Podcast Season 2 Episode 9


Title: Google Gaggle

In this episode: We discuses the three big Linux-related announcements from Google. We present our amazing discoveries from the last fortnight and ask whether anyone is excited by the HP Slate.

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Three big Google announcements. First, it has released WebM, an open source media container to compete with H264. This was followed by Android 2.2, full of new features for your mobile, and Google TV, bringing Google goodness to your living room.
  • You Dare Us:
      Move along, nothing to see here.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike: Hex editing on the command line with 'xxd -r'
    • Andrew:
    • Graham: Use xinput to setup multitouch on your Synaptics touchpad.
    • Paul:
      • Python ain't so bad.
      • Talk cautiously at Nigerian weddings.
      • and Marvin computers.
  • In the Hot Seat:
    • Mike Saunders is this episode's reluctant hero.
  • Open Ballot:

  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to 40%

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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Your comments

webm wohoo!

sounds very promising! just hopes it dosent get sued and destroys the codec

symbian is a bit strange

i have a symbian open-source phone but it dosent support any free codecs

why didnt you know about apt-get distro-upgrade andrew?

is ubuntu blinding u with the gui?

by the way try ceni! it is an awsome way to set up ur wirless network/ethernet.


OMG! the Mac Format podcast was terrible, like an old married couple feeding birds!

Something Positive

Cheers lads

USB phone

Earning my geek badge, I managed fix a bust PC booting off a Live distro on my phone connected to USB. Can't do that with an iPad :P

well exactly........

My point is proven. USB ports are the solution to all problems.


Any chance of a tutorial on networking? - have been experimenting with nfs, samba and ftp and am really struggling. It's quite apparent from looking at internet forums that many people experiencing similar woes and believe such a tutorial would be popular. Also what are advantages of samba to ftp or viceversa? What would be best setup for typical home network where convenience and ease of use is more important than security and I don't want the rest of the family to have to type passwords in, if possible.

Distro for the dare

Go with Gobolinux!

Ummm...That's apt-get

Ummm...That's apt-get dist-upgrade, NOT apt-get distro-upgrade.

Distro's for Dare....

Looks like this the challenge this time is similar to the challenge I posted on the comments from se2e08?

Just posting the same comments back here
How about a challenge that you need to use one of the new "cloud" or "lite" distro's only as your main distro for a month/fortnight/week?

I know linux format magazine did a review recently and recommended Slitaz - how about each one pick one and use it? choices would be slitaz / crunchbang staten / peppermint os / archbang / slax / etc

ideally pick one NOT based on ubuntu and not using gnome/kde (ideally openbox/fluxbox etc etc) - use the alternate browsers / email clients / tools that they provide - maybe do the entire thing on a netbook for the entire time as well???

Won't listen to you podcast an more

I'm sorry but I won't listen to you podcast any more. It's not bad but MacFormat podcast is simply... better. It's just great! Thanks for this great tip! It's the best podcast in the world.

Challenge Idea

You probably have some (maybe older) netbooks kicking around, so how about for a challenge see how fast you can get a distro booting on them with basic graphical/browsing functionality - it needs to be able to hook onto wireless, web-browse (graphically - no, you can't use lynx) and get e-mail access.

Reason one: I think that could be an interesting challenge to get your grey cells-cells and tweaking-skills working.

Reason two is purely mercenary - I've got a bit of old netbook (904HA) that still runs fine, but it still takes 1 min to boot into eeeBuntu (still way faster than the XP boot, but not as fast as I'd like for a quick boot-to-browse), I've tried moblin but it only shaves about 5 seconds off the time, and I know there are a plethora of lightweight distros out there but currently don't have the time to search them all out and try them (need to get my virtual-server box loaded)


I like the netbook idea to. I wonder how fast they can get MikeOS booting. Then again flamix will stream past the all and boot in under 0.00000001 of a second, obviously.

Macformat Podcast

Tried Mac Format Podcast. It ain't got nothing on you. I'm afraid the American accented chap ruined it for me. I couldn't listen past how he mauled through his pronunciation and pacing. Sorry chap.

Much prefer your dulcet tones lads. Good luck in the World Cup. I am Scottish.

symbian and maemo have had

symbian and maemo have had tethering, and now wifi hotspot (from joikuspot) for ages. It doesn't cost anymore to tether, as it simply runs through your gprs connection. Paying for tethering is only a feature provided to you by Apple.

Have had full flash on my n900 - it's nice to have the option.


I wasn't happy with the Slate when it was shown off not because it was running Windows 7, but because it was running a desktop OS, when when HP bought Plam and said they were going to put WebOS it then I was excited, I bought a Pre because WebOS has really captured me, it does mobile computer so well. I think if HP pulls it off then they have a winner on their hands, but then I do plan on buying an iPad soon (it's my freedom hating side).

game challenge

I realise this is a little late... but I'm catching up on the past pod casts, which I hadn't really discovered till a few months back.
Anyway, you guys casually said that if we would like to challenge one of you playing a game we should visit the office (since you FAILED the challenge of the week). I once tried to visit the office, and Graham basically told me to go home, even though I was visiting from Australia... :-(
... this is where the violins play...

By the way, I love these pod casts, keep up the good work.

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