Podcast Season 2 Episode 22


Title: Hudzilla Returns (for one episode only)

In this episode: Attachmate Corporation pays $2.2 billion for Novell. A Linux kernel patch dramatically improves desktop performance, while Fedora considers a move to Wayland. We ask whether a lack of blockbuster games is holding Linux back, and hear us completely forget discovery of the fortnight.

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Attachmate Corporation pays $2.2 billion for Novell, with unspecified chunks of intellectual property going to a Microsoft-organised 'consortium' called CPTN Holdings LLC. A 230 line kernel patch is going to transform desktop performance - learn how to maken this improvement from the command line here. Fedora's graphics cabal has stated that it intends to follow in Ubuntu's footsteps and switch from X11 to Wayland. And Mark Shuttleworth has reportedly said he wants Ubuntu to switch from six month releases to rolling updates. This rumour has since been denied by Ubuntu's Engineering Director, Rick Spencer.
  • Discovery of the week:
      Hear the sound of fail as we completely forget about this section in all the excitement at Paul's temporary return.
  • You Dare Us:
      The end results of our 'mv gimp' challenge.
  • In the Hot Seat:
    • Graham climbs into the seat of destiny.
  • Open Ballot: does a lack of games hold Linux back?

  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to 40%

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson and Graham Morrison.

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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Your comments

Enjoyed it!

hey guys,
I've enjoyed listening to your podcast yet again!
Keep up the great work!


thank god I've got an excellant podcast to listen to, hope it gives tips on Pink Pony

Who can't read names then?

Epsilon made the 'Even if it's technically, ethically and morally superior, if it can't play the games, then it's not good enough.' point and I made the first openttd point.

And how do I be verified?


You be verified by creating an account using the link at the bottom of the page.


think Testical is a pretty bad name

So I tried OpenTTD...

I think you have to have been addicted to the original as a teenager.

Now I'm old and decrepid I don't have the patience to learn any remotely complex game that doesn't come with a built in tutorial.

Sim City on ZNES is my OpenTTD.

You Dare Us Idea

Make a Rube Goldberg Linux machine.

For example: Write a script that opens a browser and directs it to a web page on a remote server which then runs a php script to ssh back into the original computer and return a ls command output.

My verdict! :)

Well first of all, Paul came back for an episode OMG!
This is for you Paul - <3.

Only thing is Paul should have brought a whip with him to get things organized. The podcast was a bit of a mess considering ye guys forgot the Discovery of the week (one of my favourite parts of the show). Also im sorry but the You dare us sucked! Thanks saying it like it is Graham!

Pity Mike was missing for this one, as the show didn't have enough geek in it. Without Mike I missed hearing such phrases as lolZor, Pink Ponies and 2.2 BILLION dollars! :D

Don't worry Andrew I wasn't crying into my headphones! :) This episode was good enough, but could have been better if Mike was there and with a bit more organisation.

Truth be told its equally

Truth be told its equally good no matter who is missing. It is just better when everyone is present. The you dear us section was a bit week and my second favorite segment was forgotten but all in all I must say that its a pleasure to listen to you.


As for the GIMP question, the problem is the interpretation of the word gimp. How about extending it to Graphic Imp? Gimp nasty, imp nice.

Good job mates, but I think you got the games thing wrong.

Great podcast as usual. I did miss Mike, but it is what it is. As far as MMO's like WoW it seems like you were a bit dismissive of them. You found arguments for why PC games shouldn't matter, but ONLY when you remove those MMO games from the equation.

Millions of people play those games and they are usually the techie people that might make good evangelists like another person said. I dual boot, but I'm also a programmer.

Is it Linux's biggest adoption problem? Probably not, but it is clearly a problem.

Heresy! It didn't begin with "Contrary to Popular..." :)

Nevertheless, a fun podcast as usual.

Now, if only you gave the pint glass freebie away with subscriptions in the USA... :)

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