Podcast Season 3 Episode 19


Title: Best Laid Schemes

In this episode: Canonical launches an app developer portal and there's a new mobile Linux initiative. We create a whole new section of the podcast, discover lots of things and discuss whether secure booting will hinder Linux adoption.

Sorry for the delay! More through luck that judgement, we're back on an every-other-Thursday schedule.

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What's in the show:

  • News:
      Canonical has launched an Ubuntu App Developer site to help people create and publish Linux applications, and yet another 'mobile and device' operating system has emerged. This one's called Tizen, and it's a project hosted by the Linux Foundation with support from both Intel and Samsung.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Jonathan:
      • Geek.com is reporting that there are approx. 2000 pre-orders per hour for Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet.
    • Efrain:
      • We should write an investigative article on the potential for Android Market piracy.
    • Graham:
    • Andrew:
    • Mike:
      • The TEA text editor is packaged as an ELF binary with no dependencies (other than Qt), including the pixmaps, manual and Morse code generator.
  • New Section: Rants and Raves
      Jon and Andrew tackle the new section in their own inimitable (thanks AutoCorrect!) styles.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Thanks for your contributions. And as ever, if you'd like this section to continue, don't delay - email mike.saunders@futurenet.com today.
  • Open Ballot: Will "secure boot" hinder Linux adoption?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison, Jonathan Roberts and Mike Saunders.

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Your comments

Nice one

Enjoyed the podcast but I'm struggling to hear Effy speak. Any chance of getting him (or whoever gets his seat next time) their own mic?

Absolutely agree with Jon

The new gdm style is both aesthetically and functionally nasty.

I've not noticed any problems (or in fact any difference at all) in Gnome Shell itself since updating to 3.2 though (also on Arch).

I'm looking at Slim as a replacement for gdm but I like the simplicity of just running gdm as a daemon. Slim seems to require quite a lot of configuration and I'm not sure I can be arsed for the sake of a login screen.

More on UEFI and Linux.

You can't do Linux with the enabled. The kernel source code is under GPL v3 which requires being able to compile it yourself.
You cannot compile a private key into it (unless whomever signed the physical chip) is willing to give you their private key.. which I highly highly doubt would ever happen.
For good reason too.

Audrey Horne ...

... is the goddess-like young lady with the crush on Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks. It was most definitely a compliment!

New Microphones please

Your microphone technique sound like 'pass the parcel', with hands grappling the microphone as it is passed around the table. How about investing in a microphone for each member of the team, microphone stands and an audio mixer? It will do wonders for the audio quality.

At worse, you could use two microphones in stereo mode (shared between the team on each side of the table) then, using mix down to mono in Audacity.

But isn't Android becoming ever more a closed OS?

Just to get this out of my feathers - as a long time listener and user of a N900, please can you stop knocking Meemo etc. Yes we know they have lost their main backers and will become specialist distros but they are still linux and still open source which Android is slowly moving away from. Would like to see a distro that can be used on all platforms ,desktop,laptop, mobile etc but an open one.

oh and stop up grading your macs and get new mikes

sorry for that ,feel better now .

thanks for the great

thanks for the great podcast.

i was getting bored of earring about DIY..


good podcast

seems to have got some Mojo back. But the sound quality was dreadful.

You know it actually sounded like Mike said "..Firefox was breaking peoples HardOns.."


Ive never had a "Hardon" in front of my computer and I object to the inference.

For Anonymous penguin (last one)

You've never lived! lol. That's what the internet was made for!


As long as you're using a mike each, since there are 5 of you, how about releasing the podcast in 5.1 surround? It'd be like we were really there! :o)

for Eponymous Nanguin

So who gets the .1 of a microphone?

@MOD Joshua

I believe they said "/var/lib", not "/bar/lib"

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