Podcast Season 3 Episode 24


Title: Live from the WestGate Pub

In this episode: HP gives WebOS to the world, and Chrome is more secure than Firefox (according to Google). We discover an 80s games magazine, a Linux games client, a museum in Mexico and Mint's upgrade policy. Hear your views in our Open Ballot , plus, Mike joins us and Effy makes another video!

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And we're sorry for the background noise - we were in a pub playing festive music.

Check out Effy's video from the first few minutes of the podcast.

What's in the show:

  • News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike:
      • ACE magazine from the late 80s used to give review scores out of 1000.
    • Graham:
    • Jonathan:
      • Apparently, there's a Cornish pasty museum in Mexico.
      • And Isohybrid is a brilliant tool for making distros boot off USB sticks.
    • Efrain:
      • Linux can turn you into a monster. Well, it can if you upgrade Ubuntu with a Mint disc.
    • Andrew:
      • The official Mint update instructions, where Clem asks whether you really want to update, are commendable.
      • GnuCash needs a simple intro screen and beginners' tutorial.
  • Rants and Raves
      Mike and Jon both rave about awesome things.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Thanks for your contributions, and we're sorry Graham forgot to bring them along with him. We'll read them next time. If you'd like this section to continue, email graham.morrison@futurenet.com.
  • Open Ballot: Winners and Losers of 2011

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison, Jonathan Roberts and Mike Saunders

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A few images from Effy: 1 , 2 .

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Your comments

humble indie bundle

Tangential to the podcast - how do you buy the humble indie bundle from UK? Does the amazon payments work from amazon.co.uk?

re: humble indie bundle

I've always used PayPal without any problems (other than only knowing what it will cost in ££ when you get to the payment page).

Spotted an error in the notes

Says in the podcast ACE gave ratings out of 1,000. Notes say 100 :)

Re: Spotted an error in the notes

Fixed, thanks. Blame the beer :)

I wish I had said that!

The postcast mentions a comment by me (I thought I would register but commented as Steve Newbs yesterday).

You credited me with the comment that was actually made by Fr33d0m (not verified). I do agree which his point but feel that they deserve the recognition for their view.

Keep up the excellent work. I am a junior sys admin and I am gradually getting through the podcast back catalogue and recently subscribed to LXF. It constantly provides me with projects and things to tinker with at work. Many thanks

I was in a massively foul

I was in a massively foul mood today until I listened to this podcast at work. And took advantage of the free mulled wine they're giving out outside my office :)

Thanks guys!

Although next time please given Effy more time to talk about pasties. I am serious about this.

Merry Christmas each and all

And in other News..
Any one else get an Email from Google this Morning?
It reads "Many happier holidays"
Because of you, this giving season we’ve been able to donate $40 million to charitable organizations that are working to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

I am glad that avoided taxes are being used to avoid paying even more taxes. Win!

Happy hollidays

Happy hollidays,

Like the podcast and subscriped to the magazine because of your podcast.


Please can we have some more info on isohybrid particularly how to get it installed on Arch

Merry midwinter festival of choice

Thanks for the podcast, was a fun one.

Marty Feldman

It was good to see a real giant of British comedy at the end of Effy's video in the form of Marty Feldman!


Can you provide the link to the other "Business Accounts" software you were talking about.

re: humble indie bundle

I have used amazon payments from amazon.co.uk payment with no problems for HIB.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for another year of absolutely splendid podcasts, guys! I really enjoyed this one, and the video (thanks Effy!).

By the way Jon, even I scored more points than you in the quiz. How many pints had you drunk by then? ;)

give effy more pirate apps,

give effy more pirate apps, :-D


You might be having a little trouble finding it because it's Business Accountz (with a Z instead of an S), but given that little bit of info, any decent search engine will find it.


On my system, isohybrid is owned by syslinux. Otherwise, it's a very simple command: isohybrid /path/to/iso.iso

Hope that helps!

@Huw - only two halves(!) - I have no excuses!!

@ Ray Woods, Anonymous Pirate and Free gluhwein

Ray, yes the pic is from Young Frankenstein from 1974 (I know, I am old) Great film!

Anonymous Pirate, please don't, do you remember the trouble that I nearly got my self into last time?

Free gluhwein, yes! it was bad that they did not let me finish my comment about "Enpanadas" it wass going to be super interesting!

New tradition??

Is it now a tradition to play the Pink Pony remix at the end of each podcast season?

playing Festive music?

So, you're all musicians as well?

Best wishes for the festive season, look forward to the coming year, and to say many thanks, and good luck to Mike who despite his comments I think will be hard to replace.

Merry Christmas to you all!

More shows from the pub. Sounds like you're having fun.

More shows from the pub. Sounds like you're having fun.

Happy holidays

Phenomenal show. Please let Effy intervene a bit more for the benefit of Spanish-speaking listeners.


Unfortunately, the few games I tried from Desura on openSUSE just don't work for various reasons. One requires a version of a library that's older than what's in opensuse's repository.

I love the idea, but they need to execute a little better.

Podcast Virgin

This was the first one I've listened to and subsequently I had to download them all.

Mike leaving - sad indeed, I thoroughly enjoyed his articles in general, but even more so the one Uncle Sam one teaching you the basics of Linux.

Apples and Pears - These lawyers are hilarious - copyrighting a shape. I'm sure I've seen this concept on Star Trek long before iPad was even a myth.

Keep up the good work!

Podcasts 2012

Are you going to continue with the podcasts as you were clearly the best in the Linux world in 2011?

Straight to the point, entertaining and you didn't have to search through drivel to get to the meat and potatoes.

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