Podcast Season 3 Episode 14


Title: Live from Andrew's House

In this episode: Apple asserts its patents against HTC. CentOS 6 has been released while GNU Hurd might be ready for the next Debian. Listen to our discoveries and your opinions, and share our joy in finally managing to complete a You Dare Us challenge.

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Apple has partially succeeded in asserting two of its patents against HTC (and Google has now pledged support for HTC). CentOS 6 has been released and GNU Hurd threatens to be ready for the next Debian release, according to the most recent progress report. And Mike and Graham are off to Portland next week for OSCON 2011. Say hello if you see them and check TuxRadar.com for reports on their adventure.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Jonathan:
    • Andrew:
      • Installing Debian 6 is a 'labyrinthine' proces.
    • Mike:
      • Dixons wasn't founded by someone with the name of Dixon.
      • There's a new Red Hat Enterprise Linux rebuild, Ascendos.
    • Effy:
      • IBM does good things for Linux.
      • and Mission Burritos is opening a restaurant in Bath.
    • Graham:
  • You Dare Us:
      We all did it! And here's the results of our 'draw a penguin' challenge from the last episode:
      • Jon:
        Jon's Penguin
      • Mike:
        Mike's Penguin
      • Effy:
        Effy's Penguin
      • Graham:
        Graham's Penguin
      • Andrew:
        Andrew's Penguin

      Let us know which one you prefer!

      Interval music is called 'Once Tomorrow' by Josh Woodward (CC BY 3.0)

  • Speak Your Brains:
      We respond to three more of your five emails. Thanks for the great feedback. As ever, if you'd like this section to continue email mike.saunders@futurenet.com today.
  • Open Ballot: Is it time to start trusting Microsoft?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts and Mike Saunders.

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Theme Music by Brad Sucks.

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Your comments

Poor Tux. What have they done to you?

What one earth was going through you minds when you mutilated Tux that way? I don't like any of these. But I do like the idea of a new updated version of Tux logo. Maybe done from those who work and have skills in graphics.

You Dare Us -

It's hard to decide between Effy's and Graham's. I am going to give it to Graham because it seems to have more freehand involved. Effy you did a good job but it looks more like a CAD product. Jonathan excellent effort and good result. Mike and Andrew, please redo.

You Dare us - Drawings

Jon's penguin gets my vote, how about doing this again but with everyone uses the same app for drawing.

Art Criticism

Jon's aquarelle penguin with highlights and shadow effort is my fav and definitely wins my vote

Effy's second with a font-art stylistically simple penguin (someone forward this to the opera browser)

Mike's surrealistically reminds us of how all Os's Except MikeOS are just a brick (no 'ceci n'est pas un OS/penguin' line?)

Graham's disney-ish penguin is cute .. but disney is not what you normally associate with free open source now is it?

anyone having trouble seeing Andrew's penguin bash head on keyboard 3 times then squint cross-eyed (jokes aside the effort of wanting to use old style turtle graphic is nice and it would look really nice on a retro style project for Linux)


You're a bunch of weirdos. Gotta give it to Jon though; that's an excellent effort. Graham's a close second.

Not listened to it yet but...

I've got to wonder why it looks as though Mike picked up his penguin from a butchers as a block of meat? Is this what he's planning on doing to poor little Tux when MikeOS rules the world?

Jon's has my vote though, very cool and yet slightly creepy with those staring white eyes. What's that Tux, you want me to hurt people?

Re: Thanks guys!!!

No probs Joshua! And I uploaded 2.2 of MEMEDIT two hours ago -- I posted on the mailing list about it :-)


vote from me

Andrew, your mondrian tribute gets my vote. Eventhough the whole point of Mondrian's work was to be non-representative rather than abstract or deconstructionist as you've gone for. But of course, maybe you're way ahead of me and are making an hilarious absurdist art-history joke to see if people are sophisticated enough to pick up on it.
Or maybe you want me to think that because you're masking what is really a quite trite and trivial work in overly intellectual claptrap.

