Podcast Season 2 Episode 21


Title: The one without Paul

In this episode: Ubuntu may ditch the X Window system for Wayland, Fedora 14 has been released and Nokia takes Symbian back from the Symbian Foundation. Share our fortnight's discoveries and hear whether we think Qt and KDE should merge APIs.

(we recorded this episode yesterday, before we knew about Paul's announcement).

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Mark Shuttleworth has announced that Ubuntu may slowly ditch the X Window System in favour of Wayland. Fedora 14 has been released, and includes a preview of Gnome Shell. And Nokia is taking back Symbian from the Symbian Foundation.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike:
      • Transports himself to 1979 with a port of Unix V7 to the PC, called V7/x86.
      • The 'ls' command isn't shorthand for 'list', it's actually an acronym for 'list segments'.
    • Andrew:
      • The Enlightenment Window Manager is very shiny and a mixture between really good and really rubbish.
    • Graham:
      • YouTube can be brilliant for certain DIY tasks, like fixing your Playstation 3 or dishwasher. This is not an endorsement if you have the same problems!
  • You Dare Us:
      Here are the end results of our T-Shirt challenge:
      Mike's is loosly inspired by Microsoft's Steve Ballmer.
      Andrew's brings some humour to Linux advocacy.
      ...and Graham's attempts to solve an age old problem.
  • In the Hot Seat:
    • For this episode, it's Andrew Gregory's turn to place his hand into the box.
  • Open Ballot: should KDE and Qt libraries merge?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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Your comments

What about Paul?

Will Paul still be in the podcast after he quits?


I use e17. It's mostly a window manager and not a full desktop environment if you ask me, I've never even used the file manager from it (i use konqueror, or a console for that). When it comes to any gtk apps you have to run gnome-settings-daemon to get them themed properly, it's in /usr/libexec/ on some distros so you might have to use the full path.

amiga and enlightenment

ohh and yeah, e16 was in many ways similar to amiga, for example it had the possibility to drag the top bar down to show the next virtual desktop.

You dare us idea

Sins *we* have been so slow with ideas regarding the section I thought I'd make one up. Why don't you, after the current one, make a contribution(besides the obvious spreading Linux love to the masses) to open source. I won't actually include what I perceive as a contribution because half the fun for me would be to see what you regard.

And I must say I'll miss Paul, he seem to have such a wonderfully bitter resentment for everything not to his liking. That is not a bad thing either, his rants often give me a little smile as i nod in agreement.

Gimp is a horrible name How

Gimp is a horrible name

How about "PeaCock".

4 gimp


The g is for Gnu, natch. You could pronounce it like photog, a term (in the US at least) for photographer.

4 gimp 2

Or the trademark-baiting "PhotoGNop"


Andrew's T-shirt is brilliant.
Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. Bang a linux format logo on that and you got a winner.


big news for xfce fans... surprised this wasn't mentioned.

The Xfce development team is proud to announce the first preview release for Xfce 4.8. Together with this preview release, the Xfce project announces the feature freeze for the final 4.8 release which is set to be pushed out to the world on January 16th, 2011.

video killed the radio star

Agree with Graham that videos are often a better teaching tool than reading a guide. With that in mind any chance of more video tutorials? Pauls python videos were fantastic. Would love to see some more video tutorials.

New moniker for GIMP


Andrew's T-Shirt

While I think it was oh-so-subtly implied on the show, I would like to alert any haphazard geeks that Andrew's shirt idea might not be the wisest choice if you're not going to be on a computer all day.

Having a shirt that has "100% Virus Free" emblazoned across it, with an arrow pointing to your laptop, happens to point at your crotch by default while you're sans-laptop, and might actually be an exercise in reverse psychology.

This has been a public service announcement; as you were.

Just before I listen to the podcast, want to wish all the best

just downloading it at present (damn dial-up, but then again, it makes me choose more carefully what I browse or download - for the selective types, this podcast is a regular must-have!)
1) Wish the best to you in all your future endeavours, many thanks for your joyful exuberance, and your commitment to providing an excellent, informative and yet - strangely entertaining podcast !!

