Podcast Season 3 Episode 6


Title: A message from our sponsors

In this episode: Canonical and Gnome may benefit from some relationship counselling. GTK+ 3.2 will enable you to run Gnome apps through a web browser. The Debian Derivatives Exchange (DEX) project has launched and Firefox 4 is here. Share our discoveries, listen to our marketing slogans and hear your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

  • News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
    • Mike:
      • The longest movie on YouTube is called ORIGAMI BOX DESTROY and lasts 478 hours 48 minutes 5 seconds.
      • There's a Linux version of an unofficial sequel to Great Giana Sisters, and it's called Giana's Return.
    • Andrew:
    • Effy:
      • There is a thriving free software movement in Latin America, and the FLISOL event held in April is huge.
  • You Dare Us:
      Hear the results of our challenge to create a new mascot slogan for Linux.
  • In The Dock:
      Graham tries to convince us all of something important.
  • Open Ballot: is Canonical good for free software?

  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to 40%

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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The Fox has lost it tail.

i been testing chrome & firefox ,
my opinion after testing on my box chorme beats firefox in all areas, plus chrome rolling updates beats the firefox cycle .

Man, I hate the Ubuntu

Man, I hate the Ubuntu notification system. It has nothing on Growl.

The biggest problem is that I sometimes want to:

a) read the message
b) focus the app making the message

But whenever I mouse over a notification it just fades out making it unreadable, leaving me scratching my head wondering why it was designed this way.

@LIPS While I understand


While I understand where you're coming from, Firefox does have issues; however I've never been able to understand the Chrome UI.

The lack of a proper title bar is frustrating any time I need to read the title and I'm scrolled half way down the page (this happens fairly often, actually).

It's also quite ugly, using the same unusual non-standard tabs on every system it's run on.

Yeah, these are minor points against it, but Firefox now has a similar interface without (at least on OSX) these annoyances.

I'm quite happy with performance too, although FireBug which I usually have open seems to slow things down some what.

Anyhow, that's the end of my unstructured rantings. :)

Did someone just describe

Did someone just describe MP3 at 320 as "really high quality"?


... For audio streaming over the INTERNET, it is.

How about we use little endian, PCM, 24 bit at 48k wave files for streaming in future, eh?

Bloody wally.

... That really reads more aggressive than it is, and for that I apologize, but please, less picking of nits.


I think I said it used Ogg Vorbis, which to my ears, does qualify as good quality. It certainly sounds excellent on my system, especially considering the convenience it offers.

But I'm not an audiophile. My single SACD is unplayable after my fat PS3 broke, and most of my collection sits on the NAS as Ogg Vorbis at a lower bitrate than the one used by Spotify.

You Dare Us - NOT

What's happened to the You Dare Us section? It seems to have turned into the 'We'll challenge ourselves' section...

Well, as April 1st is coming up, I dare you to get a made-up news item to gain some traction in the Twitterverse/Blogosphere/Whatever other new media outlet you can think of.

I'm sure the competition will be stiff (even from non-made-up news, which seems to get more farcial by the day), but it will be worth it...

Re: You Dare Us - NOT

@bascule: It has been like that for a while, because we hardly get any suggestions for challenges (and the few we do are often way too involved, considering we spend 99% of our time making a magazine for a living!)

-- Mike

The Festival of Latin American Free Software Installation

I opened Effy's link in Chromium-browser (Chrome) and its translated It, opened it in FIrefox4 and its not translated :-(

I think I'd miss translate to much to switch to Firefox full time, there's probably a plug in 4 it but I've already got several profiles with plugins running and firefox is a dog when you add plugins. it can take upto five day to start the fucker up.

You dare us suggestion

Unplug your mouse for a week -- see how productive you can be without it being available at all. It's also a good way to test the accessibility of your desktop! Perhaps each of you could take a different desktop environment to test -- KDE, GNOME 2.x, GNOME Shell, Unity, XFCE... (OK, OK, I know that I've listed more desktops than there are "you"s. :P)

Re: You dare us suggestion

@Barryan: We did a challenge where we used X (mostly) without the mouse, using tiling window managers (season 2 episode 20). And we did a challenge where we used different desktops to our normal ones (I used KDE), although I can't remember which episode that was :-)

-- Mike

Love Your Work Guys

And here are my comments:

I was the greatest lover of Gnome but, if it is not forked I won't be making the switch to either Gnome Shell or Unity
Conky will, for the forseable future, be an essential part of my desktop. I am now taking a closer look at Xfce and KDE and giving some consideration to the other options.

