Podcast Season 3 Episode 10


Title: Lovelock and load

In this episode: Fedora 15 has arrived and the next release of the kernel may be called 3.0. We discover some interesting things, comment on the awesome IRC session we all joined, come up with an adopt-a-project plan and ask, should Gnome become Linux-only?

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Hurray! Fedora 15, code name Lovelock, has been released! The next release of the Linux kernel might be version 2.8, or even 3.0, according to Linus Torvalds. The game Graham's talking about is Oil Rush. And MeeGo 1.2 has also been released.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Effy:
      • Android phones are surprisingly responsive.
      • Leonardo da Vinci wrote from right to left with inverted letters.
    • Mike:
      • A great headline from the BBC, 'Cuts will Damage Physics in the UK'
      • The Amiga game Pushover has a Linux remake.
    • Jonathan:
      • An article in the Metro newspaper claims that a random group of untrained non-technical people can successfully attack a WPA-PSK Wifi network in less than 15 minutes.
    • Graham:
      • KDE's Dolphin has built-in batch renaming.
      • There's a Linux version of 'mlr', written in 'C', that communicates with the serial port directly. It's called rove.
    • Andrew:
      • Apple's computer sales have been growing faster than PC sales, even in local government.
      • Windows 7 doesn't work so well on Andrew's VirtualBox.
  • You Dare Us:
      We give our opinion on how our IRC challenge went and come up with a new idea for the next episode.
  • Speak Your Brains:
      We respond to three of your emails and come up with an awesome plan! If you'd this section to continue email mike.saunders@futurenet.com (with subject line Speak Your Brains) today.
  • Open Ballot: should Gnome become Linux-only?

  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to 40%

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Efrain Hernandez-Mendoza, Graham Morrison, Jonathan Roberts and Mike Saunders.

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Your comments

Love the problem solver

Haha, I need to remind myself of the ultimate problem solver saying windows is better than linux :D

oggenc help needed

I have my flac music files in the ~/Music folder which is organised into subfolders for Artist and Album.
I have got aotuv working with oggenc to convert my flac files to vorbis for my MP3 player, but I have to go into each directory manually to convert my flac files to ogg vorbis.
I then have to issue a separate command to move the vorbis files away from the flac files into a separate ~/Vorbis directory.
How can I get oggenc to recursively batch convert all flac files in the ~/Music folder to vorbis and how can I duplicate the subfolder structure of ~/Music under ~/Vorbis and have the Vorbis files put there?

My virtual box must be better than Andrew's

cos win 7 works in mine :D

Andrew, Win 7 and VirtualBox

Windows 7 doesn't work so well on Andrew's VirtualBox.

Andrew - Try KVM. Works for me.

What would you call the

What would you call the GIMP? It could be considered the bitmap/pixel equivalent of Inkscape, so perhaps:

- Bitscape; sounds like a bit torrent client
- Pixelscape; doesn't roll off the tongue very well

Thoughts? Also, just donated $20 to the GIMP.

Buzzomatic is super cool

Wow - $20 is pretty amazing! Great work :-)

Also, I just found out that Canonical has been sponsoring the Deja Dup developer to get it into shape for the next Ubuntu release, so that's one very cool application that's being supported by a distribution...

Fedora 15 for the Win

just finished play around with Unity interface and found to many strange lock up's with application not closing or moving back to the springboard, so i gave Fedora 15 a look look and i must say i like this la ot more then Unity. Fedora just feels and looks more professional, the Search application section of Fedora just looks far better then Unity and Works where Unity Application selection is mess(broken)..

after several hours playing around with my USB LIve test i did a clean install of Fedora 15 to my HDD and im very happy...


This is Season 3 episode 10 not 9

Doh! wish there was an edit button in here...

Graham and Mike

The game you're thinking of is Multiwinia. I don't really play multiplayer games so that's the one Introversion title I don't have. It's depressing to hear they didn't release a Linux version (or a Mac version, it seems) though.

Mike, you made some good points that I hadn't considered. If that is the reason more developers don't support Linux, then all I can say is it's a massive shame. There's absolutely no question any more that a huge gaming market exists in the Linux community.

Just think how much less market share Microsoft would have if not for this.

I too am a genius!

Like Leonardo Da Vinci, I'm left handed and can write sdrawkcab as well as forwards. In fact, I write all my shopping lists in mirror form to irritate shoulder surfers. :-D

batch rename files

using ubuntu natty and selected several files. I pressed some key combination I do not recall and the popup came up asking what name#.jpg or something to rename in order.

So maybe it's nautilius and not kde?


Can't wait for a live stream. Shouting at the phone doesn't seem to work.

The game is OilRush, currently at 0.64 I think.

And yes, PushOver came with the A600 and was sponsored by Quavers and featured G.I.Ant.

Thanks for the mention

Hi Mike,

Like The Gimp I have an awkward name for future reference my names are pronounced Wu-yawn-go and Pee-ree so now that's out of the thanks for the mention, great podcast as always and I love the plan. When do we start?


Hi, Can't remember if it was this podcast or the last one you were talking about laptops which work with Linux etc, well i was pleasantly surprised when i clicked on a link in a mailshot this week from Novatech.

The link was for their own branded laptop, not sure how well it would fair with Linux but I'd imagine fairly well these days, but getting to the point you can actually buy it without (yes you read correctly) an operating system installed.


@Jon A

Yes, Novatech have been doing hardware with no OS installed for quite some time. A look in their forums will show you that several others will have asked if a particular machine will work with Linux.


Also, can i just ask why you are using virtualbox? KVM is the way forward :)

Tux Radar Rocks

Hey Guys,

Dropping a line to say that I thought you really came into your own this episode. In the past it has sometimes felt a little forced but this eps had a really relaxed feel - even Effy coming late added to the relaxed feel. I really appreciate hearing your opinions and you seemed to get into a smooth flow this ep that was very enjoyable to listen to. Keep telling it like it is and bewitching us with your siren tones.

From your biggest fan...

Need a link to the Metro article please

Googled the h@ll out of it but was unable to find it. If you can find it again Jonathan, please post! Thanks! (And no I'm not after the tutorials; it would help me settle an argument with a friend over the efficacy WPA-PSK. :))


Re: Need a link to the Metro article please

Much obliged Graham! Your Google-Fu is better than mine. :)


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