Podcast Season 3 Episode 11


Title: Come back Mike!

In this episode: Mageia 1.0 has been released while ASUS promises three new netbooks running Linux. Meanwhile, back in California, Oracle tries to give OpenOffice.org to the Apache Foundation and you can hear some of our best discoveries, our worst challenge results, and your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Version 1.0 of the community fork of Mandriva, Mageia, has been released. Hardware manufacturer ASUS is putting Linux back onto its netbooks, with the announcement of three new devices bundling Ubuntu 10.10. And Oracle has tried to give OpenOffice.org to the Apache Foundation.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
      • Generate an amazing set of UDP, OSC and HTTP messages from geometric paths with an awesome piece of software called Iannix.
    • Jonathan:
      • There's a great independent online music magazine called Ramen Music.
    • Andrew:
      • German food isn't all bad.
      • 1&1 irons out spikes in the electricity pumped into its data centre with a fly-wheel.
    • Effy:
      • People who hate DIY shouldn't build glass walls.
      • Unity doesn't work.
  • You Dare Us:
      Share in our bug-squashing challenge success. Or not.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      We respond to three of your emails and come up with another awesome plan! If you'd like this section to continue email mike.saunders@futurenet.com today.
  • Open Ballot: Do you trust the "cloud"?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison and Jonathan Roberts.

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Open Office

Go go Jim Jagielski! Hopefully this is a potential step forward. Open Office lacks richness and document processing flare.

Submitting a Bug....

I'm not sure whether you would call this a bug, but I tried to install both openSUSE and Fedora onto my desktop in order to try out gnome 3 shell and failed because my graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460) was not supported out of the box. There were suggestions on the web about installing the NVIDIA drivers but they didn't appear very user friendly (when compared to Ubuntu's Additional Drivers)!

Great job everyone :-)

I've lost half of my hearing due to this horrible head-cold, but I'll be back soon. You did fine without me. It sounded a lot more... peaceful :-)


Like us!

Sorry but I'm NOT a FaceBook user but I do like your pod casts!

mike's away

he's off sponsoring MikeOS afternoon of code, half a pint of best and all the code you can write!

Unity Home Launcher

For now at least, if you middle click it, it opens a separate Nautilus window

the wardrobe full of hard drives

If only I did :P
I have to suffer with a 2005 HP ZV5000 laptop (it's immovable) with only a 40GB internal HDD. However, I do have two 500GB Seagate external HDDs plugged in constantly. I could probably fit 700 3.5" HDDs in my wardrobe, and if they were 2TB each thats 1.36 PETABYTES of data storage. With all that potential storage, you could not only store every LOLcat on the internet :P but you could also loan space out to friends and run your own cloud :P
The two 500GB drives I have have about 20GB free space left overall. What's stored on them? Well, I have a vast collection of media from iTunes, the .mov videos from my camera take up 2MB per second of video and there are a load of linux isos.

(wardrobe note)

admittedly I would probably need a lot of power and a huge ventilation system, but it would be awesome nonetheless.

Dead news

Wow the news section was pretty dead this episode but nothing the guys could have done about it really.

If more stuff had happened in our Linux world I would have things to talk about but alas I do not. I really don't care about this new license for Openoffice.


Iannix sounds cool, if you know what to do with it. I challenge you to use it productively*, and put the results up to be voted on.

*In this instance, productively means, make it do something cool.

PS: The news section wasn't dull - the impact of Ubuntu on ASUS netbooks is huge, I'll buy one the day they are released, a real 'watch this space'. If it's been 3 years since the first dodgy EEE PCs I reckon people will find Ubuntu as usable (sorry, *better*) than windows. It's one step closer to a linux desktop.

PPS: My captcha appeared to say 'thar tithero'. What is a tit hero and where can I get one?


I love Germany and it's food, but only their language could have slang that was longer than the real word!!! LOL.

You dare us....

During the "Speak Your Brains" segment, Graham mentioned that he had never tried any of the GUIs for configuring GRUB. I'd like you to have a stab at installing BURG on a multi-boot system and setting it up successfully. No opting for the Sexybuntu background though - leave that in the wardrobe!

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