Podcast Season 2 Episode 6


Title: Pink Ponies, naturally

In this episode: The Android-based WePad takes on the mighty Apple iPad while Nokia and Intel launch MeeGo. Hear the results of our music-making challenge and ask yourselves, is Linux sexy?

What's in the show

  • News:
      A Linux-based iPad competitor, called the WePad, is supposedly being developed by a company called 'neofonie'. Ubuntu has 12 million users while Fedora has 24 million, according to Linux Planet. Nokia and Intel announce the first release of MeeGo.
  • You Dare Us:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Graham: Ubuntu's Windows installer, Wubi, is great for old Dell laptops running Windows.
    • Mike: Autotrash can automagically manage your Trashcan.
    • Andrew: The bloke who wrote part of XEmacs, Jamie Zawinski, now runs the DNA Lounge nightclub in San Francisco where Cypress Hill shot the video for 'Insane in the Brain' (and not House of Pain's 'Jump Around', although that was performed there at the Bomb party in 1993).
    • Paul: Z shell is ace at finding things and makings aliases out of parameters.
  • In the Hot Seat:
    • This episode's reluctant raconteur is Andrew Gregory.
  • Open Ballot:

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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Your comments


Well if the WePad does exist. I want one.

I'd vote for A4

it's sexy

24 Million Users of Meh!

At first I thought these figures were made up but Im sure they are real.

Do I care? No not really as I see this figure represents the amount of users for servers mostly.

At least the number for Ubuntu would be mostly desktop users and I think its is far more important to measure the amount of "desktop users" than just "users".

I know there will be some Fedora desktop users but id imagine it being a 5 to 10 percent of the 24 million.


Strange that the figure for number of Linux users is thought to be no more than approx 60 million, since according to KDE.org:

"Brazil alone has over 50 million school children using KDE-based software"

I realise that KDE works on other operating systems, but, evenso, it makes me wonder whether the max figure of 60 million for all linux users worldwide is an underestimate.

slightly disappointed

for the musical challenge i was hoping to hear graham morrison play the guitar with his teeth. graham next time we want to hear that axe wail!


By the way those musical tracks ye came up with were sooo awesome.

However Im surprised that ye didn't try things like Rosegarden or Ardour.

Why did ye not use these apps?

Fedora on the Desktop

Dylan, why do you believe Fedora more prominent in the server market than Ubuntu? I don't believe this to be true, especially given how unstable Fedora can be (but I guess thats the price you pay for cutting edge features). I would much rather use Ubuntu on a server than Fedora despite the fact that Fedora has been my staple choice in desktop for the last 2 years.

Best challenge ever.

Guys - you totally surpassed yourselves with the music challenge - totally inspired!

tablet dimensions

22 X 30 cm might be the perfect international tablet screen size . . . wide enough for US letterpaper, long enough for A4.


The best episode yet, the musical challenge was hilarious! Thank you for the laughs. :)

Why not Xfce to minix

Porting Xfce to Minix would be much harder to do and it would benefit the users of the operating system greatly as the OS is still waiting to have a decent, customisable desktop environment.

Numbers of users

Well, I was under the impression that fedora is the spin-off of Red Hat, which now focusses mainly on the server and production level distributions (ie: extra stable, full support services, etc.), does the question bunch Fedora in with Red Hat?

My first system was Red hat 5, way back in 1996 or so, and one of my machines still runs Red Hat 9, the last version before the split, and it's reasonably stable, in spite of my attempts to create chaos with packages.

Actually my main point was along the lines of the post above mentioning kids in Brazil... You all must have heard of the OLPC "One Laptop Per Child" project, it was even mentioned recently in a news item in regards to support/aid for Australian Aborigine children in some of the remotest regions in the outback - although the story pictured some people from IBM and other groups, not one word was mentioned about either "open source software" or Linux, though I guess it being a regular news item.

The thing is, OLPC does some truly remarkable stuff, both hardware and software development is crucial for this project, and I think Microsoft may be trying to get their greedy little hands on it, or even may already be in the process of doing so (hence their attitude in terms of opening up some of their code - I'm afraid I'm rather skeptical of this development in their social conscience).

I'm sure it's cropped up in issues of LXF before, but maybe you could do a special on the current state of the OLPC project w.r.t. linux and OSS?

Thanks again guys, love the podcast and keep up the excellent work.

pink ponies

such a funny podcast (the music section) - laughed my way through my commute back home and never noticed all the stares!

keep it up guys - thanks!

Music Vote

Paul's was easily the funniest. Very nice, any keen follower of the cast will get a laugh out of that...

Mike's was a great technical achievement, but seemed to loose cohesiveness towards the end. Best for technical cool.

Graham's was the easiest to listen too, but sounded like it was full of off time clicks. Needs more work.

I wanted to vote Mike for all that effort, but it's got to be Paul. He read out my comment ;P

Challenge Idea

Challenge: work from a Live CD for a whole week.

Re: Music Vote

"Mike's was a great technical achievement, but seemed to loose cohesiveness towards the end."

Now then! ;-) A fugue is supposed to explore many dimensions and variations of a theme. Didn't you notice how it came back together at the end? The melodies converged into the exact same sequence of notes that kicked off at the start, making it a rounded, cohesive piece of music. Er, in my humble opinion of course ;-)

-- Mike

Z Shell

Z Shell came top in the round up of shells in LXF 93, I've been using it as my default shell ever since as a result of that review. Why did it take you guys so long to catch on?

Thoughts on the music...

Im going to have to exclude Pauls entry from my thoughts on this because its essentially not music as such.

I actually liked Grahams the best! (sorry Mike) :)

I guess maybe im just into that kind of chilled out music but the musical arrangement was amazing. Its certainly not the best I have heard of Ambient music but its still very good.

Weak Points:
It could have been a bit longer because after listening to it I was left wanted more. Also it gets a bit too hectic at the end, I think it would have been better with a gentle finish.


We're slow readers :)

My vote

As you asked us to vote and not many people did, I put my vote down for Mike - not only was it fun to listen to, but the comment "Buxtehude was ace" made me laugh so hard that I nearly got kicked off the bus. The other ones were masterpieces as well!

I'd also like to suggest some things:
For "in the hot seat": Pulseaudio (always a good topic), ext4, btrfs
For "You dare us": Abolish the mouse for a while (and use GnomeDo full time), aim for a vrms score of 100%


What? Not Music? Do you realise that you are poo-pooing Hip-Hop, early House Music, some of the greatest pop music of our time was a simple sampled riff with further samples layered over the top. Think of the KLF, early Bomb The Bass, Grandmaster Flash and his Wheels of Steel!!!

Not Music parumph.

best song?

Sorry everyone else, but my vote has to go to Paul... naturally - Sheer genius!

sexy ?

Ok, so you guys don't like rpm, OpenSuse, or KDE. Yet the OpenSuse 11.2 KDE distro is by far the sexiest distro out atm. Linux and non Linux users alike are in awe when they seem my mostly standard system. Plasmoids, desktop effects, sharp icons and fonts, and great app integration all combine to produce a beautiful workspace.

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