Whatever you're going for, just know that I get it, OK? I'm dead clever, me. I know all about art and that. Just shut up.

Gosh this is stressful. Now I know why I quit my job as an art critic.


I like mike's penguin best. Probably why I need to diet...

Hurd hurd hurd... hurd is the word... LOL. Big time! Cheers guys.

I too give a vote to Jon's -

I too give a vote to Jon's - what a cutie! second to the mondrian (though I didn't realise mondrian was meant to be non-representative - you learn something new every day!)

Oh, great now GNU wants to

Oh, great now GNU wants to destroy linux as well, ie by making Linux distros run on herd kernel so there's no more linux to it. Well they'll have to take a number. They can have the core utiltys but I'm sticking to a Linux kernel (and I'm sticking to X.org (and I'm sticking to GNOME 2 )).


Now They have made Hurd nearly ready, and the GNU system is almost done, they will Have GNU/Hurd not GNU/Linux, and then we might be able to drop the GNU/ from Linux!! Since Stallman's tossing away Linux from GNU then can we sort out the name?

Love this podcast. =) It's

Love this podcast. =) It's really interesting and fun to listen to.


If The Bauhaus (collective) had had computers they would have loved GNU/Linux, but they'd have loved GNU/Hurd even more. Andrew wins.

Also they would tell you that a "Drawing is a Drawing" the method is irrelevant. A drawing is a "Drawing" by virtue of context.

"Had had" probably my favourite two words put side by side ever.

Penguin Stickers!!!

Andrew's is my favourite. But PLEASE slip them all into the next issue of LXF as stickers, then we could use 'em to cover over our hated Windows keys & generally pimp our machines.


These logos are depressing and scary :(.

I did like Andrew's right up

I did like Andrew's right up until Austin Prior's reply and I got a bit confused about all the big words.

The eyes in Jon's are a bit soulless in a scary sort of a way.

I must say that I though this was going to be a rubbish You Dare Us. Thanks for proving me wrong.

Jon's design get my vote

Jon's design get my vote

I read through the comments

I read through the comments after voting and saw the link to MikeOS, I've been listening since ep.1 and thought that was a joke. Will put it in virtualbox and take a look.

Jon's is my clear winner

It makes me feel happy and warm inside.

Jon's is awesome

Title says it all. Jon's is very nice. I do like Andrew's though. Nice and out of the in box.

Jon's wins, but at what cost to our souls?

The eyes! The eyes! Jon's evil Tux wins hands down. Especially when you know it was made with 'his pain' and a dagger in the N for good measure.

IBM video/commercial

Recently I have gotten into listening to podcasts. The first Tuxradar podcast I listened to was Season 3 Episode 14, your most currently released broadcast. Thanks for the great work!

One of the guys (sorry, don't know which one) was talking about a video he had run across lately from IBM. It featured various stars (including Mohammed Ali and others) and concluded with a child sitting in a chair. There was a series of these commercials IBM ran here in the United States when they (IBM) invested one billion dollars in Linux that first year they announced they were going linux. The general message was we (IBM) believe that Linux is the future of computers and we (IBM) are taking all our current customers this way, the good way.

We all know what IBM has done since for linux. It has turned out very well for them, as a company.

As an added note, I remember there being one commercial that featured Patrick Stewart (then in the height of Star Trek Next Generation stardom) commenting on the birth of a linux as compared to a child. That child sitting in the chair hungry for linux knowledge. We all hunger for knowledge, so please keep giving us more great broadcasts. Thanks, again!!

A Different Implementation of YUM

You should try the Mexican Cornish pasties - they're really nice. My brother married a Mexican girl and she had a good recipe - when they go back to visit her relatives they always bring back chilis and get the local baker to make up a big batch for everyone - YUM!

Grahams penguin is my favorite

It stares mournfully into my soul, with undying eyes of sheer misery. It should be the new SlackWare mascot!

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