Podcast Season 2 Episode 24


Title: Happy Christmas!

In this episode: We take a look back at our favourite news stories, discoveries, dares and ballots from the previous 23 episodes and ask you to choose your biggest Linux-related events from 2010.

What's in the snow:

  • News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike:
    • Graham:
      • The Phatch batch image conversion tool from episode 4
      • and Mandelbulber for 3D fractal generation in episode 12.
    • Andrew:
      • The MacFormat podcast and apt-get dist-upgrade from episode 9.
  • You Dare Us:
    • Graham:
    • Andrew:
      • Using KDE 3.5 in one of our previous challenges wasn't so bad.
    • Mike:
  • In the Hot Seat:
    • It's Graham's turn to wrestles with the warden of fate.
  • Open Ballot: what was the biggest Linux event in 2010?

  • (sorry for the occasional mobile phone interference)

  • Job Offer: If you're interested in playing a central role in the the future of both Linux Format magazine and TuxRadar.com, take a look at this job advert for our new staff writer position.

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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Your comments

Podcast Title

When you (I hope) do next year's podcast, please can you set the title as "Tuxradar Season 3" as it just appears, currently, as "Season 2" on my vorbis player (sorry, I refuse to call it an "MP3 player", as mp3s are in the minority on it)

Fank oooooo

Baaa baaa baaa


Thanks and Merry Christmas!


listening to your podcast is like coming home to a lit fire and a lovely cup of tea. My ears are pleased and my face is smiling.

Keep up the wonderful work.

I'm sure someday Linux will be a viable alternative to OS X for me. I already recommend Ubuntu to my poor friends.

Best wishes,

Merry Christmas

Great podcast guys... 2010 was the year of Linux on the desktop for me, and your magazine and podcast helped that happen.

Happy Christmas!


Its funny

Its funny that I was able to downlaod this podcast almost aweek before you published it. Also I think that this is just the best linux podcast around. honest. But i also think this is the best podcast I ever heared. BTW maybe you could expand the discovery of the week a little?

greetings from that guy from norway with the name you couldn't

Great end of year Podcast

was that the extended Re-mix @ the end of the pod cast?

Merry Christmas.

Article item: Most random Linux/Gnu mention in the news or discovered.

Thank You!

Thanks for the excellent podcast, I've been reading the magazine for a couple of years and only just discovered the podcast recently

I've got to say that I love it and look forward to it coming out each fortnight, you always make me laugh, and I'm glad that you are irreverent rather than the po-faced bearded image that always goes with Linux

The only section that perhaps could go is the hotseat section, as after a while there really aren't that many relevant topics to go through

Anyway - thanks again and have a great christmas and new year!


Happy Christmas & Very Merry New Yearrrrrrrrr!

Thanks for another great year of podcasts

I listen to every one of your podcasts. Thanks for producing such great content.

Please keep the "Discovery of the Week" and "You Dare Us" sections, I really enjoy both of those.


Merry Xmas!

Great episode guys loved it! Enjoy Christmas and maybe some more Weissbiers Mike! I got special weissbiers for christmas and the bottlecap is so nicely decorated I don't wanna open them! :D However they will definitely be enjoyed tomorrow!!

I hope Santa is kind to the geeks at LXF Towers! ;)

Merry Christmas

Hey guys hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

All your community belong to us

Thanks, and well wishes to one and all.

New Year suggestion

Your podcasts are great and the overall format works for me! I especially like "In the Hotseat" so I hope you'll keep it. My suggestion: Don't change what you are doing.
Happy New Year!

Next year opening season 3

Could you comment on the statistics from the 2nd Humble Bundle Initiative???? Great work tuxradar.

Happy new year.

Wheel of Fortune

Accidentally posted this in episode 20

4 geeks lugging a bulking wheel. The idea is so stupid I cannot laugh. How many geeks does it take to come up with the idea of a virtual wheel?

Sorry for the sarcasm guys. I love and respect you all. Just enjoying being ahead of you for once.


Am I too late? Have you sent in the petition yet?
If not, I would like you to submit my recommendation instead of yours. Rename Gimp, Gnuie (Gnu Image Editor.) Pronounced correctly, it may be just a tiny bit deceptive but it makes sense.

@labinnsw: Genie?

GNU Excessively ? Image Editor.
Fill in your own adjective for the 'n'.

Podcasts are brilliant as they are so hope you don't change them around too much. 'Discovery of the week' and 'You dare us' are my favourite features but really it's just the overall vibe: very informed but you all sound enthusiastic and like you're having a laugh at the same time.
Mike, I would have commented on your games (- they were cool) but I only started listening to the podcasts recently. That's neat because I've now got a back catalogue of 48 episodes to go through without having to wait two weeks between each one ;)
Happy 2011!

If it ain't broke...

Hi Guys. I've listened to the Tuxradar podcasts since series 1 episode 1. They started off well, and have just got better. The British sense of humour really shines through, which, for me, makes listening to the podcast as equally entertaining as it is informative.

