Podcast Season 3 Episode 18


Title: Maybe Baby

In this episode: Ubuntu should move to a monthly release, according to Scott Remnant. Bruce Perens has come up with a new scheme for copyright ownership and Linux Format turns 150. Hear how successful we are at discovering things, building mesh networks and thinking up excuses.

Re: Baby causes podcast delay
Thanks for all the kind comments! The baby started to arrive during editing, which is why there's no mention of her in the show!

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Scott Remnant, formally of the Ubuntu Technical Board, has blogged the suggestion that Ubuntu should move to monthly releases. Bruce Perrens has suggested a new scheme of copyright ownership for free software developers. And the world's most popular Linux magazine, Linux Format*, has just reached 150.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
      • The Arch User Repository and its package format is brilliant because you can download source code, proprietary software and pre-built packages, and they're all installed in the same way.
    • Mike:
      • The original name for Kelloggs was the Battle Creek Toasted Cornflake Company
    • Jonathan:
    • Andrew:
      • AbiWord is better than Adobe's InDesign
      • In the language of predictive text, 'scotts' is also 'pants'.
      • The Greek public transport system is called scotts.
    • Efrain:
      • Skype is fine from a computer, but not so great from a smartphone.
      • Part of the Clash's 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go' is sung in Ecuadorian Spanish.
  • You Dare Us:
      Hear how we grasp success from the claws of abject failure.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      Thanks for your contributions. And as ever, if you'd like this section to continue, don't delay - email mike.saunders@futurenet.com today.
  • Open Ballot: Is Linux really so secure?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts.

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Your comments

I dare you to

use your own tutorials and make a DIY Distro that you can produce at least one page of LXF with.

Thank Goodness

Thank goodness for the new podcast - my fix.

For some people its coffee but for me its this podcast

Re: DIY Distros

I don't think we'd need a DIY Distro for that though -- you can get the required software (Scribus, Gimp etc.) in most distros via normal methods.

A few years ago Nick Veitch made a four-page feature using Linux, so it's doable, but IIRC the biggest issue is with getting fonts, images and the resulting PDFs in all the right formats for the printers. That's where the challenge lies I think.


The Clash....

One of the best bands of all time.....

Phone Story

They are advertising that they have been banned from iPhone, but AVAILABLE on Android (63p).

Hey it wasn't a great idea as in GREAT idea..

But I would I you to do a "You dare us" that was actually from a member of these comment pages.

It seems like its been quite a while?

We dare you dare us?

What about a we dare you dare us?
Since about 25% of your mag seems to be given over to coding these days as well as Mr Nick 'taking-over-the-world-one-Python-script-at-a-time' Veitch's Arduino projects, you set us a programming challenge for the run-up to Christmas. I know there are the project links from this page but something specific for the end-of-term, so to speak. Any language from C64 BASIC to C# and any libraries but all dev and build tools must come out of the 'free' section of the Debian/Ubuntu repositories or equivalent. Of course Team LXF would be invited to take part as well.
Go on, dare yer ;)

A great idea

Keine Ahnung, that's a great idea.

I submit this program I wrote in BBC Basic about 23 years ago after the whole class got lines. With 10 minutes of the lesson to go, we were told that we'd all get 10 lines for every time she told us to be quite. So here's my program written to produce 370 lines:

(with the printer on, I forget the code for that)

For I=1 to 370
Print"I will not talk when the Art teacher is talking."
Next I

5 children did the lines. Most didn't. I "won an award" for taking the mick. hehe


Sorry. Quiet, not quite... my bad.


Sorry. Typo, not type.

Epic demo (requires vice)

10 X=1024
15 Y=55296
20 FOR I=0 TO 999
30 POKE X+I,INT(RND(1)*256)
40 POKE Y+I,INT(RND(1)*16)


Then sit back and relax... Psychedelic!
(That's GPLv3, by the way, in case anyone wants to fork it.)


Now I just need a BASIC emulator to try it on...

