Podcast Season 3 Episode 21


Title: Vienna Calling

In this episode: Mark Shuttleworth wants Ubuntu to be everywhere within the next couple of years, and we cover Nokia's developers' conference from last week. Listen to our awesome discoveries, share our joy and mirth in the new section and hear your own opinions in the wonderful Open Ballot.

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What's in the show:

  • News:
      Sadly, but for the best reasons, Mike is leaving us (although he'll be around for a few more podcasts yet). If you'd like to join the team, take a look at Future's job site. In other news, Mark Shuttleworth has written on his blog that Ubuntu is going to be everywhere - on phones, tablets, TVs and smart screens. And Nokia has outlined the future of the Qt toolkit.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
      • The first episode of 'Brave New World' on Channel Four is proof that Linux is the can-do operating system.
    • Andrew:
      • Burlesque isn't quite as good as you might expect from the Wikipedia description.
    • Jonathan:
      • arXiv - a pre-publication place for research papers.
    • Efrain:
      • Technology can make children even more awesome. Mathletics.co.uk being a great example.
    • Mike:
      • The word 'Flak' is derived from the German phrase Fliegerabwehrkanone.
  • Rants and Raves
      Andrew and Jon tackle the worst and best of free software.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Thanks for your contributions. We've only had a couple of responses recently, so if you'd like this section to continue, email mike.saunders@futurenet.com today.
  • Open Ballot: Is Android fragmentation a problem?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts.

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Rain and thunder recorded by Mike Koenig (CC BY 3.0). Theme Music by Brad Sucks.

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Your comments

I love Hudzilla keep it going. add a little code news to the pod

Maybe a one minute whats hot section ?
C# meant windows to me and after taking some java classes I did not want to program any more. I do still write python, and I am very glad Mono exists. I have to write for multiple platforms now, and its looking like C# and mono is the way to go. I usually pick up one issue at a time from the news stand but I Love the podcast and am wondering if the half price deal is still on. Also it was your magizene that I found after a year of hammering CLI in Ubuntu, I spent some time in Hong Kong and found your mag in a book store. I bought every issue that year. Your american friend ,Ron P.S. CentOS user.

reet nice podcast

Goodbye Mike. Thanks for the laughs and learns.

First Paul, now Mike. If

First Paul, now Mike. If Jonathan goes, you've lost a listener. ;-)

Mike! No!

Mike has always had a special place in my heart as a great representative of the advanced users and programmers, and I've always enjoyed every feature he has in the Podcast. It will be a different show without him. Mike: happy trails elsewhere, everyone else: keep on 'casting.

With heavy heart,


without Mike?

Without Mike, what will become of Mike-OS?

Great rant this week

Title says it all. My favourite rant (or rave) so far - especially as I also think Unity is pants.

p.s. Jon has briefly mentioned Elementary OS a couple of times. Would love to hear more about Elementary if possible - there's not much info about it around.


Does that mean he has to peel the stickers off his cube face? lol.

Cheers Mike. Don't be a stranger (I'm looking at you here, mr hudson).


sudo apt-get install mike2


As an owner of both the N900 and now the N9 I have been very impressed with the OS on both phones.

On the N900, it may not have been quite as sexy as some other consumer smart phones, but it made up for it in the flexibility and power that it offered me - absolutely awesome. I feel it was/is better than the sudo linux based Android phones. As an overall package it was fantastic!

And now the N9 - why oh why have Nokia given up on this. It is a real example of what can be done with a great OS and great design. I still think the N900 is more flexible, but as a sexy consumer phone the N9 really shines. Unfortunately it is going to suffer from a lack of Apps for consumers.

Speaking of Apps - I am not someone who thinks more is better. One of the advantages of the small App base was that the majority of them were quality, useful Apps because for an App to make it into the repo it typically came from someone with the desire to do something good and useful and not make 'fart' apps. Creating an App required skill so was not something that anyone could do - limiting the cruft.

Unfortunately unless someone else does something with Meego (or its replacement) I am going to be forced to have an Android phone next up - but I will have 2 years to think/worry about that. In the meantime I will continue to use both with pride and pleasure.

Oh and Bye Mike

I have been a listener since Season 1 Episode 1 and I have really enjoyed your input on the show - I will be sad to see you go. Love the place you are leaving for though - next time I come to Europe to ski I will make sure it is in the Austrian Alps - I normally ski in the Australian Alps where there are Kangaroos :-)

Mike leaving....

Gonna be a hard ct for his replacement to live up to...

On the UEFI thing, I'd rather hear something definitive off the back of the Linux Foundation/Red Hat/Canonical white papers than ZDNet half baked reassurances.

I'm Swedish. But I see how

I'm Swedish. But I see how north and east Germanic names are easily confused :)

I'm laughing out loud, such a merry, post-pub podcast!

I think you should do the last podcast of this season from a pub. The sort of establishment that has fantastic real ales, a roaring fire, a large collection of single malt whiskies, a big lazy dog in the corner and absolutely no big screen sports.

I am so dissapointed

I can't remember ever feeling so deflated. Mike is an invaluable irreplaceable part of tuxrader. I never wanted to know what it would be like without him. Mike you will be sorely missed.


Who's going to find awesome German words now????
IT won't be the same without him, though if his replacement is as good as Jonathan was when he replaced Hudzilla, then it will be fine.

Mike, you haven't left because of that distro roundup from the first LXF where you didnt include Slackware have you?


Good luck, Mike. We'll miss you.

But don't worry, Andrew, Graham, and Jonathan -- we'd miss you too.

UBuntu's Plans

What Ubuntu is proposing with regards to fridges etc is only going to work if have a suitable gui environment not unity I hope.

Farewell and Exactly how

It's sad to hear that Mike's leaving, but all the best to wherever you end up in the world. I have a sneaky suspicion he's been fooling everybody with he's German skills and is secretly planning on getting a job at Mission Burrito. He did seem quite eager to get on the Burrito topic in this episode.

And to Graham, exactly how did you get onto the topic of nipples at a QT conference?

Will miss you Mike!

Wish you all the best in your future endeavers...

Can I also say that AT LAST someone has said a good thing about maemo/meego! Those of us who own an N900 have been saying it is the most awesome thing since linux... :) No other mobile OS allows you enjoy multitasking quite so much in something so small...

I haven't tried an N9 - as they're not selling it in the uk (I think because Elop is worried that too many people will find it awesome, and therefore question the MS deal), and the N900 still does me well...


Pronunciation, people, is important. And bye, Mike!

*sniff, sniff, Mike is going. You will be missed.

And whoever it was that pronounced 'hyperbole' so appallingly, they need to be reprimanded. 'high-purr-bo-lee' not 'hyper-bowl'. :)

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