I have no real issues, one real bug: Will someone PLEASE be a man, stand up (then sit down), and do GRUB in the hotseat!!! Believe it or not, I'd actually find it quite interesting, 'cus it's something that's always been a bit confusing... especially GRUB2!

I'd also like to hear some sort of interview section if, on occasions, you were able to get a pre-recorded interview edited into the show. Or better still, have a live studio guest... Surely Mark Shuttleworth isn't the only person willing to appear on air?

Anyway, keep up the good work, and I look forward to hearing from you in the New Year!

Adopt a project

Love the podcasts and listen every fortnight(ish).

I wonder about a feature of adopting an open source project and trying to get us readers involved so everyone can have some experience of contributing. I am not saying that we taken on Openoffice but inviting people to write small bits of code, test features, write documentation, package files, draw graphics etc. Progress and nagging to take place in each podcast.

Just a thought.

(very amateur scripter but quite literate!)

switch case, swapcase()...?

I just spent the last 2 or so weeks listening to all 49 podcasts. One of the guys bagged gnome and one (could well have been the same one) bagged python. The problem with python was no switchcase. I have learned some basic python and am refreshing my knowledge before I try to improve my skills. Python is my first programming language so I am not sure of this. Was he complaining about the method which in python is called swapcase?


Thanks for the great podcasts. :) A couple of ideas for new segments:

1. Cross-platform apps. It's all well and good to have your Linux environment just so, but sometimes you've got to use another system. Using cross-platform apps can ease the pain. :) Perhaps you could highlight a couple -- maybe a different category each podcast? You could do games, editors, IDEs, etc.
2. Distro-fork naming: for a given distro, you have to come up with a name for a new fork based around a killer feature. You can vary distro or feature by presenter. For example, Fedora + super-enhanced KGolf, or Mint + Gnu HURD.
3. Backwards compatibility: what's the most esoteric device that you can find running Linux? Bonus points: what's the most esoteric device that you can get Limux to run on? Past or present, so I guess the name's not particularly apt. :)
4. Some sort of build-as-you-follow-along thing, akin to those magazines where you get a new bit each issue. You could start a project (an app, a system, whatever) that you discuss and explain each episode. No idea what the project would be though -- I leave that to your creative geniuses!


In one or two of your earlier podcasts, there was a 'One more thing' and a Discovery which gave some really cool BASH tips.

My suggestion would be for you to offer a BASH and/or Shell Scripting section or at least a tip on a regular basis; could only take a couple minutes (unless you wanted to expand on it) and would be greatly appreciated by many of us - well seasoned and newbies alike.

It would be a nice contrast to the news, applications, and flashy point-n-click / hand-held direction much of the podcast covers.

(ps I was the guy who thought Mike sounded like John Lennon!)

Keep up the great job - tell Paul we miss him.

Podcast feedback

You guys had asked for some feedback so here goes. I like the format you have. I look forward to "One More Thing." I like "In the Hot Seat" as well, just give up and do Grub already! The one area I would like to see some change is "You Dare Us." I think there is room for growth there. I'd like to see it used as a way to settle some debates. I dare you to come up with some good criteria for compare/contrast Fedora and Ubuntu. Can you do everything with one distro that you can do with the other? Run each of them for a set period of time and then report the findings. Then maybe build on that with the question "How much crap do I really need on my desktop?" Maybe compare the first two with lighter distros like Slackware or my personal favorite Crunchbang. My hypothesis is that you will reach the conclusion that one distro is just about as good as the other. Either way I really enjoy the podcast, and have gained some great knowledge from it. Keep up the excellent work and thanks! --Jake

Thank you!

Thanks for another fantastic series of podcasts. Keep up the great work... love the current mix of news and discovery of the minute/hour/day/week/fortnight... and all! As a possible extra inclusion, Would welcome reminders of Linux-related events coming up (my memory ain't what it never was and there are far too many occasions when I felt the need to kicked myself after re-reading an edition of Linux Format and realise I've let another event slip by!). One more thing... more coding projects in the magazine please - especially liked the mono/c# series as it was as valid at work where too much is unfortunately MS!

why not GRUB

Whats the big deal with GRUB? Its just another Linux-related thing is all, isn't it? Its got strengths and weaknesses, I suppose like anything else.

Its part of my installs, it's there, it works...whats the problem? Maybe I haven't 'pushed' it in unusual ways to hate it. I don't know...

I think the not wanting to talk about it has, in itself, become the issue and in-joke and not so much GRUB. But maybe that was the point?

Podcasts have been great

The Tuxradar podcasts have been great. I would suggest adding features about how Linux is being used in embedded devices and computers in public places (e.g. games machines in pubs), and all the other uses of Linux, including what people can use it for on the desktop. Along with ideas of how we can tell others who don't use Linux of the great benefits and what Linux can do for people to improve their lives and computing experiences.

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