I dare you

To use something other than Google search for a week.

(And in the process find me a Google search replacement because I'm getting sick of how shit it's become for non-everyday-stuff (it's still great for 90% of the stuff I want it to do but it's getting increasingly shit for slightly complicated searches and +I'm +finding +that +I +have +to +do +this +more +and +more))

I will not send beer, but I will gladly make tea and cake.

Why do people buy Apple products?

The question was asked in the podcast.

Simple answer: Baaaaaaaaaaa



for spangwiches

They did a you dare us a while back when they used bing for a week. Concensus was that it was a good system, but let down by the search results.

You could also try DuckDuckGo. They are like google, but with a much better privacy policy.


Why, they are part of my 5 aday, Granny smith, Golden Delicious, Mackintosh Reds....

OK Beers it is!!!

Tell me which UK company takes online orders (for beer), will deliver, and accepts paypal

Give me the delivery address

Build a plug-in solution to my calc search problem

I am thinking around 15 beers but there is some room for negotiation.

Offer open to anyone willing to take it up, not just the LFX team.

@ Ram


Exactly. Rams go baaaaaaaaaa too!


Sorry, you did better issues in the past ...

If you want to get some beer from the continent, you've to work harder ;) IMHO this podcast wasn't that good than the past four, five issues ...

for heiowge

Thanks! I'll give that a go.

A baby?

A baby? I wonder if you can run linux on one of those...

Linux for babies

Maybe Tiny Core?


So you told us about an event that takes place on 17 and 18 September, on a podcast that was released on 19 September?
Not very good planning...

Badgers, Babies, and Rolling Releases

Well, I once read a book titled "Installing Linux on a Dead Badger". Surely installing linux on a Live Baby can't be too difficult! Just gotta find the USB port..... Congratulations on the new addition!

Oh..and as you pointed out, rolling releases are GREAT. I came to Linux to avoid the problems and the 6-12 month reinstallation cycle of that Redmond-based "distro". I wasn't too happy finding the same update cycle with some popular Linux distro's. I've been running PCLinuxOS for 5 years now. Reinstalled exactly three times, once because I borked it, once because of a "toolchain update" (PCLOS2007), and once because of a combined toolchain update (PCLOS2010) and NEW hardware. I loved installing fresh software on fresh hardware, it feels SO good. PCLOS is not bleeding edge, it's tested and stable. Stuff rarely breaks. If Firefox rolls out a new version, it's in the PCLOS repository within a day or so. Some call it boring, I like DOING stuff rather than FIXING and REINSTALLING my system and, I have the latest apps if they are stable. : )

Great show guys!

Re: dates?

If you're read the website, you'll have seen that the podcast production was delayed because of a team member having a baby.

However, we're very sorry for the dreadful planning and will refund the money you paid for the podcast.



I never really liked Abiword much, but since you guys are always banging on about it, I thought I'd give it another try.

I had a go at putting in a Hanging Indent - there is a field in the Paragraph settings. I typed in 25mm and Abiword duly inserted... a First Line indent of 645mm. All my text duly disappeared off the page completely.

Bugzilla lists a number of bugs associated with paragraph indents. A similar one to the above problem was opened in 2003 and is still listed as *NEW*.

I have persuaded a few of my work colleagues to try OpenOffice.org rather than Word. With such a basic task as line indents producing such a catastrophic result, I have no chance of persuading them to use Abiword.

It is a pity, as I like the idea of Abiword over OOo (which was a fully-fledged proprietary product that was opened up, rather than a 'pure' open source product). Unfortunately, the reality of using it sends me back to the bloated, over-specified but actually usable OpenOffice.

Server dare.

I dare you to publish a start to finish column on a complete Linux server setup(rpm distro please) as a domain controller with LDAP, DNS, Samba, DHCP, and,rsync coverage in depth over a few months. I love the magazine and I buy select issues. Having an in-depth nuts and bolts guide in the magazine would be a resource that would make me subscribe.(at import prices)

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