2) directed to the previous poster mentioning e17 - I used to use enlightenment on my redhat 6.2, 7.0 systems and missed it when going to RH 9.0, although there was a rather nice GUI and Gnome seemed to hit a high point around then in terms of overall consistency, sure there were still minor bugs. But I think that was a high point, and was hoping it might somehow iron out the stuff. Instead it seems to have gone backwards since. (But I won't give up hope - there's promise there - remember Helix anyone? I also really liked being able to tweak the GUI or try different WMs).

But back to e17. Tried it out on that live disk you had a while back. It's not for everybody, but it has some /really/ nice gui "candy", and not all of it is entirely gimmicky, it has some really practical features. But as I say, it isn't neccessarily everyone's cup of chai.

What's the status of e17 currently, anyone know?
Rasterman had some really great ideas, IMHO. Think I met him at uni and at some LUG/conferences ... nice fella.

cheerio for the timebeing.


> What's the status of e17 currently, anyone know?
Depends about which part you're asking exactly. I've been using the window manager for about 6 years, and it's been quite pleasing. Especially since I have 3 screens and e17 is the only thing that acts the way I want my wm to. As for the libraries they'll reach a release relatively soon. I personally have some doubts about their usability for general GUI applications, but they are quite interesting and probably really great for some things.

t shirt

should have the arrow pointing down at my laptop saying

15 inch interface... multi-touch sensitive


I worked for about 6 weeks repairing xbox 360s, they too suffer from the solder issue, in fact over 90% of issues were solved by melting the solder and reseating the chips, its a common game console issue.

If i recall correctly, its a lack of silver nitrate in the solder, i may be wrong though, my job was just too repaired them, not know the chemical composition of solder.

Gimp Rename

I suggest BLIMP.

B: Brilliant
L: Light
I: Image
M: Manipulation
P: Program

Although I'm not sure about using the word "light" or that the name is any less confusing...

Come back Paul!

I think the podcast was still fairly good considering Paul was missing.

However he was one of the more talkitive guys on the podcast ,so there seems to be noticeable empty space where Pauls voice filled.



Make a Animation using free software.

This might be harder then you think
(still I know it can be done)


Yeah, I recall that there was a definate "philosophy" in E aimed at support for multiple display/monitors, which is *really* tricky, or was at the time, so some ideas were there for that, guess it was a kind of evolution in terms of we wound up getting whatever /most/ people used, instead of actually pushing the envelope in terms of what can be achieved with multiple monitor support. Unfortunately Graphics really hasn't been my strongest area of expertise, well, to be honest, I've generalised rather than specialised so I wind up beong good for nothing, nothing useful, but can make the odd wry remark .... Argggh, oops sorry.
Anyway, perhaps there simply hasn't been enough support (my own fault as well, admittedly) or perhaps just wasn't enough commercial support for the promise there back in E 13/14/15.
But what I really like about linux and open source is that really good ideas do manage to bubble-sort back to the top.

Eventually, big co's will either steal or pay for the best ideas, and still somehow manage to stuff them up... OTOH, supporting the vast number of different manufacturers, combinations and just technical interactions will remain the drive to what are unltimately poor graphics drivers/interfaces simply in order to support the lower end.

I really hope they manage to get at least to a release candidate. After all, even Windows now release betas, and gather "the wisdom of crowds" not that I neccesarily support them, but it demonstrates conclusively that the principle of opennness actually works!

Indeed is better than spending $x on something in-house that ultimately is either industrially espionaged, or when released breaks more than it solves!

Viva la freedom, I say. Buy me a beer sometime, perhaps when I have actually helped to work through some kernel or other sources. Nothing like it to give you perspective on just how much we really do appreciate the wonderful world of open-source.

Best for Christmas to you and all yours, and to everyone.
Stay safe on the roads, and sorry to say, say goodbye to the Ashes this test. - see that hat-trick BTW? Siddle's Birthday Bash puts Barmy Army to shame ...
Oh, wait, it's 5/169 .... 1st innings of what I expect will be a memorable Test series 2010/11.

Love cricket - so many opportunities for double entendre!


GIMP is the PIMP

Clearly it has to become the


I've wanted this to change for a long time. Altho it's edgy, it's edgy in a less gimpy way. Also, "PIMPing" a photo fits semantically and can readily replace the unwieldy "PhoToShopPing" a photo.

Make it so.

You have mentioned very interesting details! ps nice web site.

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