! :D

Firefox actually has faster/better performance with internet applications and its proven somewhere on the internet. The customizable GUI is great too!

Best point on this episode!

Better post this up before I forget to do it later but Effy made the best point on the podcast!

You don't have to use the terminal to use Ubuntu these days! I very, very rarely use the terminal... its usually only for doing geeky things like compiling or packaging software and that is all!

People need to stop suggesting the terminal for things like adding PPAs when we have a GUI for that. Otherwise Linux will never reach out to casual PC users.

BTW people, Arch ain't

BTW people, Arch ain't "l337", follow the wiki and your fine. I
won't pretend it's as user friendly as Ubuntu, SUSE or Mint. (not much worse than Fedora though...) but seriously, if you've used any Linux system for a while, it's easy. It's like a fisher price Gentoo.

yep A

Gnome 3.0 is going to be better than no Gnome at all you moaning ******'s.


Call me behind the times but I hated Gnome 3, tried it turned it of in about 1 minute, put Gnome 2 back on, chrome meh, Firefox 4.0 is Bloody Awesome, especially on Gnome. On my windows 7 its a bit crap, like most modern MS interfaces(I hate that damn ribbon and home button), its interface is like chrome but on my lovely little Lynx it still has the File,edit,view and all that stuff, only one complaint WHERES THE DAMN REFRESH BUTTON

Salsa y mas

Hola a todos
Tal vez "saucy dancing" a 5 libras la hora puede parecer una ganga, pero eso puede ser solo una promesa incumplida pues nada garantiza el elemento "sauciness" en el baile y todo depende de quien enseña a bailar "Salsa". Tambien insisto en que, por esa cantidad de dinero tendrian que dedicar tiempo para enseñar a bailar individualmente y no en grupo. Si al costo de la leccion le aumentamos el costo de bebidas que consume una persona durante la clase, bueno creo que seria mejor hacer el esfuerzo de ir a un club dedicado a este tipo de musica y baile, pagar la entrada, tomar al gusto y aprender "Salsa" mientras uno se divierte.
¿Y ustedes que opinan?

Speak your brains

I have heard of GTK 3... but what will this mean for end users?

Could you explain to the non-programmer what kinds of things will GTK 3 apps be able to do that GTK 2 apps couldn't?

@Teeroy32 It's right next to

It's right next to the "Bookmark this page" star. Right-click it choose Customise and drag it to wherever you want. ;)

About speak your brains out and more

Is my train of thought really that messed up? You got those questions from all my ranting.

Anyway, I try to take it on the fun side.
When I asked hardware choice I meant does a netbook is ok to make a podcast? or a need something with more punch? (I got the idea that I needed a mic).

Y si, 5 libras por 1 sola clase es un robo. SOLO seria aceptable si te enseñaran a nivel de profesional (para competencias de baile o para enseñar a otros).

Great podcast.
Keep the good work.

Damn you Andrew!

After you clearly encouraged me to download that Arnold app for my phone my wife has stolen my phone and all I get is an endless repetition of Arnold yelling "It's not a tumah!".

On Shippit

My first exposure to Linux was through Ubuntu 6 sent through the shippit initiative during my University days in my home country, Nigeria.

The end of the Shippit program is a sad development, 'cos it was easy to tell bandwidth impaired, potential converts in a developing country like mine, to sign up for it. And they often get it and discover the world of Linux.

Clean, educative podcast.
Keep it up.

good pod cast

I am a jumper - gone from Ubuntu to Kubuntu and have to say it was the best decision. Loving KDE so much I have even got an OpenSuse machine going. Kubuntu is as easy as Ubuntu was once I learnt some new tricks. anyway, keep up the great work and loving the pods.

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