Podcast Season 2 Episode 7


Title: Passive Electioneering

In this episode: Lucid Lynx, Ubuntu 10.04, is nearly here. And Valve might be porting Steam to Linux. Discover how we coped with two weeks of Z shell and what we think is the biggest threat to Linux.

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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Steam on Linux?

I think I recall hearing about potential Steam Linux versions for quite a while now, although I'm not sure what good it will do if they don't even have native Linux games.

I still think it's a cool idea though. Even if we have Steam with no games then it makes it that much easier for developers to make Linux versions of their games.

Then again maybe all these points were made in the podcast, haven't listened to it yet =D

Why does Podcast S2E7 sound supicious like S2E5?

Did I click on a wrong link or is this the wrong podcast linked on here? Do I win a prize for noticing besides a free internet?


Nevermind, I listen to too many episodes.

My server (running Ubuntu

My server (running Ubuntu Karmic) is officially 100% free!

Why was the challenge changed for this week?

Last week's challenge was supposed to be porting GNOME to haiku, then they postponed it to this week to do z-shell, and then they dropped it this week :(.

iotop is a brilliant program

iotop is a brilliant program to see disk activity per-process. It needs some kernel magic enabled to gain all the features which isn't enabled by default in the latest Ubuntu kernel (but it's enabled in Karmic and earlier), but it still tells you the disk read and write for each process, so it's all good...

Worms Armageddon's online

Worms Armageddon's online servers are still online and kicking; the game was out in 1999 :P


The first article on Tuxradar.com was

"TuxRadar launches; world + dog vaguely amused"

he he!


(I all ready subscribe)

Steam on Linux

Just a thought on steam potentially being ported to Linux: we've heard that Canonical want to get proprietary apps on the Ubuntu Software Centre and surely having steam integration would be great for all concerned.

hedgewars is the pinicle of

hedgewars is the pinicle of linux gaming but having portal 2 would be cool as well.

Worms Armageddon (the game

Worms Armageddon (the game on which Hedgewars was based) > Hedgewars, and works under wine...

Politics, What !!

I would have thought that Linux users are more aligned to the Monster Raving Loony Party, than the Lib-Dems !

We have a different view of what our world is, and what we want from it.

Steam on Linux

Just to add to the "Steam on Linux" thing, I've been running Steam under CrossOver Games for ages, which runs the Orange box (Half Life 2, Portal et al) like a dream, and the other few games I've randomly downloaded and tested work without a problem too.

A "native" port still wouldn't run DirectX games, you're right, but if you're not fussed about running the Windows version (and paying the tiny licence fee for CX Games) you should find quite a few DX games work too.


worms armageddon isn't open source though is it. Hedgewars is and therefor better. Vrms would ay so I am sure.


that vrms outputted this 4 me

18 non-free packages, 1.0% of 1804 installed packages.
6 contrib packages, 0.3% of 1804 installed packages.

To be honest I thought it would take more non-free packages than that to get a system to work.
Although I doesn't seem to count video codecs?



Unreal still has servers running and though the game itself is not Open Source it is currently being worked on by people at old unreal.


Who needs DirectX, that just another M$ tax when OpenGL works just fine, just take a look at Doom3, UT2003 and Quakewars.

We just need steam to port them.


I'm loving the zsh, thanks so much for pointing it out. I've converted some of my friends/colleagues to it too (owl-style). We also found (in a bizarre tripping incident) that zsh is already installed on Mac OSX.

If anyone else wants a go, sticking the following line in .zshrc gives a reasonable prompt:

PROMPT='%n@%m:%1~%# '

Thanks for Tuxradar, it's mighty fine.


Thanks for the prompt, however I am going to have to stick with bash for now as bash is on the LPIC and zsh is not as of yet! After the exam maybe Ill switch ;).


Hey just because something is Opensource does NOT mean its better.

Worms is X10 times better than Hedgewars. Just because something like the GIMP is Opensource does not mean its better than Photoshop. Photoshop will always be better because of the serious funding behind the product.

Steam coming to Linux (rant)

Grrrrrrr. I hate steam. You said it was good if it was ported to linux but it's not. As soon as you get a new game it forces you to download the latest version and won't let you play it until it's download several Gigabytes of uncompressed data. My brother recently got a new copy of Dawn of War 2 and you had to re-download the game IMMEDIENTLY AFTER INSTALLING OF THE DVD. Which takes days I'm not on some cheap internet plan but I can't get much faster due to the fact I'm in a remote area. On the forumns Americans with say stop complaining you can get decent broadband for "ten bucks a month" but I pay a hundred and still have to wait days for these games to complete downloading and you can't play till it's finished. What's the point of having a f***ing disk in the first
place if the content is removed and redownload immediently?!?! Burn in hell steam. Keep Linux gaming inderpendent!


I do want it (asuming i win :D).

sorry, :P


yeah I know but being open source does have it's merits. Hegdewars is in heavy and active development which I get to watch. Gimps not much worse than photoshop it's just the interface which REALLY ANOYING but that's changing soon so hey.

Worms is better though and I understand that. I also understand photoshop is better than GIMP. I would just prefer to use an open-source piece of software as opposed to a closed source one. This is part of the reason I use Linux because I can look through the code of nearly every proram on my computer and hack and tweak to my likeing. In hedgewars I can change the hedghog graphic to a flying cow if I want to in just a couple of minutes. that is why I love open source things.

Consider transcribing the podcast

I am among the relatively few people who is hard of hearing (as opposed to total hearing loss).

It would be nice if the podcast can be converted in to a typecast (is that even a word?).

Haiku OS

Yeah, how come you guys are ignoring the Haiku OS challenge? You shouldn't agree to do things or to take requests from listeners unless you're gonna follow through!


Just a quick note: the DRM from Bioshock on Steam has been removed. I bought it when I found this out, and it is true.

@mudslick penguin

perhaps the thought of the challenge was too much and caused them to follow through???

a challenge suggestion

challenge suggestion!

convert someone.

haiku alpha 2

BOOM! alpha 2 is here. But no sign of gnome yet. Now's your chance guys!


I was happy to find that I am only 0.7 non-free. Were it not for Opera, Virtual Box, and the Tangerine icon theme... ;)

Duke Nukem Rules But not 4 eva

It's "It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum ... and I'm all out of gum ..."

Seriously, thats a rockin' game that can almost work with some help, but no-one ever seemed to really be able to help it ... <sob>
will there ever be a follow up to the king of games: duke nukem 3D ... isn't there some way to bring the 4th episode back online, and with a jolt of electricity, revive the wonderful game we the people loved?

DN3D - you know you want it.

Bring it back to life.

You know you want it.

"Hmmm, Damn, I'm all out of gum... "

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