Podcast Season 3 Episode 5


Title: Stallman wasn't stalling

In this episode: Gnome drops both the maximise and minimise buttons. Mark Shuttleworth admits mistakes were made over the Banshee debacle and Nokia sells most of Qt. Discover our discoveries and challenge results, and hear your own opinions in the Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike:
      • FreeBSD has only one developer working on X.org.
    • Andrew:
      • Thomas Cook, the popular UK-based travel agent, in a departure from its first excursion where it took 570 temperance campaigners from Leicester Campbell Street station to a rally in Loughborough, is currently offering £200 off all Tunisian and Egyptian holidays.
      • KDE's icon for applications seems to hark back to those glory days of boxed software.
    • Graham:
      • Find out when the International Space Station and other random satellites will be visible with GPredict.
    • Effy:
      • Watch Mexican TV with a Windows codec called MoveMedia running on the Windows version of Firefox through Wine.
      • Apparently, there isn't a single Mexican cantina in either Bristol or Bath.
  • News:
      There's going to be neither maximise nor minimise buttons in Gnome 3.0. Mark Shuttleworth says mistakes were made in the Banshee debacle (here's the quote Graham was referring to: "Canonical would like you to succeed, would like to make it as easy as possible for many, many users to adopt your software, and is willing to share the benefits of that with you.") Ubuntu 11.10 is going to be called Oneiric Ocelot and Nokia has sold its Qt licensing and services to Digia.
  • You Dare Us:
      Hear the results of our challenge to create a new mascot for Linux.
  • In The Dock:
      Andrew holds the hot potato for 60 seconds as he tries to convince you of something important.
  • Open Ballot: does free software need a figurehead?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Theme Music by Brad Sucks.

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Your comments

Hmmm.... I am salivating over this podcast!

hey there tuxers! thanks for another podcast havent heard it yet but I have downloaded it for consumption through traffic on my way home! I dare you to improve banshee's ui you have the designer and the coders I think this is possibly the best challenge out there! (mocks and all!)

Have just downloaded to

Have just downloaded to listen in on the way into work...

PS I tried PCLinuxOS from your coverdisc (?last one, or one before) - and was struck by the similirities with Windows. Even the shutdown greying out the desktop, then oddly returning the colour once you'd decided to go ahead with it. Are we consigned to the idea that the best desktop metaphor was Windows 95, and any attempt to deviate from this, is deviating for deviations sake?

Stallman wasn't stallin

If Stallman wasn't stallin', who's Stallman's Adolf?

Fedora does the codec suggestion thing

... but, um, it doesn't actually seem to work.


April fools...

Gnome drops both the maximize and minimize buttons.. we're getting close to April 1st aren't we?

Keep up the good work guys, always enjoy listening to the podcast whilst commuting to and from work.


I live by the sea and I am very familiar with the position and look of that seagull. See the sly wink and the slightly cocked wing. It's bombs away any minute I tell you.


@ Adam
Very funny


Was in HotPicks a few issues back!!! Is that where you discovered it? :)

Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast.

Effy, Have you tried jumptv? No installation necessary it works with Movie player, VLC or runs directly on Firefox (those are the ones I have tried)

If the minimize, maximize option will become obsolete, then the buttons to do so will also become obsolete. What possible reason can there be to keep them? I kick myself when I use them in compiz because using them is pointless. Removing them will quickly fix that habit.

I do believe that Canonical deserves to earn a return on the investment of time on money in Ubuntu. How they go about it is what I have some trouble with. Their handling of the Banshee issue was dispicable.

Thanks guys all is well. All comedy appropriate.

Old Icons

Old icons in KDE? - The Synaptic icon on Debian is replete with a box set, a CD and ........ A floppy disk! 200 disk backup anybody?

Qt: "cute", not "cue-tee"

I'm half way through the podcast (my first), listening to a little each day whilst walking home from the train station. A good listen so far :)

I just got through the bit about Qt, and I wanted to remind you guys that Qt is pronounced "cute", not "cue-tee". Hence Qtopia rhymes with "Utopia", QtCreator and QtQuick flow off the tongue, etc...

I don't think it's a bad thing that Qt has been working on its embedded offering. QtQuick is simply brilliant, and is incredibly useful on the desktop as well as embedded platforms.

Also, if I understand correctly, the act of selling the commercial side of Qt Software to Digia doesn't mean Qt Software will stop extending Qt either on the desktop or embedded spheres; it just means they're not going to be distracted by 3rd-party support.

Gnome and KDE

Gnome 3 is the new KDE 4 - it has too many changes and has gone into the KDE idea - slow, unresponsive and broken. I would even use Unity rather than Gnome S-hell. It runs slow on my machine which is more than capable of running compiz. If I can't keep my Gnome 2.x where do I go? Gnome Unity or Xfce? I hope Linuxmint keeps with GNome 2 and the project is forked or the y use Unity in Gnome 3. My mum has only jsut got used to using Mint 9 with Docky I don't think she will be able to manage this Shell concept.

Good stuff as always!

Just wanted to say that after a busy, stressful day a few bars of the Brad Sucks theme music and some cheery linux geekery really do the trick. The podcast has been my favourite since episode 1. Thanks for all your hard work.

Would love to hear something on the podcast or some features in the magazine about plug computers. They really are fun little devices with plenty of uses. (+1 to that Andres above linking to the Freedombox foundation.)

start and drop

Have you noticed that a few great projects start as linux-open-source greatness and after all the alphas, betas and RC's tend to drop linux due lack of manpower to support linux?
Ex.: Songbird(Mozilla, maybe firefox is next!? lolol)
Can you find more? I dare you to find more.

ps.: I'm not a penguin and I feel used...

not a penguin

P.S.: I'm not a penguin but I'm a linux user since 2000 and I'm solely using linux since 2003

The next open ballot.

Sorry this is a little biased. I am not a KDE user, I am a Gnome user. I wonder if the price we pay for stability is boredom, and perhaps that is why we feel the need to try distro after distro (and maybe this affect doesn't effect KDE users). So perhaps for the next open ballot, Is the multitude of distros the side effect of lack of inspiration on the desktop? Will we see this subside with the next version of Gnome?

Avoiding QT

I must say that after all the recent announcements surrounding QT (and it's possible uncertain future), I will be avoiding QT in my future applications. I think I'll be using GTK, because I'm quite sure it's future is quite certain.

Re: Avoiding Qt

If you're considering avoiding Qt because of an uncertain future, I'd strongly recommend against it. Qt is healthy, and will soon be under Open Governance, meaning that whether or not Nokia continues to develop it (and currently it is), it will continue to develop and grow.

In the worst-case scenario, Nokia will lose interest in Qt, but that in itself would barely damage Qt at all. The current Qt developers will almost certainly continue their work regardless. If Nokia stops funding Qt development (e.g. closes down Qt Software), I reckon Novell would hire the current developers to continue the work anyway. There's no way it's going to disappear: it's *the* most exciting, cutting-edge cross-platform toolkit.

Tuxo Libre


I liked the Mexican wrestling angle. But I still like tux. Let's combine them. A cartoon penguin in a wrestlers mask.


A quick thanks for keeping up the fine work with the podcast. I grabbed the ones from the last LXF coverdisc, which kept me company on a looong drive on a recent "bush trip" here in remote Australia. I even found myself laughing along as you folks worked yourselves into spasms of laughter - robot voice, anybody?
Thanks again, K.

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