Podcast Season 3 Episode 4


Title: Qt, or not Qt?

In this episode: Microsoft and Nokia form an alliance and the GPLv3 might not be welcome on Windows Phone. Canonical gets controversial with Banshee while openSUSE and Fedora users might have to wait for Unity. Hear our discoveries, our limited success with the challenge, and your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike:
      • When the Mageia project started, 600 people wanted to contribute. Now just 50 remain.
      • ...and try an annoying platform game called Syobon Action.
    • Andrew:
      • Google Chrome wins, thanks to the Mariah Carey theme
      • Linux Mint looks too much like Windows, but this can easily be changed.
    • Graham:
      • Dramatically speed up C/C++ project building with ccache.
    • Effy:
      • Ubuntu MX is helping to spread the use of Linux through Latin America.
  • News:
      Nokia and Microsoft have announced a Strategic Partnership, which means Windows Phone 7 will be Nokia's smartphone OS of choice, rather than Meego. And it looks like Microsoft is not going to allow software using the GPLv3 licence on its Windows Phone and XBox platforms. Ubuntu 11.04 will use Banshee as its default music player, and its embedded Amazon music store will be disabled to avoid conflict with the Ubuntu One music Store, while Fedora and OpenSUSE community developers have given up porting Unity for their distributions.
  • You Dare Us:
      The results of our challenge to contribute to an open source project:
    • Mike:
    • Effy:
  • In The Dock:
      Mike tries to convince us that there are too many similar Linux distributions.
  • Open Ballot: does Qt have a future?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Your comments

Give Me Mariah

Lets pronounce Mageia, "Mag-eye" until further notice, although, in the long run, I believe we are going to find it should be pronounced, "Mă-gāy-ă."

I would love to have Mariah Carey on my
desktop or anywhere else she cares to be had.

Mike, that was the strongest argument I have heard for a
reduction of the number of Distros. It was also the most


Normal one more thing please. I couldn't find the joke in that.

I agree

There really are to many distributional that are basically the same. While ideally they would work together but I don't think that it will stroke the egos enough though.

New logo for CrunchBang?

The wonderful thing about art is that it is subjective. Personally, I prefer the original CrunchBang logo but then I would say that, wouldn't I - especially seeing as I'm married to the CrunchBang developer! :D

Nice attempt Effy, and thank you for choosing our Distro logo to redesign.

Nokia's mistake

I cannot believe that Nokia want to have Windows on their phones. Symbian was not that great, but they could have had a winner with Meego or Maemo. When I was looking for a phone last year, I decided against a Nokia phone as they were only offering Symbian phones rather than something based on Linux. I went for an Android phone from HTC instead. And now if all their phones will only have Windows (which is still almost the least popular smartphone OS, and certainly the ugliest smartphone OS) I doubt if I shall ever buy Nokia again.

Robot voice.


Nokia's first mistake was to

Nokia's first mistake was to kill Symbian S80. It's kinda ironic that one of the two first companies to have an actual smartphone that people wanted has so much trouble to have one in 2011.


I can't believed you used Microsoft and vision in the same sentence!

The only vision Microsoft has is seeing what others have done and either ignoring it or re-implementing (badly) and claiming it as their own.


another good podcast

# All credit due to Effy trying to rework the Crunchbang logo! Thanks for the effort.

# Installing Libre Office last week, I "discovered" that a program doesn't have to be packaged into a [deb] or [rpm] to work. So much for the you-dare-us...

# Nokia, and QT, is on it's deathbed. Let's hope there's a plan B for the future, and for our friends in Finland. (Microsoft Dirty Tricks Squad, this looks like)

yet another LXDE distro

You convinced me that there are too many distros doing the same thing (well, I didn't need convincing).

At this point I think there may also be too many GTK desktop environments. Given the direction Gnome and Unity are going, and the fact that the definition of "older hardware" changes every year, perhaps Xfce, LXDE, EXDE and any other GTK-related desktop environment could join forces and form one project to fill the void left by Gnome 2.

They could offer two versions to install (light or full) and two different levels of configuration (simple for newbies and advanced for KDE aficionados), all the while possibly keeping a lot of the inner plumbing the same for each version and reducing duplication of effort.

And they might even implement the shade button from the Metacity spec in the themes!

Banshee vs Canonical

In principle I don't have any problem with Canonical wanting a cut of sales made through Banshee on an Ubuntu machine. I think there are bigger issues in the Linux ecosystem. Moreover, Gnome has a direction they wish to go in with the desktop, and Canonical has a different vision, so it is natural that Canonical would prefer to fund their own vision.

At the same time, since the amount of funds generated by the music store sales didn't amount to much, this did seem like a pointless effort on Canonical's part.

Maybe the funds are going to be distributed to all the developers who will have to rewrite virtually all applications for Wayland (?).

