Podcast Season 3 Episode 20


Title: Whisky Galore

In this episode: Ubuntu 11.10 has been released and includes lots of innovation and fixes. LibreOffice is coming to both a web browser and Android device near you, and co-founder of UNIX, Dennis Ritchie, has died. Share in the joy of our discoveries, hear us rant and rave, and listen to your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

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What's in the show:

  • News:
      Congratulations to the Ubuntu team on the release of 11.10, which fixes many things and adds lots of new features. LibreOffice is coming to Android and browsers, thanks to the HTML 5 output in the GTK+ 3.2 Broadway backend. And one of the co-creators of UNIX, Dennis Ritchie, has died.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Andrew:
      • Type the words 'Richard Stallman' into Google and the second auto-suggestion adds 'is an idiot'
    • Mike:
      • The PiTiVi project includes an audio file to help you understand how to pronounce the project's name.
    • Jonathan:
      • In Arch, you can get Tracker in Gnome Shell to include Google Docs by running the xdg update tool.
      • As it's the height of mushroom picking season, 75 year old Roger Philips has put his magnum opus on avoiding Destroying Angels, online, for free.
    • Graham:
      • KBruchs, a mathematical educational tool for KDE, is brilliant and demystifying fractions.
    • Efrain:
      • The Mexican Constitution is available as an app on the Android Market.
  • Pleasantly New Section: Rants and Raves
      Graham and Mike tackle the almost new section in their own low-key styles.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Thanks for your contributions. And as ever, if you'd like this section to continue, don't delay - email mike.saunders@futurenet.com today.
  • Open Ballot: Has Ubuntu 11.10 fixed the problems with Unity?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts.

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Your comments

yes, yes

I tried it and the idiot choice is the second after is name. Never searched for stallman in my work pc and I never login in google from it as well, so yes, great discovery :D

Dennis Ritchie's Foreward

@Paul_S: You're right! That's exactly how I came across the book in the first place too, in a thread on Hacker News I think. Thanks for pointing it out :-)

Thread... where?

I think this thread should be under "podcasts" rather than "features"...

Re: Thread... where?

Well spotted heiowge! Should be fixed now... must be the whisky :)

looking forward to listening

looking forward to listening to this on the early morning commute tomorrow!


You can tell and Arch user by......

Lol. Jon brought a smile to my face.

You can tell he is an Arch user by his casual mention of $XDG_DATA_DIRS and $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS without even considering he may need to explain these environment variables to some listeners.

I myself am guilty of this (also being an Arch user) and often miss the looks of puzzlement when I mention anything to do with XDG.

I suppose it could be considered both a good and bad thing that some distro's have got to the point where users no longer need to know about these things.

Perhaps this could be a future Open Ballot topic - Is the loss of under the hood knowledge in some linux distros a good or bad thing?


Mint Was Never #1...

You guys mentioned that a few weeks back or so Mint was above Ubuntu in Distrowatch rankings. Well, during new release weeks, I'm sure a lot of distros have periodically risen to the top of Distrowatch. But besides that point, you guys also missed the fact that Ubuntu has like 7 or 8 different "official" flavors that are all ranked separately on Distrowatch where all of Mint's editions are lumped into one ranking.

That being said, I'm sure Mint has gained some users. But I think those gains are going to subside very shortly when they have they too have to move on past Gnome 2.

I doubled up laughing at

"how many wings has it got? ... Does it have a beak? ... How many eyes does it have?"


Thank you Graham.

Ah.. Mushrooms

All the free software that society saw fit to shield you from can be unlocked with Magic Mushroom.

Windows 7

Hear hear re Windows 7 Starter.
Came 'pre-installed' on my Asus EeePC. First time I switched it on, it must have spent over half an hour 'Copying files', with the obligatory two-dozen reboots, of course. And when it was finally ready, what great software have you got? Erm, Notepad and MS Paint.
CrunchBang took probably less than half an hour to install from scratch, everything 'just works', you can easily have half a dozen apps open at once (yes, including Open Office) with no slow-down whatsoever. OpenGL's pretty swish as well.

@Keine Ahnung

People put up with this utter crap because it's all they know. People don't see problems with Windows as problems with Windows, they see it as problems with computers themselves. Talk to any non-technical person and they'll talk about how using a computer is irrational, unreliable and frustrating. They also put up with it because they see Windows as standard, proffesional, and the only sensible choice for any computer user, it's used by businesses, right?

Long live Tux!

Unity and the like are for toys not real computers

It is very obvious that the major desktop teams have gone to the same stupid firm of consultants for the "future". Luckily the Mint Team don't know their address and will deliver us from these lunatic ideas.

Unity and the like may be okay for Tablet computers but for the majority with a normal desktop/laptop and keyboard, it is useless. Tablets are okay for playing things on but, for real work you need a keyboard/pointing device, not a toy.


Hi Graham. Splendid rant about Amarok! Have you tried Clementine? It's a fork of Amarok 1.4, ported to QT4. It's brilliant and embodies the reasons Amarok used to be good. It's very actively developed too.

Ritchie link wrong

The link for the Dennis Ritchie news item goes to a page at Phoronix about LibreOffice.

Creator of C

and we mustn't forget the fact that this amazing man created the programming language C

KDE4 on Atom N550 netbook.

Thanks for speaking my brains! I might just have to send in another one...

Just a BTW... KDE4 runs great on an Atom N550 netbook. That's with the standard 1Gb RAM too. I have half considered installing LXDE or something as an alternative, purely because the desktop takes a while to start on reboot. I probably won't though because I usually suspend to disk rather than shutting down so it's pretty much 'instant on' anyway...

Nice show, however...

Good show! I enjoyed it as always. However, I just expected a better judgement from Jonathan on Unity. His "review" sounded a bit biased. (And it sounds like he prefers something that may be called "beefy miracle"?) Since he wasn't around during some of the other challenges (like running KDE 4.0 for a fortnight) I think he should take the challenge of using only Unity for a full month! Then we might get some more journalistic opinions instead of "it felt slower and bugier".

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