Podcast Season 3 Episode 22


Title: Live from Mission Burrito

In this episode: Fedora 16 has been released, Ubuntu may not include Banshee next time, and Mint may have found a way to upgrade to Gnome 3.2. Hear our discoveries and your opinions, and enjoy the lunchtime ambiance of an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Plus, a bonus video!.

Many thanks to Mission Burrito in Bath for allowing us to record in their restaurant, and also for the fantastic food and drink!

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Fedora 16 has been released, and it's a great update that includes lots of new cloud features. Banshee may be dropped from the next version of Ubuntu, and Linux Mint seems to be making the best of both GTK 2.x and GTK 3.x for its next release.
  • Discovery of the week:
  • Rants and Raves
      Mike and Graham tackle the worst and best of things and stuff.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Thanks for your contributions. We've only had a couple of responses recently, so if you'd like this section to continue, email graham.morrison@futurenet.com today.
  • Open Ballot: Is Android fragmentation a problem?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison, Jonathan Roberts and Mike Saunders.

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Your comments

I too must confess my love for Jon

"devices that you twist"



I suggested a vodcast during the mass IRC chat we had a few months back, so keep those videos coming! Good to see support for webm too.

Always enjoying the podcast.

Bye Mike :(

I can't believe that was your last podcast. I wish you all the best for the future and I'll look forward to reading your articles for LXF.

Effy - thanks for the video! What a lovely, attractive bunch you all are! Can we have more in the future? :)

Fun to see your faces! More

Fun to see your faces! More videos plz!

Unix/Linux as Christian religion

I completely agree that one's dedication to a particular dialect of Unix or Linux is precisely like religion (as does your text editor of choice; in the interest of full disclosure I am a vi man).

Back in my Usenet days, when I was doing Unix technical support for AT&T, I evolved the following rough taxonomical equivalences:

Unix prior to SVR4: Pre Vatican II Catholicism
Original BSD: Lutheranism (or possibly C of E)
SVR4: Vatican II Catholicism

In this taxonomy, the various commercial *nixes end up being various mainline Protestant denominations, and Linux (which at the time I was creating this was still rather new) being akin to evangelicalism (which would make things like Slackware or Arch like mormonism or unitarianism).

Faces to voices!

I didn't picture you each having to lean towards a mic when you wanted to speak. It's an enlightening insight.

As is learning that Effy has quite short thumbs.


I think Linux Mint found way to turn Gnome 3 into usable DE. If Gnome devs would have any common sense they would integrate addon to upstream. But they are as usual morons, with idiotic-simplistic philosophy of design, so this would not make to the top.
Also Mint Devs should get rid of huge main bar of windows (another idiotic Gnome Devs decision).

Great Podcast

I'm not sure why, but "Live from Mission Burrito" was one of my favourite of your podcasts in a loing time. You continue to make Thursdays my favourite day. As for the GUI for pacmd, that wouldn't be too difficult to do, one question... GTK or Qt (or maybe Tk)?

It's gonna be really different having Mike gone, but I know you'll find another competent person. Just don't let Jon leave.

Excellant again guys...

...ok the next time you do a podcast from a restaurant I better have some snacks with me I was starving at the end...

Mike, I got the Haynes Linux manual from santa last year, it's really good!!

...what will santa bring this year, wireless mouse and illuminated keyboard i hope...

Can't wait for the next podcast...


I think it's cute the way that...

... Andrew and Jon have buddy up on a single mic. Also, in all seriousness, I found the ambient noise on this podcast quite pleasant, as were the acoustics, and they didn't interfere with the podcast. On some previous editions, I've found the ambient noise a distraction, such as other meetings going on in the vicinity. Perhaps you should continue this way?

What does Efrain does in linux format?

I've seen lots of post's complaining about Mr. Efrain's participation in the podcast and most of them are very unpleasant. The thing is...Mr. Efrain participation is very limited in subject. Either he talks about Mexico, or about burritos and some very elucidative times he talks about Linux in America Latina or the Android pirate apps :P. I believe that the latin participation in this podcast is bound to be welcome by everyone if Mr. Efrain, actually, participates in the podcast.
I apologise if I sound rash, but I would rather hear about this open source enthusiast successful integration in the UK than Mission Burrito(no matter how good the burritos taste).

P.S.: I bet that Mr. Efrain complains allot about the lack of sun in UK...thats a given lololololol

Discovery of the week

While spray Balsamic vinegar sounds like a great idea, sooner or later your plate is going to have to be held vertically for it to be of any use.

Ubuntu genius

"Ubuntu may not include Banshee next time." So, with them (probably) switching back to Rhythmbox, is this a prime example of Ubuntu's genius for long-term strategical planning?

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