Podcast Season 3 Episode 1


Title: Overtaking Manoeuvres

In this episode: Firefox overtakes Internet Explorer in Europe while Android overtakes iPhone in the US, and TransGaming transforms Cedega into the GameTree Developer Program. Discover our new section and hear your own opinions in our Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

  • News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham:
      • Add your own notes to the System Log with the logger command.
      • Hardware accelerate your VNC sessions with VirtualGL and TigerVNC.
    • Mike:
      • A distro that calls itself OpenWall GNU/*/Linux, or OWL for short.
      • Michael Dell appeared on stage at CES 2011 with a 10 inch, non functioning, Dell Streak device.
    • Andrew:
      • Better late than never, Andrew has joined the ranks of twitterers.
  • You Dare Us:
    • Hear us think of a new idea for the next episode on the spot!
  • In The Dock:
      It's Graham's turn, but what can this section possibly be?
  • Open Ballot: will you be buying a tablet in 2011?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Theme Music by Brad Sucks. 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' produced by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com).

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Your comments

Yet another happy day

Thanks for making my day a good day!
45 minutes pure awesomeness!

And I was not convinced by the KDE propaganda :D too much talk about configuration scared me off.

Its 2011

And the RSS feed has 2010 for Season 3 Episode 1 :)
Thanks for the great episode anyway...

@Tobias Q

Thanks for the heads-up. I've just fixed it.


Thanks graham for explaining why everyone should use KDE!
Sitting here on a KDE desktop and enjoing your words.

Hilarious opening

Made it totally worth ; -) Here's to a new year!

Mobile phone interference

During quite a few of the past podcasts from you I've noticed the same buzz, like that which can be picked up from an FM radio, if you have a digital mobile phone nearby. This interference can be heard clearly towards the end of this latest edition.

Would it be possible for you all to either leave your phones outside the studio or, turn them off:¬?

Great show by the way but, I'll be sticking with the version of Gnome that Mint uses and not the KDE desktop, it works for me.


Thanks graham for explaining why everyone should use KDE!
Sitting here on a KDE desktop and enjoing your words.

Sorry for posting as anonymus penguin. I forgot!

BTW the reason I call myself Penguin hurt by x-ray is beacause is said no penguin was hurt in this x-ray in LXF 131

OGG RSS Broken In Amarok..?

This has happened with the Linux Outlaws before but for some reason S02E24 is last one Amarok detects for me...

One more thing

One of the things that made "one more thing" so good was Paul's overreaction to being interrupted by Mike (yet again). Is Mike now going to interrupt himself?
Oh go on, just give it a go.

Tablets are baubles, little more

I have to disagree with the contention that tablets (or most touch screen devices) are more pleasurable to use than more traditional keyboard-based devices. The touch-screen keyboards take us back to the days of the TS-1000's membrane keyboard, only worse! Outside of a few specific applications (perhaps as medical chart readers in a hospital, etc), I don't see them as having any real merit beyond being status symbols.

Perhaps I'm wrong, but the internet is becoming MORE interactive, not less, and so convenient text entry still is important for most internet users.

lots more things

I quite enjoyed the one more thing, I'd love to see it come back.
And I intend to return to the fold of KDE soon. I really miss the configurability. I just hope they've ironed out the bugs, re-implemented the missing features etc. Not that Gnome even has those features.
Keep it up guys.

I can add a gamepad-ish

I can add a gamepad-ish attachment to my nokia n900 over the slide down keyboard, and I don't have to lug around a big fragile thing. I can put it in my pocket. How is one supposed to carry a tablet anyway? Like a school kid and a book? Or is the purpose of tablets only to sit on the couch at home, not to take them anywhere?

That Dr. Suess ditty rocked!

Creative start to new season! Thanks again for consistently applying yourselves for our enjoyment (looking askance at Andrew).

I'm not sure I gleaned what there was to defend about KDE, but always enjoy hearing your recorded voice Graham, especially when you laugh uncontrollably (any of you for that matter).

Though potentially thorny, I would appreciate a segment that looks in depth into philosophical/ethical/political intersections ~ how Linux/FOSS/FSM relate to the world at large.

Another idea is to take a hypothetical idea and round table it.

Finally, I dare you to do a podcast in a virtual world (e.g. Second Life).

One more thing

Sorry, posted this under "Open Ballot," was meant to be posted here.

Please bring back one more thing. The show cannot end properly without it.

I would use KDE but when I

I would use KDE but when I made my full switch over to Linux Mint had yet release their version 10 with KDE(still haven't). Which is quiet good actually as it made me change my mind regarding Gnome.

Regarding the one more thing, they were a rather nice end to the podcasts.

Subscription price

There's a link on this page to a special subscription offer. And on that page, it says US$107 for a year's subscription. But if you click the link, it takes you to a page which gives a £100 year's sub, which is more like US$160. I can do US$107, but US$160 is a bit of a stretch. Help - I'm going into withdrawal without my LF fix!

Wait... one more thing!

It was indeed a jovial way to end the show.

Damn you Tuxradar!

Damn you Tuxradar!

Not Convinced

Grahams effort to convince me on how great KDE is... failed!

1. Top 3 distros all use Gnome.
2. Bulk of the effort from the Ubuntu devs goes into Gnome and most of Ubuntu's features exist only on the Gnome version.
3. KDE has lots of options like you said but that is also one of its greatest weaknesses.
4. You said there is lots of KDE software available but Gnome has far more native apps out there.