I have been using firefox 4 for 2 - 3 months now. I did give google chrome a run for 3 months but I could not wait to go back to Firefox.
I use a up to about 10 tabs at a time and never had any issues.

Graham you were convincing because I have enough Linux experience to understand what you said. That means that I was not afraid and had been using
the command line at least occasionally. I would not understand "ls," "move" or "pipe" when I first started using Linux.

Did you guys really read through all those posts in the "Open Ballot?" I read a lot but I have to admit, I could not afford to read all of them. Looks like I need to do a speed reading course. By the way, the silent majority did not complain about the brown. I preferred the brown but I have stopped complaining now becuase I use my own theme. It is neither brown nor purple. It is a lovely bluish grey.
I am hoping that Canonical and Ubuntu are making some money. I can't see how. I also can't see how they can continue the good work without making any return.

Firefox Translated

I also opened Effy's link in Firefox, one more click and it was translated to English. Not missing any thing from Chrome. When I use chrome though, I miss Firefox features and add ons which are not available in Chrome.

You Dare Us Idea

Come up with creative ideas about how to encourage people to switch to Linux.

Here's mine: a tutorial distro designed to teach newcomers the basics

@ as a test

Yes, there is an extension: Google dictionary and Google translate 2.3 . But maybe you want to wait for Firefox 5 when it will be fast enough, even with many extension enabled.

You dare us idea.

Just finished listening to the podcast and really liked Effy's slogan. I would really like to dare Effy to create a cool wallpaper that I could use on my desktop using his slogan.
I totally agree with Graham, the command prompt is the best cross distro resource available to any Linux User. Embrace it and it will pay you back in spades.

flame wars

I really, in my core self, hate this kind of war in any community, let alone the FLOSS one. It is imho, in it's nexus, the very cancer that eats away the core of open, free, interchange of ideas.
Don't get me wrong, but...sigh...
I've happily enjoyed both Gnome and KDE(each one as my sole desktop for extended periods of time[as in years]) desktop’s. They are good, they are very good, far superior to win3.1, win98, winxp, winVista, win7 and osx(timeline minded).
The recent anti-collaboration ghost between Gnome, KDE and Ubuntu's MS(generated by KDE & Ubuntu MS) as proven that freedesktop.org has to step up and add a neutral FLOSS specification management system in their goals.
This is not a real "you dare us" project...but...can you pressure a bit to make it knowledgeable in the FLOSS world?
You did manage to get the running donkeys ass brown :D out of ubuntu(I give you credit for that, heheheheh) so I gess you are big enough to broadcast this message(that is if you agree with me :D).

As in Anonymous Penguin

Is Chromium/chrome good for FLOSS?


Hello all,

Thanks for a very nice pod, and yet another great LFX popped into my postbox a few days ago. Great work, guys!

I share Effy's amazement in the FLISOL movement, but my bad Spanish is a hinderance. It would be a tremendous help if Effy could either get somebody to do a writeup/blogpost or something similar about it, or to do it himself if all else fails. It would seem that the developing world has a lot of inspiration for the likes of us.


Your Dare Us --> Mail segment


Two things.

First of all, it's great to have Effy in the podcast and hear him talking in Spanish.

Second, it's a fact that there are more failures than sucessful outcomes in the You Dare Us segment. Why don't you get rid of it and add a Mail segment or a Q&A section?

Anyway, it's a great podcast. Informative and funny.


Re: You Dare Us --> Mail segment (haakin)

Couldn't agree more on the benefits of having Effy present - there's too much German spoken on the podcast - so it's nice to have a change.

Maybe there's a possible article - "learning other languages with open source"?

And here's a possible debate question - is Open Source software less more multilingual/multiculturally-aware than closed? Does the global development of some projects help them become less Anglo-dominated?

Re: Re: You Dare Us - NOT

So I got a suggestion:

Use either Emacs or Vim instead of any other editor for two weeks.
No Gedit, no nano, just vim or Emacs...

Command line and FLISOL

Loved the In The Dock section! The bit about the flashing cursor being a portal... Superb!

Off to share the FLISOL news now! I'm as astounded as everyone else at that one!

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