I use Guayadeque in any event, and I wish all music library managers would make podcast management a plugin rather than a core functionality, since I use Gpodder for podcasts (and likewise video management in the case of Banshee).

Robot voice every week!

Yes! Truly! Every week! I'll never get bored of that!

How about a robot voice tutorial?

It was the funniest thing I've heard all week. I just hope the lady who offered to let me go first on the supermarket queue didn't think I was snickering at her kind gesture.

Robot Voice

Robot Voice EVERY FREAKING WEEK. I demand it. In fact, do the whole podcast in that voice.

Is WebOS more or less Linux than Android

I've heard someone say that in some ways webOS ismore open than android. Given the commments about android on the last show is webOS better or worse.
Do either or both contribute anything to the kernal or opensource in general?
Perhaps something for a future show?


@stevec, interesting idea. A month or so ago you mentioned in a podcast that ubuntu wasn't contributing much in terms of souce code in the linux ecosystem and I think that stevec brings this up again in a very opportune time. +1 for stevec suggestion.

cheers dU.

Robot Voice

Guess I will have to start editing out that portion of my podcast before listening to it form now on.


labinnsw, I'm sure the TuxRadar team are really sorry they've wasted 20 seconds of your valuable time with some fun. No doubt they'll give you a refund for all the money you paid. Or you could lighten up...

Name Change

hey having difficulty Pronouncing Mageia then just call it Maggie.
lets see how far they continue with there name Mageia if we start calling the distro Maggie. :-D

Robot Voice More Please.. ;-)

@The Anonymous Penguin who can't own up to his/her comments

The team is not wasting my time, but I, like everyone else has an opinion. I also have certain freedoms. The fact that everyone else wants to listen to robot voice does not mean that I also must want to listen to it. I don't like it but I wouldn't expect the team to not do it anymore for my sake only. I have therefore resigned myself to editing it out because I don't want to hear it. Whereas it may amuse you, I find it annoying. If you would "lighten up," you would probably be able to tolerate one individual not wanting to join the bandwagon. I insist on being an individual.


Wow. You must be great fun at parties, sperging out over every little thing. Were you molested by a robot as a child or something? Get help, seriously.

@The Anonymous Penguin who can't own up to his/her comments

Were you molested by an individual? Does every body you know have to have the same opinion? Can't you be fun without being exactly like everyone else? You need to "Get help, seriously, and a spine too while you are at it.

Sample logo

hey Effy i like the Sample logo for the Crunchbang.
The only comment i can add is when i look at the logo i think "Arch Linux" and not "Crunchbang".

Nice Try Effy ;-)

You Could also have a go of updating the Tuxradar site Logo that be another challenge right there.. :-)

Anonymous Penguin

Did Mike say Plethora? Like Pleth ore A
sounds like a distro


The REAL question at the moment is: how long before Microsoft owns Nokia. My money is on 18 months.

disaster for nokia

Nokia dived off a burning platform right into shark-infested waters! They should have stuck out with Meego. What I don't understnd is why they gave up Maemo* - I use it at the moment and it's an easy to use mobile OS with the best multitasking UI I've seen in a phone, or most desktops for that matter.

*ok, it was because they wanted cross platform integration with qt, but what do they have now? Nokia's only hope is that window-nokia phones fail SO badly and SO quickly, that Elop gets the boot and the Meego team can take over before Nokia folds.

A challenge.

I think you guys should try a whole episode without saying "Linux" or "GNU/Linux" once. I think that would be pretty interesting. I finally watched all of your podcasts in a row and it took forever. Also you guys were trying to figure out what Enlightenment + Ubuntu would be. its Enbuntument.

A challenge

I'd love to see this to it sounds funny!

Enlightenment + Ubuntu =

Bodhi, surely! :o)

I like the logo

The logo looks really nice Effy nice work, any chance its going to be taken up? maybe after a revision or two?

Muchas gracias

Muchas gracias a bobobex, merely jim, LIPS y Devicehandler por sus comentarios. I think I did my best in the week and a half I had abailable for this job. I'd enjoy the challenge and I also believe I did justice to the CrunchBang! project.

also liked the logo...

Only thing is I would prefer the crunchbang logo to be to the left of the actual logo, and the same height. However, I don't use crunchbang, so don't listen to me!


Don't worry so much about being an individual. You'll be one whether you decide to like something everybody else likes or not. You could have made a much better point if you mentioned your freedom of opinion instead. ;)


That was a awesome intro!


I did in my first response to the anonymous penguin mention that that was my opinion. I don't think he/she cared. Plus I don't think his/her comments deserved a reasonable response. Those comments made to the anonymous penguin was more of a retaliation than anything thing else. They were subdued because I was exercising restraint. I am in fact not at all worried about being an individual, but I am not going to let it slide if someone is rudely trying to tell me what I should find amusing. He/she got off lightly.

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