I don't think I need to make any other points.


Graham has in fact managed to persuade me to use KDE. I'm currently downloading Sabayon (always wanted to try it too and the LXD disc won't boot for some reason) and intend to put KDE on it. Double experiment, then - exciting!

Cheers Graham.

Switched to KDE---thanks Graham!

Following Graham's effusive comments about KDE 4.5 at the end of season 2, I had a play with it on both Fedora and Ubuntu. It has genuinely turned a corner---I have used neither Gnome nor Xmonad since.

For one thing, you can put Window buttons where you damn well please (as it happens I prefer them on the left now, which made Fedora's Gnome slightly annoying).

There are indeed great applications that make the switch more compelling: my favourite is Kile, which is the best LaTeX editor I've used; and Dolphin, whose integrated terminal gives it an edge over Nautilus. I haven't met a qt app yet that has made me pine for a GTK-based alternative. Were that not the case, it would hardly matter---it's not as though we have to abandon favourite applications.

Graham's long years of dedicated wandering in the KDE wilderness were clearly justified!

RSS feed

the link for the feed is quite hit and miss with programs and not at all with an android phone. Can you help?

Tried KDE after Graham's

Tried KDE after Graham's efforts, defintely better than I remember, there is a bewildering array of settings and they seem to be all over the place though. I'm sure if you know how to use them you could make it awsome, but what I did try didn't look as polished as Gnome to me. We'll see how I feel when the next releases come out... also I saw an article saying that traditional PC sales at Christmas had been hurt by tablet sales, maybe this year Linux based tablets will flourish, adding to the theory that Linux on the desktop is irrelevant but it can win in new sectors, where people have different expectations of what they install and use?

Look forward to the podcast btw, infact could you do more/longer ones please?

Who needs configurability?

I gave up on KDE some years ago because I just couldn't be bothered configuring any more. All this after spending years messing around with themes and other stuff. Now I barely even change the default Ubuntu theme bar the background image.

I just want something sensibly set up, easy to use and looks nice. And to be honest, every time I see the default KDE4 theme I shudder and realise I'd need to reconfigure it /all/ to fit my styling preferences. And I just can't be bothered.

@Andrew Bowde

Different distros implement KDE differently. A fresh install of the latest Sabayon, for example, is stunning.

Agreed with regard to weekly podcasts by the way - that would be awesome! Currently I only enjoy my commute once a fortnight!

Keep one more thing if possible

I typed up a nice well thought out comment then accidentally hit some key on my keyboard and lost the whole thing. Too lazy to come up with it again, so I just want to say keep one more thing please.

Still Not Convinced About Tablets

I appreciate the points about interacting with the web on tablets (a la their current form), but I still think they will be a bit of a flash in the pan, unless they come down in price a hell of a lot. They will have a niche market for instant-on web browsing, but at the prices they are currently they are too expensive to be more than an expensive toy that is an addition to peoples' computing collection. However, I think touch-screens will move forward alot, and I reckon the netbook/table cross form-factor will take off - I don't know what the actual device itself is like, but the concept of Dell convertible netbook/tablet really impressed me - a keyboard in the netbook format for when you want one and a tablet format for when you don't.


just to say thanks, great podcast, good start to the season.... when's the next one???? i can't wait..!

Tablet PC

A good tablet PC should have:

A linux-based OS, perhaps Ubuntu or Android 3.0+
Ethernet socket as well as wifi
Mobile internet (3G)
USB ports
Memory card socket
Good battery life
Screen not too glossy/reflective
Good on-screen keyboard
Ability to plug in a USB keyboard and mouse on the USB ports
HDMI output
AMOLED or similar display


If you look at all those displays at football grounds you will see a pc tower at regular intervals all round the ground


How about none of the above and just a framebuffer?

X.org/Wayland, who gives an ablusion

Lets all go back to the 80s - fbi, byobu, the old cast off laptops are my lobster - though I must admit this isn't something that most people want from an operating system

Best regards

1) Yes, "one more thing" should stay, it's been a staple over two seasons now, and the podcast wouldn't feel the same without it. (Perhaps someone other than Mike needs to take the role of intercedent, if he's going to be in the role that Paul took .... ?

2) Desktops are still a kind of personal choice, and like religion, apostacy may better be avoided ... I've been a user of both Gnome (>1.3) and KDE1, 2 and 3, (not 4 yet!) and the real issue for me was that as each progressed, what used to work suddenly wouldn't, or the decorations were broken (using a gnome app on kde, and vice-versa). But I'd have to suggest that for someone coming from another OS to linux as a new user, KDE probably looked most "comfortable" or "familiar" for them (but YMMV, and I've not seen 4 yet ...)

3) there is no 3.

cheers, and also - where's podcast ep.2 ??!!

PS : can the comment area place the cursor BEFORE the user's sig / quote? I'm guessing no, but just wondering?

There is no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you in its hands

Sigh. Just got around to

Sigh. Just got around to listening to this podcast and your talk about VLC being removed from the app store is so ill informed. You failed to mention the most crucial bit, which is that the only reason VLC got removed is because a rogue VLC developer who is clearly a freedom zealot decided to contact Apple and make a formal complaint about VLC iOS app being copyright infringement. Apple had no choice but to remove it. That is why no other GPL apps are being removed from the App store, because their own developers arent shooting themselves in the foot.

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